Friday, December 28, 2007

Note from the author

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Return and peace?

Space travel ages you I swear. By the time we got back to the temple I felt like I had aged another 20 years or so. I was carrying Pho's bag so she didn't have to deal with so much.I smiled watching the reunion between Belda and Pho. Those two were made for each other. I had too much on my plate at the right moment to even think of taking on a padawan of my own.

We had ben called to an urgent meeting by the council. apparently we were getting some extra help to capture Catia at last. Well it's about damn time.
She doesn't think I see how her spirit erodes , how she falls a little more each day, she is trying so hard to hang on. But there isn't enough strength in he, but she tries so hard to hang on, it breaks my heart seeing her like this.

We were inducted to the council room and Phobia made the introductions to everyone. My gaze fell on IronFist. Our gazes locked, we understood each other well. I barely heard the others. when we were excused by the council I wrapped an arm around Phobia, guiding her down the hall. She was exhausted.

We were stopped by Dr Strange for a final word. He knew as well, he could sense their life energies. If he knew then how many others knew? He swore he would not tell our secret, in fact he seemed happy. He suggested if we could take some time, to visit earth, we culd be of some use there and we would be welcome with the Avengers any time.

I nodded perhaps it would help her recover. She was being stifled here, even as I gazed at her she seemed like a ghost.

" Of course, I need to take her to bed, please tell the others I will be avalibe later this afternon. Anytime today if it is an emergency."

He nodded and we started down the hall. Phobia fell asleep right where she stood. I lifted her off the floor and carried her back to our roo, dressing her for bed in her favroite pair of flannel pj's I was working on another Senate report for Corellia when my com rang.

It was Yoda, we were needed in the Council room now. Somehow, Catia had infiltrated the temple. I ran to wake Phobia . This was going to get ugly and fast.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Living History Part 2

( sorry for the lack of updates, school is hectic)

I finally managed to answer her. " I don't know but the only way to ask would be to find Lady Death and ask her. But I would prefer that you not get that close . Once one passes through the gate it is said they will never return.. I couldn't bear to loose you.."

She nodded in response. What she said next. Someone tell me has she lost her mind entirely?" but still, even though I might hate her and wish her dead. I have to try and save her. It is my duty as a Jedi. We forgive. Even if the person or thing has caused us multitiudes of pain and suffering, somehow I must find it in my heart to forgive her.She was only using what she knows to survive. She has only been taught hate and loathing. She was jealous of the good fortune the force gifted me with.She sought to take it for her own"

I could only sit there and gape at her for about five minutes.. She had lost it.. " Pho have you lost it? Look at what she's put you through! Years of agony! She almost pushed you to the brink of insanity! She would've wrecked your reputation in the order not to mention possibly Obi Wan and several others!"

She was either a true angel or an insane lunatic..." It was because of my resistance to her attempts I found you"
I stopped and stared at her " It was because of my resistance to her attempts I found you"

" She made our trust stronger than ever. I know that if anything happens to me you would move heaven and hell to save me and I would do the same, pregnant, sick or not"
She had me there.. but there was one other thing I had to make her see.

" What about her causing you to withdraw into yourself? So that you pratically speak to no one? And this running around after her and Marasha? Don't tell me you have a reason for that too?"

" I do . Withdrawing into myself gives me time to watch and observe without effecting the ripple. I interact when I must. I do not disturb the ripple with inaction nor action. Marasha was a lost soul who called for my aid. When someone asks for me I cannot deny them help.Even if they do not vocalize it. Take Vader for simply being in that suit of his he hides from the world. He hides from the many many mistakes he made and feels he cannot attone for. One day he will realize this and ask for help. I can only hope DJK can find it in her heart to help him banadge his spirit"

I moved a strand of hair out of her eyes. An angel surely. If only everyone else could learn from her.." Phobia.. darling.. If more people in the galaxy were like you the world would be a much better place and there would be no war. "

Her com rang suddenly. One of these days I am going to smash that thing..Mine too..
Once she hung up she explained we needed to be back at the temple by tomorrow afternoon.

Someone had let it slip she was looking ill and neded to rest from her work. Well at least Mace hadn't let it slip it was me... She would try but without a direct order from the council I knew she wouldn't rest until she was ready to drop.

Her eyes watched the planets in the distance as she fell into sleep that night. I watched her breath slow down and a smile forming on her face. Yoda and Mace had called in help to hunt down Catia. The more help we had the better. Catia had allready beaten down most of the bounty hunters that had been sent after her.

Other than going after her myself , which I didn't want to do because I would be leaving Phobia alone; this was our only recourse. I finally managed to sleep that night knowing that tomorrow, things were going to be turning around.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Living History part 1

The heat was slowly stifling me. I laid in bed that night tossing and turning thanks to the stupid weather. Finally I gave up on trying to sleep and went to get a glass of ice water and watch the transports on the balcony for a few minutes. Finally when I was relaxed enough to go back to bed I saw Phobia was gone, the covers thrown back. She wasn't in the fresher.. I found out where she was.. down in the library. I didn't bother with any shoes but I did put on a shirt. Once again too hot.

She was seated on the couch, book balanced on her knees. She motioned for me to come over and I don't know what got into me but I pulled her to me and kissed her, almost pulling her all the way over the couch.I really don't know what got into me in those few moments.. Unless you've been there I eally don't think it's possible to describe. She was the one with enough sense to pull away bfore things got too far out of hand and we caused a" incident" but I'm not gong there..." Godfrey listen to this. I might have something here. ;"

I sat dow next to her on the couch ,wrapping an arm around her. The library was the most bearable place in the entire palace. She began to read the story of the Universal keystones aloud , her voice echoing off the walls at the late hour.

There were three sisters. One with hair of spun gold, one with hair of onyx and one with hair of fire. They were close, but they were also ambitious. One day while walking on a bridge they met Lady Death. Death said to them " I have come for you three. It is time to cross the gate" The flaxen haired one broke down weeping begging to be allowed to stay. the flame haired one stomped her foot in anger demanding" What right do you have to say when we must die?" But the onyx haired one said nothing but regarded death with a kind stare before she stepped past her sisters.

" I will make you a deal lady death. if I can answer three riddles you let us go free. " Death agreed then her first riddle was spoken.

"Time stands still but yet it runs on.Keepers of time reaching from dusk to dawn. "

The woman smiled" Simple. It is an hourglass"

Death looked a little suprised but then smiled" One riddle you have won but 2 more to come"

" Hidden both beauty and horror, a mask of many colors"

She titled her head and looked at death puzzledly then she grinned" Makeup"

Death was flabbergasted! No one had ever answered those riddles before ever! But her smile grew wicked. This one would not answer her last riddle.

"Wise beyond their years,these guardians possess no fears"

The ebony haired one stared at her"Jedi Knights"

Death let out a terrible shirek. Bested at her own game! But she sighed. " A deal is a deal" As the sisters made to cross the bridge she stopped them again" but I have a gift for the each of you, though your sister is the only one who deserves it."

She raised two glass balls from her hand" For you two. Theese are the power orbs of creation .Born from the stars at the creation of the galaxy.These orbs can strip powers from anyone, cause great pain. But they will only respond in need of justice and mercy. "

The sisters took them, greedy looks in their eyes.

The ebony haired one turned to death." I need no gift, the lives of my sisters are gift enough "

Death shook her head " You alone deserve a gift and a powerful one I bestow"

She took her aside " This key is the key to the library of knoweledge. Here you can find many many things. You are wise enough to use them when need arises. "

She waved to the three women" Farewell I take my leave of you"

The sisters took their leave of the bridge and went their seprate ways. The fire haired one went to a tavern . She got into a bar brawl and was killed for her orb.

The flaxen haired one went into town and met up with her lover. During the night he killed her as well and took her orb.

The ebony haired one upon hearing of the deaths of her sisters was sad but tracked down the orbs and locked them away in the library. Years passed and when lady death came for her again she was surrounded by her children, husband and her grandchildren. She embraced Lady Death as an equal and went unto her embrace.

They were reincarnated years later, their roles reversed. The flaxen haired and flame haired ones led good lives but the ebony haired one led a life of woe and misery. But when she died once before Death sent her back . This time with a promise of a good life but she must be patient and wait. She heard none and to this day death watches and waits to give the wise one what she deserves.

She turned to me, a questioning look in her eyes. "You don't think? the ebony haired woman..?" she glaced at the book and nearly drooped it in shock.Either someone had a cruel sense of irony or that was Catia staring out at us from the book.

I could see she was thinking about something.. I didn't like the look on her face.. It usually preceeded some crazy or half baed idea which usually get us into trouble or left her a death's gate more times than I'd care to really count.


Monday, August 27, 2007

A night out on the town and a preview

This was from a mission Pho and I went on where she had to dye her hair blonde and me brown.

and now a preview of my next post...

One day while walking on a bridge they met Lady Death. Death said to them " I have come for you three. It is time to cross the gate"

More later. chew on that for now if you want..


Monday, August 20, 2007

The trouble with clones

The hours seemed to pass slower than ever that day.I led Phobia down the gangplank of the ship, nodding to Bail as he and Breha welcoemd us to Alderann. Phobia was speaking with Breha when she suddenly crumbled to her knees. I caught her on one side as Bail caught her on the other." Catia's here , she's close" she muttered, biting her lips. I could see she wanted to scream in pain from the wound she carried in her back.

I hurried Bail and Breha inside. Sabers were clashing in the courtyard while I made sure they were safe inside before I rejoined Pho.

She and Marasha were locked in a ferocious duel, then it was all over in a hot blast of fire. Marasha was gone.. or so I thought. I ran towards Phobia and pratically yanked her onto the bench" Are you okay? What happened? Where's Marasha?" I searched her for any injuries. If she were hurt I'd never forgive myself....

"Marasha.. gone.. saved.. soul.. Catia.. still.. near.. " she panted. that was all I needed to hear. I lifted her off her feet despite being 5 months pregnant and carried her into the palace. I still can't understand why she hated herself as much as she did in her younger years. It took doing but I was able to make her like herself for her. It killed me sitting on the sidelines all the time. I had enough of this. It was high time I do something about it.

"You're going to rest. I will deal with Catia. No arguments you hear me?"

She was about to protest until I waved a sleep suggestion on her and she was out cold. I told Bail to make sure Pho and Breha stayed inside the palace.I met up with Catia in the front lawn. " You know I can't let you walk away from here!" I called flipping on my double bladed saber and dropping back waiting for her to make her first move.

Her red blade hit the air and she motioned with her hand" Well the same goes for me. You aren't going back to that whelp alive!"
Blades locked and I could feel the power pricking up my spine. If Fafnir wanted out I would let him out. Catia would have no mercy in my eyes..
******************** give or take 3 hours later lost count***********************

I stumbled back into the palace, shirt ripped to sith and back. I was bleeding but I could barely tell my body hurt so much. I saw her run towards me in the entrance hall . I winced anticipating a very bad lecture. I probably looked worse than I felt.

" Don't you EVER EVER EVER do that to me again!"She threw her arms around me carefully, trying to avoid my scrapes. This was minor but the tears streaming down her face made me want to kick myself. I shouldn't have let Fafnir play with the clone so much. It wasn't really Catia.. where she really was, I don't know. but the clone had fled. I stroked her back as I led her inside.

The heat was doing her no favors and a cold bath would be in order for her.. Maybe for both of us. It'd help clean up the blood so I wouldn't be scaring her as much. The wounds wern't deep but they were in vital points which made for a messy scene.I looked down at her, one arm pulling her close as we walked.

" she's gone.. "

" Dead?"

" No I chased her off planet.I think we're taking a small vacation Pho..I'm tired and I know so are you. Just a day or two.. Like it was before.. "I leaned very close" Just us"

Her eyes nearly popped out of her head at my statement. We had been so busy for the council we had no time to ourselves. The happiest she had been as of late was our weeklong honeymoon. And I had to admit. I missed her too..

She leaned against my shoulder smiling " Yeah.. just us.. no council, no Belda.. just you.. and me"

I grinned and was about to pull her into the other room before I heard Bail's statement " I'll see to it you're not disturbed . Dinner is at 7"

Could today possibly go any more perfect? Judging by the ear splitting grin on Phobia's face.. probably

Even the youngest of Jedi learns one very particular phrase. Feel , don't think. Live in the moment. The actual meaning of that doesn't sink in until your older. Wisdom comes with age.

That.. Well that was about the wisest piece of advice since the Dai Kekimoura wirrten some 3,000 years ago. And that says something.

I quit questioning a long time ago. So long as the force is willing, I will gladly do whatever I can to keep her safe and happy.

Friday, August 10, 2007

In between dark and light

I woke in a cold sweat that morning. I normally don't have nightmares but this had shaken me so badly I could barely breathe.

It was in the council room, three coffins were laid out. One normal sized one and two smaller ones, child like. I remember walking towards them. They were closed. I lifted the two smaller lids first. Inside there were two children. Sweet little angels, lips tinged blue in death. I felt sick as I lowered the lids closed again. My heart twisted as I approached the third. I had my thoughts who was here and I prayed feverently that I was wrong.

I didn't know how I knew I just did. When I lifted the third lid, I dropped to my knees. Phobia was lying there, dressed in her favroite set of robes. She looked so peaceful that I thought for a moment that maybe I had done something wrong and she was playing a pratical joke on me as payback. Then I turned around to look. There was the entire council, Anakin, DJK, Adana.. My head felt like it was going to split. And there just beyond the coffins stood Arialia. " Do you want to know why your wife and children lay dead ?" she asked me.

I couldn't speak I just nodded. I didn't want to loose it here in front of everyone.
" Because you stood back and let her do too much. She worked herself to death. Chasing down that demon and her apprentice.

You have the power to stop Catia once and for all. You can prevent this from happening"

Then everything dissapeared in a snap and that's when I woke. As I reached for my glasses I noticed one thing. I'd been crying.

I looked over where Phobia usually was and for a moment panic flooded me. She was gone and the other side of the bed was cold.She'd been gone for a while. just as I was about to call her I saw her note and breathed a sigh of relief. She was in the archives. She'd be there all day if I didn't go get her. After a quick shower and a drink I headed out the door and met Madam Nu at the archivist's desk.

" She's been there since 3 am .. I tried to make her go get some sleep but she was so insistant on tracking that demon.." she shook her head and moved away Her favroite place, a small couch in the back of the archives where she would work in semi comfort. As I started towards her I could ee the paleness in her skin, the haunted look in her eyes. She didn't even lift her head " I can't rest, not now.. She's shown me the path.. I can save Marasha. You know I would show the same devotion if it were Belda or one of my own children"

I grabbed her by her wirst. I might have hurt her if I hadn't have relaxed my grip. " You won't HAVE any children if you keep this pace up! Phobia you're wearing yourself thin! You've got to slow down, you're scaring me.. " I didn't mention the dream I had. She didn't need more worry.

She didn't want to look at me. I could feel her self hatred of her caring eating her alive.. Christ I need to watch my temper espically when it comes ot her.. I didn't want to scare her but.. I honestly doubted she'd listen otherwise. I forced her to look at me. Her eyes were shining with unshed tears. She said before caring sometimes is a curse. I can see how." I will help you Phobia, just ask me, you know I 'd do anything for you. But I'm begging you, slow down before you kill yourself, before you kill our children"

Something in her eyes snapped.. I could see it. She broke down crying in my arms. I let her rest against me as I steered her over back to the couch." I don't hate you for wanting to help. I couldn't. That's one of the many things that made me fall in love with you in th e first place. But listen, I can take your burden as well if I need to. I'll just find someone to teach my classes for a few days. We can do this, together. Don't shut me out Pho.. please.. Force I want to be here for you.. for them" I let one hand rest on her stomach while staring up at the map she had constructed with the other. Another five months and it would all be over. I hated myself for making her cry, it breaks my heart everytime she does.

" I know this symbol, its of the Royal House of Corellia.. The old Sith Repbulic, you know what it looks like today.. "

I was studying the map with a critical eye.. It was a good thing I forced myself to pay attention in history class .Her emotions surged and the next thing I knew she had almost tackled me to the couch in a fierce hug. " Now this means if there's three points left in the symbol, then.. "

She traced the route in midair with a finger " There's three places they haven't hit. Alderann and Naboo are in the path of the lineup. As is Geonosis.. " A lump in my throat as memories of that terrible day came flooding back to me.
It had been just after Ariala had died. Fafnir delighted in the slaughter.I had become a harbringer of destruction on the sepratists. In short I had pretty much become the Jedi's secret weapon. I had been warned not to transform unless I was in life threatening danger. I hadn't gotten a handle of the switch like I should have. I look back wondering if I had, how many could I have saved? Espically when the battle droids closed in on us?

I shook myself and guided her out of the archives. " Go back to the apartment and for force's sake get . some. sleep. I have to talk to Mace and Yoda. I will be back soon. And don't try fibbing on me. I'll know" She smiled and headed the oppisite way I did. I braced myself.. I only hoped this meeting would go well..

An hour later I was shaking her awake with the news. " I got clearence from Mace and Yoda. We're to check every planet in the sector that falls under the pinpoint line.. But we're posing as civillans.. or in our case.. Time to step back into the political ring.." Geez she's adorable with sleep hair.. " We just have to be careful.. and we 'll report to the council bi weekly. Hurry and get packed. Our transport leaves in a half hour."

I left her to pack while I made the arangements for Belda. Hopefully when we returned this time She wouldn't have to live in fear of Marasha attacking her.

We met up again down in the entrance hall and hurried ot the landing pad. Mace was there waiting for us "Go and find her quickly. We all know how dangerous Marasha is alone, coupled with her sith master .. I don't want to think on it.. May the force be with you both"

We boarded the ship and I comed Bail to let him know what was going on and Phobia set the coordinates for Alderann. Phobia was fast asleep the moment she hit the couch.I sat staring out the window as the space rushed by us. Three things were certain.

Two would become one .

Fafnir carried the power to defeat Catia and send her to her sith master.

And as soon as Obi Wan returned from his current mission and things settled down.,relitively speaking. I needed to talk to him.