Thursday, March 29, 2007

Combat Pratice, my domain, my playground

Combat class.. heh.. sounds normal.. it's not..

First came the younglings/padawan class. It was more about getting the general stance and the ideals right than anything. Simple there.. then the elder padawans. There's where the tricky part came into play. They were learning to spar. I called up a good match. Padawan Ju'valk, a female Twi'lek vs Padawan Xiss.. a zabryak.. i knew Zule didn't like fighting and through this I hoped to maybe bring out that latent flame that I could feel burning in her.

I have a knack for knowing when someone is not giving it 100 is something I think I got from my grandfather.. But I use this to bring out the best in anyone ho falls under my teaching.

Padawan Xiss did not make it past 2 minutes into the match. Other matches came and went, no one else of note tobe honest. And here I had such high hopes for Xule..

When it gets fun for me is whenever I get in the Jedi Masters and even some of the council members for class. Then it's my time, not their's. you walk into the training room, you walk into my playground. As for martial arts combat I have surpassed all except for a few. Grandfather taught me much.

We were running through a series of basic line drills when I could feel it.. Mace.. he was not giving it everything he had. The drill was, palm heel strike, round kick, spinning back kick, backfist, reverse front snap kick reverse punch. Some of the masters werehaving troubleand I corrected where nesscary. But Mace, he just stopped and stared at me entirely with a scowl" you expect me to remember this?"

I demonstrated for him again then I gave a warning" Mace, Don't give me any lip.. your on my time.. or do you want to be on wall drills until I say stop?"
He looked at me blustering" I'm a council member! you would not dare!..."

I simply pointed to the far wall" 5 count.. get moving, don't stop until I say."
Mace though very angry, complied cussing under his breath. I turned back to the rest of the class and continued drills, then into weapons and then finally into kata and not once did I turn an eye to Mace.

Finally when class was over I went over and helped Mace to his feet. He was sweating all over and shaking like a limb in a storm. " did you learn anything?"

He nodded" Never cross the teacher?"

I nodded in assent" That and I'm not one to tick off"
Mace grinned weakly and then I was left alone in the training room until late, running through kata and praticing with my bo staff. A gift from grandfather, it's adorned with a golden dragon and easy for me to handle. Then my com went off.. Pho needed me to look into something for her.. well two things.. 1 being any information I could colelct on a place called "the Works" and secondly.. how long would it take to prepare a birthday party for a certain padawan...

Until Later

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The dragon's wraith

Blows were exchanged as the three of us fought over the high deck overlooking the canyon.Phobia and I moved in sync, when one dropped the other struck. Seemlessly we were dismantling the general. He was near the end whenever I felt air under my feet.

I hadn't been careful enough and he had shoved me over the cliff.

I used to the force to jerk me to a stop on a ledge that was cut into the cliff just high enough I could stand comfortably. I reached out to Phobia over out bond, reassuring her that I was okay and that she should keep going until I could rejoin her.Then I began the slow tortorus climb up the cliff face.

Rocks tumbled thousands of feet below me and the height itself was simply dizzying. it was slow going and fianlly i managed to get myself up onto level ground. I had went around to the path we had just come up . there were metal rafters hanging above, and with Grievous occupied with Phobia, and Belda I saw where I needed to go.
I swung up into the rafters and precariously picked my way along until I was just above Grievous' head.

Then the whole world stopped.

It all happened so slow yet so fast at the same time. I saw the lightsaber come up and I tried to yell to Pho to get out of the way but I was too slow. The dragon clambered for blood and I let him loose fully and utterly. Grievous would die by my hand before this day was done.
I dropped and jammed my saber up into Grievous' synthskin gutsack and tearing his chestplate wide open. I was about to strike the final blow when he ran. Coward.

The red haze before me dissapated and I ran to Pho's side. She was lying limp and almost lifeless on the deck. " How bad is it?" I asked her, pulling her upper body up enough she could rest her head on my lap. My throat clenched viloently and my head was spinning. Was I about to loose the last person I loved so soon?

" The bastard cut my spine in two, what the hell do you think? " she snapped, I could see the pain ripping through her body as though it were tanglible.Well at least she hadn't lost her sense of humor.. Her next words .. if they had been a vibroblade.. I would have been dead

" I don't know how long I have Godfrey.. please, just hold me for now?"

How could I not?I made her as comfortable as I possibly could, a hand drifting up to her forehead brushing her face.I prayed to whatever deity that was listening the force.. anyone.. anything.. I couldn't losse her now.. I just couldn't..

She was speaking to someone.. was it Belda? .. yes. .Belda thought that she was at fault.. that she was the cause of Phobia's injuries.. that was the furthest thing from the truth but I couldn't bring myself to say anything right then, so I just listened as Phobia explaned it all to Belda with a quiet grace that she's always had, though never believes it.She was crying now too.. i hated to see he cry.. I wiped her tears , doing whatever I could to try and calm her.

I could feel a whisper of the darkside ,but at this point I was so.. lost I ddn't know nor did I care who it was.. If it was Dooku, may the force have mercy on him because I knew I would not.

However it wasn't..

It was Catia, and she offered.. hope?

Phobia quietly explained to me that Catia could heal her but sh would be in a LOT of pain and the seal around Catia's power might break. If it did.. The oceans would scream in sadness, the mountains bend their peaks in woe.. or Sith Emperess Ravenstone would be unleashed once again. And this time her vengance would be utter, absoulete and genocidial.

It might not have been the way of the Jedi, but I was tired of being a Jedi.. As a jedi I had lost everything I had cared for, my mother, my father, and my sister. i simply could not loose my wife too.I was just a man who despretly wanted to save the woman he loved. Even if it meant selling my very soul to the devil.I gripped her hand as she told Catia do do what she had to.

She squeezed my hand until I was positive the cartilage would break. I told Belda to reeach in my belt and retrieve the green capsule and the syringe as well as the blue capsule. the green causule was a heavy sedative the blue was simply water. I mixed the two then injected them into Phobia's arm. I lifted her using the force and making sure to keep her back straight I got her int the fighter and into one of the cots. I told Belda to keep an eye on her and come find me if she seemed to grow worse.

There was an advantage of being prince of Corellia, my father played double agent for a time. At one time he had organized the biggest double crossing the Trade Federation had ever seen. i took one of the old Trade Federation routes that wasn't so messed up one couldn't pilot it and we were at Coruscant within 4 hours.

When she woke I was nearby" W.. where are we?" she either took a hit to the head or that sedative was stronger than I thought.

I explained that she was abouthalfway healed but still needed to see a healer as I piloted the shuttle into the bay.There were two healers waiting to take Phobia to the med wing and Belda and I went before the council together to give the mission report.

About another three hours of questioning and we were free to go. I made sure to get Belda tucked into bed though she wanted to go and see Phobia despretly. I was just about to doze off from utter exhaustion whenever my com rang ,it was Pho.

" They managed to repair my spine.. I'm on a week bedrest in my room.. no strenous activity."

No strenous activity? Well I see we both thought alike whenever it came to what to do with a week in bed..A small smirk formed on my lips without me realizing it.. Oh well.. no such luck.. She paused for a moment.. She probably picked up on that too and was probably trying not to sit there and laugh

" Godfrey I have some other news..."

She seemed rather uncertain . Reachign through theforce I found her calm was masked my an utter burst of excitement wanting to break free.

" What's going on Phobia? " Stars end.. what else could be going on?

" Godfrey.. I.. we.. Godfrey, I'm pregnant!"

WHAT? My head was spinning.. I thought quickly.. that moon tonic Rosalie gave her to prevent children must not have worked.. But pregnant? I was utterly estatic!" Pho this is wonderful!

When did you find out?"

" tonight.. I just woke up from a fainting spell when Dollie told me"

" Are you allowed to come home tonight? if so I'll be right down"

" Yes I can come home tonight, in fact Dollie is encouraging it.. I'll see you in a few"

When the com line went dead i pratically tripped over my boots going to pull on a fresh shirt.. I was going to be a father.. wonders never cease.. I was going to be a father!
Until Later

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Arrival on Utapau and a boga ride

Two books later and a short nap and we had arrived .I gathered a few things and then had Belda go and wake Pho from where she was asleep in the back of the fighter. Utapau reminded me somewhat of grandfather. Calm, quiet, and complex.When we landed, I watied by thefighter while Phobia took Belda with her to speak to the Utapauian chief.

As I waited I thought over the discussion we had had while she had slept in her head.She feared something was going to go wrong, terribly wrong.I could feel it too and I feared for her.But we had to complete this mission to the best of our ability, no matter what reservations we had.

After much debate we were able to center ourselves for the task ahead. I honestly do not know what I would do if I lost her.

Her message to Cody brought me out of my trance. So it was time.We both changed into black sith like robes. I much prefer brown myself, but black better blended in with the setting sun of Utapau.The three of us climbed in silence, the tenshion thick enoguh to be cut wiht a knife until we reached the fourth level.'

The sounds of bogas filled my ears. We were at a boga stable. I left Phobia and Belda behind as I spoke to a stablehand. A few moments later I pulled Phobia along behind me as we walked down the line. Then .. I saw her.

Strong shoulders, a strong beak, clear eyes.. And there was this undeniable pull in the force that guided me to her. I patted her beak and pulled myself up into the saddle before Phobia could ask if this was the right one. She climbed on behind me and pulled Belda between us. A small click and the boga took off climbingthe stony pathways towards the top. The 10th level.. A part of me hungered for battle after so so long. Grandfather had trained me to fight. if I went without a fight for too long I began to grow restless.

The dragon in me clambered for battle and it took some doing to disuade it forthe present. Well actually, some memories from Phobia did the trick nicely. My whole body thrummed in response and I was able to speak , casting a half eye back on her." Pho.. not now , this is definitely not the time.." I heard her explain away our conversation and concentrated on getting myself back to normal.

I let the dragon's fury rise within me, keeping it at a simmer.

We reached the ninth level monents later and Phobia sent the boga galloping back down the hill. Together the three of us climbed the last hill and hid ourselves above Grievous' headas he stalked up and down his lines of guards.On a signal we all dropped down silmatanously. My lightsaber a blur of movement, the dragon within guiding my hands. I moved efortlessly taking care of theguards in a few fast strokes. Belda deflected the blaster bolts at my back as Phobia faced Grievous.

Five minutes later a pile of scrap metal lay in a ring around us. The driods were scrap, now only Grievous remained.

" A Jedi.. what do you know.. I had expected them to send someone of a more illustrious rank after me .. pity .. pity.. and a baby? is this the best the Jedi have to offer? "

How shortsighted Grievous was.

I stepped up , shielding Belda and replied curtly " That should tell you something General. you are a toy. A puppet for others. A slave to the banking clan. You aren't important enough for the higher ups to worry about you anyway."

Well that pissed him off. good. I wanted a crack at this tin can.

" Is that so eh? Well whenever they find your corpses in the space above coruscant then they will listen to us!"

He leapt into the air, four sabers ignited.

Phobia and I lept at the same time, sabers ignited. Girevous would become scrap. One way or another.

Until Later

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Return home, a determined Jedi and a new mission

The trip back from Corellia was uneventful for the most part. Pho was curled up nex to me, a datapad in her hands for most of the trip typing steadily.. Another blog entry no doubt. When we landed I was relieved because.. well let me tell you

We were into the latter part of ou flight when she dissapeared into the fresher to get some water after another nightmare. I should have known something was wrong but I didn't catch it til it was too late. I found bottle after bottle of diffrent pain medications. it was like a kid's candy store.. Cortalizine, Diapenephrin.. just to name a few. I couldn't believe how many were in here!

Not only that I knew for a fact none of them were anything the healer's had given her.
She had taken force knew how many and just collapsed onto the bed, no warning.. Scared the living daylights out of me but once I was sure she was allright I got rid of every last bottle of pills. Then I took the ship off autopilot and steered us towards Coruscant. We were there within the hour.

She woke groggily whenever we landed.." We're here.. " I said lowly so not to startle her too much. Well that was unavoided whenever Belda came running up to greet us. That was a welcome suprise considering all the celebrations, double crossing and backstabbing that had happened. Belda told us of a sith who had attacked her and her freinds. But she had done very well in helping to catch him and getting him out of the temple.

When Phobia saw the new orders for the mission, she got that determined look that I knew not to mess with unless I had a death wish.She ran off to the council room and I took Belda back to help her pack. This was going to be a long night.. but that look.. Pho would get her way..

Which I found out the next morning she did. She had wasted most of her rest time but she had convinced the council to let them take Belda with us.Flight prep only took 10 since it was a prototype of Anakin's.I ended up piloting while Pho explained to Belda where we were going.

While steering.. I was having my own problems

I knew Girevous' reputation.. He was almost undefeated with the exception of Mace Windu.

With Belda with us, we might have some problems. I know belda needs to get out into the field more but was THIS the mission to do it on? But then I heard grandfather in my head speaking from years past. " if you don't do it now you never will. " He was right. It had to be now or never. I just hoped she could hold up to whatever we ran into.

Our duty was to take out Grievous.. and protect Belda. Though a wraith I fear haunts our steps closer than I would like. Phobia had fallen asleep. I could tell through our bond and I sent as much calming energy to her as I could. Keeping an ear open in case Belda needed anything,I settled back with Othello to read. It would be a long flight
Until later

Sunday, March 11, 2007

A split mind and a celebration

My feelings that morning were rather mixed I had to admit. With my father's passing so very recent and the news that, he had indeed been poisoned, my heart was in two diffrent places.To help I went to the training room to pratice some and meditate. I was hoping I could bring my focus back to the present and today, not what had happened but what was going to happen.

I was in the middle of Bassai Dai whenever I heard the door open. " I figured you would be here" he said walking over and picking up a bo staff, making a few passes with it. I finished with my kata and found my staff on the wrack . As we dueled we talked.

" I can't bring all of me to the present and today. "

" Why? You have no idea how excited she is, what's troubling you?"

" I found out excactly how my father died"

" He didn't die of natural causes? And besides why are you worrying about this?"

" No he didn't. He was poisioned"

" Poisioned? Who would want to get rid of your father?"

" That's the problem, no one. The servent who was new here dissapeared the day before he died. He had been serving father's evening wine"

" So find him and get rid of him"

" It's not that easy"

" what are you talking about?"

" With the poision was traces of darkside energy. It was Sidious.. He had my father poisioned. That particular poison is hard to come by, virtually impossible"

" And unless I miss my guess you're worried you'll fail in protecting Pho? you know she can take care of herself"

" That's just it. Dad could take care of himself too.. He didn't always look like that."

I pulled a holo from my pocket. It was out of habbit I carried it around anymore. I didn't get to see him that much. The newest one was taken at my last visit just a week ago"see? This was taken a week before he died. you saw how he looked. Older than yoda."
Anakin frowned as he replaced his bo staff on the rack below mine. " your right..Sidious was behind this" his eyes took on a particular gleam and I knew better than to ask.

" All I can say is this.. Help her.. love her. she begins to fall, don't let her go.. Fight for her if you have to.. But don't smother her. She's handed my head to me when I've done it.. The same with Obi Wan"

I could only nod, then I glanced at the clock" It's after 4! "

We both ran helter skelter outta there to go get ready

So there I was, nervous as a gungan standing there at the altar waiting for her. Just as the clock hit six the chapel doors swung open.. I thought for certain I had died she looked so perfect. I thought I was in the presence of an angel.

Anakin was next to her, getting the honor of giving her away. I could feel it though I could not see them.. Mom and Dad were there as well as Xanatos.. They all had passed into the force but there presences were there.

A gentle squeeze from her and my name whispered on her lips brought me back to reality.i somehow kept my mind enough to not screw up and finally though not soon enough the force rused over the both us like a tidal wave, binding us together.

When I kissed her I thought for sure my knees were going to buckle the feeling was so intense. I didn't want it to end and neither did she. But a good natured jib from Anakin somehwere off to our left brought her away from me long enough to wack him alongside of the head.

The reception was one of the biggest parties Corellia had ever seen. It lasted long into the night with too much drinking for just about everyone there.. Anakin caught her garter which I found almost too much not to kill myself laughing over.

He had to leave about 2 hours into the reception however, the council would be looking for him soon.. Pho was rather upset about that and understandably so . The council would always be our primary worry from now on. But for the moment.. I made sure she didn't worry about anything.. Nothing at all.
Until Later

Thursday, March 8, 2007

A final Farewell

Somehow I found myself awake earlier than she was. I rose quietly and headed downstairs to make some fast arrangements. When I was done I left Phobia a note while I prepared lunch for us before a shopping trip.The dress I had left for her was the one my elder sister had worn to mother's funeral. That was before the sith came after her because of me.

See? I'm not as perfect as you might have thought.

I was just finishing my own lunch when I could hear her hurried footsteps on the stairs . the second she saw food her eyes lit up and she was scarficng what was left like a starved wookie.. She doesn't think I have noticed her energy dips but I have, hence why I made extra.
Once we were both finished we headed own to the bazar which was set up in the square . I let Pho on her own but I stayed close by in case she needed me. The bazar isn't the best place for a woman to be alone, even a Jedi.

About an hour later orso we were heading back to the house . A white box with a green ribbion hidden in my jacket .I had seen her eyeing a certain necklace in one of the shops . She hadn't gotten it thinking it was too expensive.. Well.. she was in for a suprise.

A feeling of heaviness settled over my chest as I dressed for the funeral. My arms felt like lead weights and after what seemed like an eternity I had finished dressing and made my way to my room where Pho was , trying her best not to have a hissy fit over the dress.

I could see what the problem was.. the lower laces were all knotted up.

I guided her to her feet then while she held the front of the dress in place I laced up the back with ease.She looked up at me gaping. the look was utterly adorable on her face. " How did you learn to do that?"

I had a girlfreind whenever I was about 17 and she had a fondness for corsets.. For my own sanity I had to learn how to be quick unlacing and relacing her.. but all I said was" I had a lot of pratice"

She looked utterly.. spellbindingly perfect.She pulled her hair up into a french bun and secured it with the golden dragon combs .We were just about to leave whenever I pulled out the box from inside my tunic " A suprise for you.. now no complaining, just open it okay?"

She took the box and with shaky hands tore open the paper and removed the ribbion. A soft gasp of suprise was the only thing heard in the room as she lifted it out with shaking hands. " How.. how did you know?"

I wasn't about to tell her I had been shadowing her most of the afternoon , instead I just placed the neckace around her throat, fastening the clasp in the back. " Nevermind how I knew.. we need to get going.. We'll be late beautiful"

We met up with Anakin in the great hall. He had settled for a lighter version of his Jedi robes , and his lightsaber I couldsee was tucked under a black sash he had found. The three of us preceeded outside to a waiting coach drawn by my father's four best stallions outfitted in black plumage.

The coach was made of pure silver.. It was one of those that was only used on special occasions. As the coach rolled over the path I could see in my mind's eye the same scene almost years ago. but this time I was only about 3 and my father was still here. Though he was much younger, his eyes were red with crying and I didn't understand why. My mother's death hadn't registered with me yet.

My body shook as I remembered that horrible blood tinted afternoon . She was dressed in her favorite pastel dress set on a pyre near the sea. When they lit the pyre I tried to throw myself on it.. I knew they were hurting mother.. They couldn't..! Father had to drag me back kicking and screaming.. He held me while I cried for her.. so did my sister. They had cried all their tears and had no more left.

My own screams of anguish echoed into my head as the coach dirfted to a halt. Phobia's hand on my arm broguht me back to reality. " Godfrey.. it's time.. I'm here.. you can do this.. "
I nodded, stepping mutely from the coach. I saw the Anglo and the Normandian factions standing nearby and I was about ready to just bang my head on the nearest tree. This was the last thing I needed.. couldn't they let us alone?

I don't remember excactly what I said to the people there but my voice faltered all too soon. Phobia found her's and somehow managed to difusse the conflict that father and I had fought to stop for the past 10 years. Though there was one bold one who asked her what right hse had totell them what to do.. I was going to intercede but she replied before I could. I used my free hand to stop Anakin from going for his saber.

I didn't want any fighting going on .. not now..

Someone passed me the longbow and handed me an arrow which I dipped into the flames. I forced my mind to calm as Phobia was handed the second bow. Two arrows hit the pyre and it was a blossoming fireball.Wearily an arm wrapped around Phobia's shoulders and puleld her close. I could feel both mother and father as though they were stading just behind us.. From Phobia's look, I had a suspicion they were .

The carriage ride back I was grateful it was just the two of us because there were a few things I had to explain to Pho that judging by the look of suprise on her face, she had never even heard of a lot of it.By the time we were back at the house, Anakin had already retired for the night . I brought her upstairs and had Rosalie help her get dressed for bed while I changed out of the funerary garb.

Sleep didn't come easy for me and the next morning I was up by sunrise and I went ot the garden running through katas. I was comming off the downward block on Heian Nidan whenever Anakin joined me and jumped right in. That was unexpected to say the least, though it's good to have an equal when it comes to kata.

Anakin made a small gesture with his hand and I looked up towards thebalcony.. Pho was leaning on the railing watching us at work.Well if she thinks this is good.. I'll have to remember to run kata out here more often..
Until Later.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Hellos and Goodbyes

The trip itself was without incident. I looked forward to seeing the lush greenfields surrounding my home once again. But most of all I couldn't wait to show Phobia around and show her the places I had been, maybe even take her to meet Sensei Porgan.

Her eyes were wide with exictement and awe as we headed for the house. I made a mental note to show her aroun the gardens later. There was a view from the balcony in my room.

As we went inside I saw one of father's servents come rushing up. The force screamed at me in warning that something was wrong, terribly wrong. It was Rosalie" Godfrey, you've came.. just in time.. please hurry.. it's your father"

The bottom dropped out of my stomach and I hurriedly pulled Phobia along with me as we followed Rosalie down the long hall towards my father's room. The stench of death, masked by flowers grew stronger with each step we took.

When she opened the door my knees nearly buckled under me in utter fright and horror. There lay my fahter, but something had happened to him. He had not looked like this when I had visited wiht him just weeks prior. My father was only in his 50's but lying there , he looked over 700 years old.

My throat closed tightly like a vice and I could not speak. Phobia gripped my arm, a bit confused by what had me so upset until her eyes saw what mine did" is that?" she whispered, not really sure and I could feel for my sake, praying she was wrong. It wasthen father opened his eyes and turned to us, his eyes falling on me then shifting to her with a small smile.

He motioned her closer and I dropped back for a moment to try and allow them some privacy so they could speak.Furtunately I was too young to remember this almost same scene about 23 years ago whenever my mother Aurora passed away. It was she who had intruduced me to Sensei Porgan. A little known fact. She was his daughter.

I wasn't told til years later and even then when I brought it up to him, he seemed to hurt to want to speak of it so I let the matter lie.

I saw a flash of light in father's eyes then his head fell back on the pillows and he stilled. The force swelled in acceptance of his soul then settled back into it's normal cycle. A feeling of disilousionment settled over me, like I was here and I wasn't here. that maybe this was all a bad dream and I'd wake at the temple realizing I had drank one too many cups of jawa juice or cofee again.

I watched as she kissed his forehead in respect then she rose and came to me and forced me to look her in the eye. " Listen" she said , gently but there was a firm stubbrounness to her voice that somehow brought me back down to earth. " You still have me you will always have me . Now why don't we go for a walk? Maybe get settled in, help clear your thoughts. Let's just get out of here for now, let them do their job." she mumured indicating the servents who were waiting for us to leave so they could prepare him for the funeral late that night.

She always managed to bring outthe best in me, no matter what sort of self imposed hell I walked through.I wrapped an arm around her waist, a thin smile on my lips and guided her out of the room . I knew just where to go to help us both. I know of the nightares she has. She wakes in the middle of the night, paralyzed by fear.

She did let me write down what she sees, so maybe a pattern can be found. The only times anymore she has no nightmares is if she takes copious amounts of drugs which will eventually one day destroy her if she doesn't stop.

I pushed open the huge glass doors and guided her into the garden. There was a special tree in the middle of the garden that Sensei had given me to raise when I was only about 4. It is his treasure and it still flourishes today under tender love and care. It is a precinius tree that buds crystals on each equinox. The crystlas are sacred and are some of the strongest talismans to help stop nightmares.

Her mouth opened and she didn't say a word ,but just gaped. After a quick prayer of thanks to the tree I plucked one of the thickest crystals and threaded it onto a black leather rope before tying it behind her neck. The crystla glittered in the mid morning sunlight as a fog rolled in. " For your nightmraes love" I grapsed her hand with a reassuring squeeze just to make sure she was still able to retain concious thought.

She shot to her feet and pratically tackled me in a hug" How can I show you truly how I feel? I mean saying it is one thing , but you know what they say actions speak louder than words"

I was taken aback for a moment.She normally didn't let anyone into her head ,no one at all. But without me realizing it both of my hand s found their way to her temples and I kissed the center of her forehead before loosing myself in her eyes " open your mind to me.. show me"

It was like a bull in a china shop as every one of her shields dropped like glass. I was bombarded by images of her childhood, both in Spirit World and here as well. I saw every hurt she suffered, every battle won, I saw it all.

Then a tenative presence joined me as though we were walking side by side. It was Catia. I didn't hesitate. She was part of Pho as Pho was a part of her. 2 halves of the same equal. I embraced them both fully.

At last I managed to pull away and I found her on her knees in front of me while I somehow managed to remain standing andI could hear her soft sobbing. She was tired as was I. We had been bombarded by any and everything today.She had been riding on an emotional rollercoaster for sometime keeping our relationship secret from everyone and all. She did so much.. If I could lift the burden from her I would.

Instead I lifted her to her feet and we headed back inside as I headed for my room. I managed to pluck a red rose for her and tuck it behind her ear as she snuggled against me, one hand wound in my shirt.

Up the sidestairs and thefirst door on the right.. Everything was as I remembered it . I tucked her into bed and kissed her " sleep now my love, please, you need your strength." I turned to go whenever I heard her voice reply, though half asleep.

" Only if you'll lay here with me, just for a bit?"

I looked back over my shoulder at her. Big brown eyes, mussed hair and lord that smile.. Didn't she have a clue what she did to me?Apparently not because as I stood there, wondering if I had enough self control left to last til our wedding she said" Please? I can't sleep without knowing your rested too"

I cast my trust to the force and prayed this wouldn't go downhill . I kicked off my shoes and a moment later had joined her , one arm wrapped around her waist. A wisecrack rose on my lips from an old freind of mine but I figured it would be wiser to keep my mouth shut, instead I opted for " Now sleep we'll go out shopping later, and head to the docks. Remember Anakin should be here soon"

After a while she slept, a smile on her face and her mind at rest. I moved slightly namely to prevent her from ending up on me the wrong way and I guess I hadn't realizied how tired I was, because a moment later, sleep claimed me as well.

I woke late in the afternoon , in truth one of my weaknesses. I always do sleep late unless I have something to do.I moved gingerly so I didn't wake Pho and I ducked into the fresher for a fast shower. I had just finished and dressed whenever Pho's com was going off. I could hear the cussing clear across the room. If I had to guess it was Anakin.

I shook her awake once I had gotten my boots on. " Pho ?Pho? c'mon we're late and your com is ringing dear" She woke looking around muzzily and reached for her com when she felt it vibrating against her hip.

I grabbed a chair and waited for her to dress, not wanting to peek but I couldn't resist whenever her shirt went flying up over the changing screen. though I was only gifted with the hint of a soft curve before she shooed me out of the room and told me to go check on the fighters and make sure they were ready.

Laughing I left her to her own devices and in a few minutes she met me downstairs. In a word, stunning. absoulelty beautiful. you can see the picture over on her blog ,but needless to say she took my breath away. We both headed outside and took our fighters to the docks. she was a tad overeager to meet up with Anakin and went ahead. guiding my starfighter through the blue Corellian skies I wondered what sort of glaaxy this was to bring tow of the unlikeliest together, then I realized,an unlikely one indeed.

A smooth landing at the docks and I simply got out of my fighter and eaned against he durasteel hull waiting for Phobia and Anakin to come back . I could hear their voices at the other end of the hangar. As Phobia led him back and made the introductions I studied Anakin closely. One brief look told me that he and I walked like paths. Many troubles weighed heavily on his mind. Having to live up to a thousand year old legacy is no easy task. I could tell by the battle hardened weary look in his eyes.There was also a pure light hidden beneath the surface, but battle and death had almost snuffed it out.

Pho's fighter was belching smoke and as she ran back down to check on it Anakin turned to me and said " so your Godfrey huh? She's told me much about you"

" all good I hope"

" Of course. She means a lot to all of us. The temple wouldn't be the same without her."

" I know"

" You do realize that if you hurt her in any way I'll make you wish you were a sith?"

" That goes double for you"

He laughed" Point taken Godfrey, c'mon I think she finally got that thing fixed "

And sure enough Pho was back, smiling from ear to ear, a few smudges of grease on her face but otherwise perfectly spotless.She told Anakin to take it easy and I could see that light in his eyes comming back stronger than ever before. I headed back to my fighter and headed back to the house,A yellow and black fighter following me close behind.

When I arrived back Rosalie was there, her small hands wringing in worry. " Godfrey, I need to see you.. I found something you need to see. "

I followed her into the room oppisite anakin's that Pho showed him into. She had seven golden wine glasses lined in a row" I found these in the new guy's room. take a closer look"
I inspected each of the glasses carefully .

They had one thing in common. The smell of rotting meat combined with the sweetness of honey. " These were my father's glasses over the past week?"

" Ya his nightly wine, served by the new man. Name of Barabas I think. He disappeared yesterday. "
Anger filled me like I had never known. Rosalie didn't know it but these glasses also had traces of darkside energy along with Digamarka pooison. I had only seen the effects of it once before today. Administered over a long period of time it tears away at the body and the mind until nothing is left. Father was lucky. He passed on before The poison worked it's full potential.

I nodded to Rosalie and left the room, the door slamming shut behind me with a crash to shake the roof down. I wanted to go and see Pho but I feared my anger might scare her.

Instead I settled for going through mother's old blackgowns and finding a dress for her for this evening. The golden dragon combs and the matching black slippers I set out on the chair in my room.

My rage dissapated the second I set eyes on her peaceful face. I had forced her to sleep earlier after she had sent Anakin to do the same. I removed my boots and shirt and slipped into bed next to her, shoving any thoughts of revenge from my mind for the present. All I needed was here and now in my arms.
Until Later

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Preparations and foolish padawans

Finally everything was in place. We were leaving for home tomorrow. I honestly hoped that Phobia would be happy there on Corellia. I knew dad would be happy to see her. He was always perstering me about findng a wife.

We were packing that afternoon whenever she turned to me and said" I should tell someone.." she stood there , hands on her hips, tapping her foot, pouting. Force she is utterly adorable when she pouts like that.. I had to think fast though" hmm what about Anakin?"

She grinned and kissed me before dancing out of my reach before I could get to her again." Perfect!" she dials the number as I go back into the other room to help her finish packing things. Clothes clothes and more clothes.

I raised an eyebrow as I picked up a black teddy and a matching set of underwear before putting them in the suitcase. i could hear her talking to Anakin over the com and he sounded worn thin.. maybe she could invite him to come to the wedding?

I headed out to check on her, a smirk barely contained as I saw her talking into the com throwing things into another suitcase.I thought she was talking to Anakin? I gave her a confused look before sneaking up behind her and contenting myself with leaving little kisses all over the back of her neck.

She giggled and shoved me away from her while she kept talking. What I heard her say next just made me want to hug her

" he is Anakin.. the best man I have ever met.. 1 look that's all I needed .. I mean after everything that happened with Mace.. I didn't know if I could fall in love.."

Her eyes met mine and I knew she ment every word of what she just said How could I have gotten so lucky? I could see the hope in her eye s as she asked if he could come for the wedding. For her sake I hoped he could be there .Her excited peel of joy told me that he would inded be there for us.

Once she got off the com after about another 10 I asked her" what was that all about?" she explained Anakin would be there then asked me what day did I think we were going to have the wedding .

A smirk tiwsted around my lips as I pulled her close, knocking her off her feet" Well 4 days to get settled in then have the wedding on the 5th day which leaves us 2 days for our honeymoon"

She looked up at me, her nose barely comes into contact with my chin, the picture of innocence" why do we need 2 days for our honeymoon love?"

My voice dropped and I let a little of the hunger that gnawed at my insides for her loose " I want to make sure we have all the time in the world.. So you can take your time.. I plan to with you.. "
She had no clue what I meant and she kissed my nose saying" I assume you'll tell me when your ready"

The thought of her innocence set my insides on fire and then thank the force my com rang. It was the sub I had gotten for classes.

One of the padawans broke their arm and I needed to go. A quick hug and kiss and I was off down the hall muttering aobut the stupidity of padawans sometimes, and exicted to finally be going home and soon.
Until Next time