Monday, February 26, 2007

One dream comming true

Negoations are no fun, let me tell you. I had just taken care of Phobia earlier that evening whenever my com went off and the council called, saying that I had to head back home. The current negoaations had fallen to sith and a handbasket and father was requesting my presence. I managed to piece everything together, but at a cost.

While I was there,father had fallen deathly ill. I did not want to leave but his freinds assured me that if he got any worse they would call for me immeditly.on the trip back I mulled over what myysterious ailment could have stricken him ill . I suspected a few things, but what was comming forward time and again in my head was poisoning.

It seemed very prevelent, and there were a few poisons that could only be found on Corellia that would notbe able to be traced once in the human blood stream and would cause a very slow and painful death.

I landed late that night and the first place I went was the archives.I help Jocasta Nu there almost daily , so it was no suprise I knew my way around almost blindfolded. My work took me all night and into the next morning. I finally was forced to give up whenever Jocasta gently shoved me out the door with a cup of coffee in my hands telling me to go get some sleep. Once i did manage to snatch a few hours of sleep, I was heading down to Phobia's room to see her whenever I saw a very familiar dog running down the hall like a blaster shot.

I got her to slow down and a smile crossed my face as a familiar force presence got stronger and stronger.. Phobia came running around the corner after Odi, not really watching where she was going. Gar Gar streaked under her feet and she went sailing forward. A quick step brought me close enough to catch her before she hit the floor. " you allright?" i asked her, eyes roaming her for any outward signs of injury.

"yeah I think so um.. ah.." She tried to step away, probably feeling a tad unconfortable at our close proximity whenever her feet tangled around mine and we both went crashing to the floor. Her hair hung down like a curtain around us, eyes confused and suprised. Our other guests, Senator Organa and Senator Mon Mothma burst out laughing and she scurried off of me , her ears and face blushing beet red. I managed to get myself back up off the floor and had to take a second to calm my racing pulse. Another 5 seconds like that and things would have went downhill, and fast..

We got Odi back ot her room and I asked her if she would like to come for a walk in the park with me. She accepted and then ,of all things asked bail and Mon Mothma if they wanted to come along.. I could've banged my head on the wall in utter frustration! there was something I wanted, no needed to ask her. And as much as I love bail and Mon, I wanted this to be just us.
Thank the force Bail saw the look on my face. He smiled and reminded Mon Mothma that if they were going to be bringing new puppies home they needed to go and get some things and prepare their rooms back at the 500 Reubulica.

Feeling moreso than excited, we raced to see who could get to the tree at the center of the park first. I beat her by a half inch or so but I doubted either of us cared, the tenshion was so thick. Her eyes met mine for just the briefest of moments then I kissed her as she sat there on the bench. That was the closest I have ever come to heaven. though I could have sat there with her all day, I needed my mind in one functioning entity and I pulled back from her. I knew my emotions were leaking over my sheilds a little but I didn't really care.

" Pho.. I have to ask you.. Phobia..would you marry this humble jedi Knight and be his wife?" i didn't know I was holding my breath as I slipped a claudaugh ring on her finger.. Please say yes.. please say yes..

Her suprise and delight hit me full force " Yes! I'll marry you Godfrey.. I love you.. now and always!"

I was laughing estatically as I picked her up and swung her around in wide circles. She was laughing too, we were both so happy. i set her own and kissed her until she had to grab my shoulders to keep her balance. The soundsystem in the park clicked on and I started singing along with " Earth Angel"

We walked back to the temple togeter arm and arm. We 'll have to watch ourselves , at least for now. I'm taking her shopping tomorrow then we're going back home to see father. I know he will be very pleased with the fact i have finally found a wife, one who loves me and I her. It seems maybe the force has blessed us. i hope so, because in these dark times, we need all the light we can find.

Until Later

Friday, February 23, 2007

Trials ,troubles and time travel

Now for those of you who read Phobia's blog are wondering" First his name was Ivan, now Godfrey.. and how did he get back in time ten years?"

I'll clear that up for you.

Not only am I a Jedi, but my family inhereted a smidge of druid magic. Not the smoke in the pot spells like what you see in fairytales, but real magic. The kind that if fallen into the wrong hands would make your teeth rattle in fear. So after consulting the books in the grand library where all of the magic tomes are stored deep in the basement, it was a simple matter of going back in time.

10 years in the future, my parents were dead and I was ruling a system in the fear that Vader would come and try to take it over at somepoint. I was a wanted man even then. And not in a good way.I had no one, except for Corellia and she was fast slipping through my fingers. Most times when I was actually onplanet you would find me high in the Nomad Mountains at my master Porgan Netsuki's dojo. It was he who gave me the orignal idea to go back through time.

Sensei Netsuki has known me since I was just a todler.. Begining my training at about 2 years old, I was at a black belt by age seven. Just before I was removed to join the Jedi order. Once a year I was permitted to visit Sensei Netsuki in his mountain dojo to test for my next rank. I moved fast, but he could see I was unhappy.

" Godfrey, your soul is not behind your punch" he told me one afternoon. " you work hard, you work dillegently, but the fire , the passion that was once in your heart, your tiger's eye. It has hidden itself.. What is troubling you?"

I explained it all to him. that I feared that I would never find the one woman I was destined to be with, even though the code forbade such things. When I was removed to join the order my father made a deal that I must be allowed to marry and have children. that and if war should break out I would be called back home to fight at a moment's notice. in exchange my identity was to be kept secret and I would be known by everyone except for the council as Ivan Holderin.

The orignal future happened as Phobia had seen it, with a few key diffrences. First of all, Cin did not save her that day. Secondly a small girl by the name of Mekika was in the creche. She had Phobia's hair and Mace's strength.

You can guess what happened.

I would have married her anyway even if Vader didn't put out his silly marriage edict. I loved her.. I always and forever will. I held her while she cried, while her heart tore itself to pieces after watching so many Jedi die that day. I had been lucky. I was off planet the day order 66 came down. I was safe in the walls of the manor house on Corellia. There were no clone troopers on any of the planets in the system. I came back as soon as I could.

She did not speak for days. When she finally did it took all of her willpower not to break down crying after she spoke just a few words. He had betrayed us.. the one we treasured as a brother and ally was now our enemy. When I saw the bodies we had to bury. My heart lurched. On Corellia we held family dear to our hearts. A crime such as this would have been punished by a slow and painful death.

And he would have too, if not for her guarding him.

Which brings me to another startling fact. Phobia discovered by accident a piece of parchment in the grimorie one day, a simple rhyme written on it, and the symbol of infinity painted on the bottom in blood. It read:

Though stricken Dark I may be
The light fill another so I may be free
Give another woman a son
So no more will my tears run

She identified it definitly as Catia's writing.. and I noticed once.. Catia's eyes and Anakin's have almost the same color.. Catia saved her life once whenever Phobia had been wounded chasing Grievous. She manupliated the cells in Phobia's spine, which Grievous has sliced through ith his lightsaber; back together and healed.

Catia has the same ability Darth Plageius had.. In fact it was passed down from her. The abilitily to influence midi-chlorians to not only save life but to create life.She trained Darth Bane as her apprentice after Harusame dissapeared. Bane was the closest thing to a son she ever had, because once Harusame took her as his, she was unable to have children. Now please keep in mind this next part is a theory alone.. nothing more.. for now

Even after her death years before Bane became famous, carrying her idea of " the rule of two"; her spirit resided in the grimorie which managed to find it's way into the most unusal places. hundreds of years passed, up until the time of Darth Plagueis. Then Plagueis begna fiddling with the grimorie, but never oepning it. He knew better. She excersised her will over him, got him to say the rhyme and together they influenced the midi-chlorians and far away on a dirt ball known as Tatooine, Shmi gave birth to who you all know as the chosen one, Anakin Skywalker.

Now from what I know of the future, well.. if my theory is right then even though the last of her goodness and light was given to the child, he will eventually become like she is now, cold, ruthless and evil. a mesh of two diffrent powers brings about diffrent looks, diffrent attiudes.

Then again maybe I 'm over thinking this. That's what time travel does to you.

But to me, all that matters is that I'm here now and I can help Phobia heal from what almost was. Heal her mind, the hurt, the blood she has seen. Hold her close and never let go. But of course, duty calls.I have to be going.

Until next time..