Thursday, May 31, 2007

Decenshion amongst freinds

The ship touches down about three hours after our inital departure.. It seemed like such a longer trip when I was younger.Phobia turns to me, hands on her hips" Will you actually tell us where we are now?" I could tell she was a trifle annoyed at me making her wait. Well she always got impatient when she was made to wait..

Before I could answer Belda was hopping up and down in her excitement" We're on Ragoon 3 master!" she's pointing out the window, eyes shining brightly.I knew Pho had always wanted to come here, but never gotten the chance..

The best shopping bazar in the sector, with some of the best music too. My eyes were darting around the crowds looking for old freinds.. I knew Lantos had to be here.. before we parted company last we had talked endlessly of how we would to to the finals of the tourtament and give everyone the best show they had ever seen..

We headed down the gangplank of the ship and slid into the crowd. Familiar sights and smells were comming back to me. The Calabaranie sauce cooking in a nearby stall.. Phobia's eyes were gleaming.. They had been a favroite treat of her childhood.. I saw Belda looking at the sweet stand at one particularly huge lollipop hanging by it's stick from the sign.

I looked over at Pho and then I turned to Belda" Come with me.. there's something you need to see.." Taking her hand I guided her over to the sweet stand and after paying the older woman who ran the kiosk Belda was grinning like the sun as I handed her her prize" Here, just for you"

She looked up at me questioningly" but.. why?"

Ah.. I see" Because, today is a very special day.. and because every young lady should have some sweets sometime in their life" She seemed tired from all the walking so I offered her a ride on my back which she readily accepted.

When we returned to Phobia she nearly started laughing but whenever I pulled out the Calabaranie out of my pocket she quieted down immeditly.. Amazing how women can be bribed with sugar, doesn't matter what age...

We continued up towards the Gekiochamariu palace, the sun beaming down on us.. Maybe the heavier robes wern't such a good choice after all.. We're halfway up the hill whenever a familiar face pops out of the muggy air.
" Lantos!" I ra ahead of Belda and Phobia and embracedmy longtime freind. He hasn't changed all that much, short black hair, green eyes and a tanned frame. He lives clear out on Tatooine, the trip from there takes close to a week.

Turning after some short banter, I intruduce him to Phobia and Belda.As to how I intruduced Belda, Pho seemed a little caught off guard but she didn't mind it

Walking ahead, one arm draped around Lantos' shoulders we begin talking about the tourtament in earnest.

"Did you see that monster Khali? He must be at least over 9 feet, pure muscle"

" No I didn't.. Did you hear when the prelims are going to start?"

"Tomorrow at dawn, it lasts all day"

" Can you believe it? we finally get our chance!"

The two of us had dreamed of this since we were children. We grew up watching people like my grandfather fight in the Onkichi. One day we both made a promise we would be in that ring..

And soon that pact was about to be fufilled.

I stopped and turned around, Phobia and Belda had fallen behind. I saw Pho motion for us to go on ahead. Lantos and I walked ahead, talking like teenagers again.

" How are the others?Man I sure do miss White Cloud and Morosk"

"Why don't you ask them yourself?" Lantos pointed ahead and there stood the group we had trained with.. All of my old freinds. We were all equally excited to be compeating.Hurried greetings were exchanged . Whenever Phobia arrived with us White Cloud eyed her up and down, slowly.

" Who's this lovely flower?" He bowed and kissed her hand" My name is White Cloud milady.. What brings you to the Onkichi Budokai?"

I wrapped an arm around her, pulling her close, Fafnir growling angrily.. " This is my wife White Cloud. " I told him shortly.

Ever the charming lady she smiled gently" My name is Phobia Deimos, I'm quite pleased to meet you White Cloud.. Godfrey has told me much about you.. We've been married almost 3 months at the end of this month." She raised her left hand which held her wedding ring.
White Cloud got the message, he backed off in a hurry.

We got inside the palace and got ourselves settled. Then Phobia asked me" When can we find your grandfather?.. This thing on my back.. it's sore.. I think it's starting to heal finally "
I finished unpacking what I needed to and laid out my uniform on the table.

Starch white with my black belt , the insigna of the DaiShujo embroidered on the back." As soon as we get something to eat.. now go to sleep.. there's a few things I need to take care of.. Belda will be here if you need anything"

As soon as she fell asleep I left for a few minutes but not before telling Belda" If White Cloud comes looking for me here, do not answer the door." Something was off with White Cloud.. I needed to speak with grandfather anyway.. I was worried White Cloud had turned to the yang side of the Daishujo.. if he had.. a crucial member would be lost.

On our way back to my room, my grandfather and I conversed in rapid Corellian about the disturbing events of the afternoon. I had a present tucked under my arm for Phobia. A long white box which inside held a brand new blue dress, sleeveless with a cascading train. When I entered I saw she was still asleep so we went to the sitting room where grnadfather began answering the many questions Belda had about the DaiShujo and the tourtament.

When I told him about the mark his brow furrowed" She might have to fight.. "
WHAT?" No that's out of the question! she is in no condition to fight! She's only ever changed once and besides she's pregnant! I won't hear of it!"

He patted my arm gently" Godfrey I do not want her to fight either but if the mark as is you say it is, then there might be no choice.. Espically if she carries the spirit of the Phoenix maiden.the best thing I can say is to make her stay here.. Though I do realize easier said than done"
This was maddening.. and completly insane" No. .I don't want her left here either. it's too dangerous. White Cloud.. I don't want her around him.. "

" but"

"NO! She will not be around White Cloud! " I lowered my voice before I continued" Listen, she was almost .. she was nearly slain beyond help before and I will NOT let it happen again!" My fist flew through the table in my anger. Black scales covered my arms, hands shifting into Fafnir's claws.. I was loosing control and fast.

Grandfather stood up" I understand.. I will personally make sure White Cloud comes no where near her. If he has turned then this will be his only tourtament.. " The edge in his voice was unmistakable.

If White Cloud turned, he was to be killed.

I went into the other room, my spirit soothed and Fafnir calmed as I watched Phobia sleep. . She had changed into lighter tunics, almost sheer. Tease.She was turned on her stomach, mouth open slightly as she slept, lost in a dream.. A good one I prayed.Grandfather saw the mark and motioned for me to come with him. Out in the sitting room he said to me" Be careful and cautious. If anyone else sees that makr , she will have to fight. She is the neutral energy"

He left saying no more but I didn't need to hear more. I understood. if one fell from the light, she must step up to take their place. If one fell into the light from the dark she must take their place.I slipped off my shoes and cradled her close, using the force to soothe her dreams and heal her wound. Tomorrow would be a hard day.. Possibly for both of us.


Until Later

Sunday, May 27, 2007

13 years later, here I stand

(NOTe: Going to be out of town Tuesday .. If this seems a little long, that's why)

Focus total and complete. The bo staff tiwrls in my hands, my movements are fluid and easy. Then like a lightning strike across my senses, I feel her pain.

The vision erputs across my senses as well. It makes my knees shake in agony.My daughter taken before my eyes and being helpless to do a thing.. That is the closest thing to terror I have ever felt.As soon as I could move I was at her side, cradling her, holding her while she wept..

The visions come almost daily now, she can find no peace.

She was struggling against me, gasping her skin was on fire. Her nails clawed at her tunics desprete to get them off. When she finally did, my breath came in a low gasp. Straight down her back there was an intricate symbol, tribal..

The smell of burned flesh hung in the room. The design had been burned into her skin, hence her pain. She was asking me what was wrong.. I carefully led her to a miror. She was shocked and slightly scared but she found her voice to speak ." what .. what is it?"

I frowned.. I knew what it was supposed to be.. I have a smiliar mark on my right outer thigh though it is faded by now. "Normally this would be a mark of maturity in your spirit animal, but it is never this bad and it isn't supposed to be this deep"

She pulled her tunics back into place, hissing in pain as the cotton fibers touched her injured skin " is there anyone else who would know more about it?"
I paused, unsure.. I had been meaning to ask her about this but I was afraid she would say no, that she didn't want me going.. I would respect her wishes if she answered the negative.. But I had been hoping for this for months.. I couldn't not ask her now

" The Onkichi Budokai will begin within a few days.. I've been wanting to go.. It's a tourtament strictly open for the DaiShujo.. There might be people there who could explain this better than I could.. My grandfather is supposed to be there as well.. I was hoping to be able to go but I didn't want to upset you.." I looked away, not wanting to see the hurt that I was sure that was in her eyes.

" Of course! Godfrey you should compete! Will I at least be allowed to watch?"

My spirits soared whenever she said yes. I had been to young to compete at the last Onkichi Budokai.. I had only been ten at that point. The tourtament is held for the Daishujo warriors every 13 years. My mind slowed enough to answer her question

" Since you're in the family .. They'll let you in. We can always bring Belda as well.. Your niece.."
She nodded, the matter settled in her eyes " So it's settled.. You'll compete in the Onkichi Budokai and we can find out more about this.. thing.."

Her boundless neergy never ceases to amaze me, not to mention her willingness to go to new places on the spur of the moment.Well if I was going to compete I would need to train...

For the next two days I pratically sequestered myself in one of the older training rooms.I trained almost nonstop, only stopping when my body couldn't move anymore.Phobia brought me food so I didn't forget to eat whilst in the middle of my training.I have the feeling now that she thinks I'm as stubbroun as she is.

" Look I brought you down a perfectly good hot meal.. Now will you sit down and eat?"

" Just let me finish this kata and run acouple more techniques, then I'll eat."

" HA I know you, now sit down and eat.. Don't make me knock you off your feet"

" You do that everyday dear, now just have some patience" Punch, sidethrust kick, ridgehand, spinning back kick, reverse punch, inside form block popkick.

She walked over and right when I was comming off the spinning back, she uses a sweap on me and knocks me flat on my rear. She grabs the plate and pins me to the floor, dangling the food in front of my nose" Now are you going to eat?" Damn is she persuasive.

The third day I finally had to return to the apartment. I had pushed myself clear out of my normal bonds and into something I didn't even clearly comprehend. Belda was in class and Pho was out. So I did the only reasonable thing any dead tired man would do. I kicked my shoes off and dropped onto the couch where I promptly fell asleep.

I gradually started to wake to her soft voice reading.. She trailed off as she reached on part in her story the book fell open in her lap and she fell asleep. I pushed myself up on my hands , noting the blanket she had draped over me and got to my feet.

Picking her up I carried her to our room and put her to bed, moving a strand of hair away from her face where it had fallen.
While she slept I began to pack, telling Belda to do the same but to make sure she didn't wake her master til we were through. I packd my bo, kamas, sais, tonfas and my uniform along with a few changes of clothes and a few datapads as well as my Jedi robes.

When Pho woke she packed quickly only needing one small duffel bag. Lisette would be fine for a few days where we were going. The tourtament was going to be held on Ragoon 3 but I didn't tell them this as I set the coordinates. I didn't want Pho having to run off on a mission so soon after this mess with Marasha.

" What's the.. O..onki..Onkichi Budokai Master Godfrey?" Belda asked me with a puzzled look.
Smiling I had her come sit with me and I told her the story Pho had heard from me seemingly hundreds of times.

Time faded away as I told her about the council of seven, the decenshion, and the phoenix and the dragon as well as the pact.I could feel Phobia watching us, smiling. She was content, at peace for once. I was happy it was this easy.. This peaceful.. I was no fool .. I knew such moments could not last but I would treasure every second of those moments we DID have.

Until Later

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Discoveries and some pampring

Phobia was deathly sick on the way back to Coruscant.. After our holochess game I sat with Phobia, changing cold rags, tending to her.. Her fever rose to 107 degrees and it would have kept climbing if I had not used the liquid nitrogen water to cool her down. The children were allright.

They are tougher than anyone thinks.

She woke her fever gone on our fourth day in space. I was never so glad to see her awake. " By the gods you scared me to death" I whispered taking her in my arms , hugging her tightly. For three days she had hovered at death's door seemingly, and I was powerless to do a thing.

" Please please don't scare me like that again. I.. I thought I was going to loose you love"I pulled back far enough to kiss her over and over.. She was so sweet so kind.. I was hopelessly in love and I didn't care..Ever since I had seen her that first day in the archives.. She was looking for a book I think about Mayan pyrmids.. The moment I set eyes on her.. I was totally and completly lost.

But I stray from my story.

Her hands were roaming my back restlessly, gripping my shirt.. The cloth was begining to pull upwards over my skin.. I couldn't deny I wanted this, but she wasn't ready .. Not to mention that Belda was right in the next room. Which I reminded her of immeditly.

She agreed then asked me how long before we landed. there was something I hdn't told her. We had already landed. She hadn't woken she was so tired.. She still looked ill so I kept her on board until she was ready to leave.

Not an hour ago I had spoken with Yoda.. the two gilrs who had went missing Debakk and Harroka.. They had turned up in the temple hallway.. dead.. The healers had done a fine job of patching them back together. Yoda asked that as soon as Phobia was well enough she come to the white room as well.

I helped her to her feet and we made our way to Yoda. I clutched her arm tightly as the ancient master explained what had happened.When he removed the cloths from the small bodies Phobia's knees buckled. On their faces as the mark of Offworld.. it made no sense.. She had killed Xanatos on Telos.. Now this?

I left her to her grief for a few moments before I helped her to her feet and got her back to our apartment.When she explained to Belda what had happened I was as helpless as I had ever felt.. I didn't know what I could say or do to help ease their pain.

Eventually Belda cried herself to sleep in Phobia's arms. Together we put her to bed then I helped Phobia into bed as well. While she slept I poured over books on books, trying to find any other way to stop Catia at the root. Hours turned into days and words ran together.. the second day came and I gave up..

I couldn't keep this pace. I was too worried about Pho, about Belda; to be able to do anything of real use for the moment.. Besides that.. I was tired.. I needed sleep.

I ended up falling asleep in the chair next to Pho's bed. It only seemed like a few minutes before I was awake again, the reason.. She was.. She had been combing her fingers through my hair.

" How long have I slept for?"

" Three days.. Belda has been worried about you when you didn't wake up the next morning.. You had me worried too"

Early morning came to find Pho yelling at Koenma on her com device..Then she took Belda to the gym and drilled her almost all day on her saber lessons. I watched over them both . I was on the other end of the gym, training as well.

More than once Pho's eyes wandered... She and Belda are good for each other because anytime Belda caught Pho not concentrating she would make a big deal of it, which would result in her fast getting on task.

We were cleaning up after dinner that night whenever an idea came to me.Pho was finishing up the dishes when I snuck up behind her, breaking her from her worrysome train of thought.

" you're worrying again.."

" If I don't worry who will?"

She turned in my arms and wrapped both arms around me, leaning back against the sink.

" mmmh.. you're tense too.. too tense.. I'll have to do something about this"

" Let me just check to make sure Belda is asleep.. Green tea after dinner almost always puts her out like a light, and she gets a peaceful night's sleep"

I nodded " Okay.. but don't take too long, I'll be waiting " I dried my hands on the towel and went into our room closing the door.

When the door opened again and she entered, her head spun around taking in my arrangements. I had spread about every pillow I could find on the bed, and lit some candles. She looked at me curiously and I handed her a terrycloth robe" You need to be pampered .. let me.. " She dissapeared into the fresher while flipped on her favroite song" Once in a Million years" she sang this at our wedding.. I wish Anakin could've heard her, she sang beautifully.

When she returned she stretched out on the bed and I sat down next to her, pulling the robe off her upper back with one hand, reaching for the bottle of Hycantih oil over on the nightstand. She was purring like a cat while I rubbed away the tenshion . I had only gotten a little of the way before the tables had turned on me.. Needless to say it was an intresting evening..

Later when the moon was high overhead in the city we were lying in bed, no words exchanged between us. there's times we don't need to talk to know how the other feels. Right now, she's content..and very relaxed. .. She treasures these private moments like I do, knowing they come oft anfd few between. No doubt tomorrow will bring another host of problems but for now, heaven is where she is.. And she is here with me.

Until Later

Monday, May 21, 2007

Phoenix rising pt 2

Atris stepped from her hiding place.Phobia sprang back, saber at the ready. I drew mine as well, The tang of ozone snapped through the air as I eyed her wairily.

" Ready to fight are you? But your opponent is not ready yet.. I have my mistress' orders.. No one fights you.. except for the one who rests within."

I could feel the phoenix's fires burning brightly, anger fuel to the fire." Oh yes, wear yourself out.. it will be so poetic.. the sognbird killed by the raven.."

Atris' taunts did not go on for much logner however whenever purifying fire burst from her palms and engulfed Atris, destroying her utterly.

Phobia had almost totally gone insane with her drive to bring Marasha down. The phoenix would appear this time.. I was certain.. But I worried if she could withstand the strain..

Meaningless words were exchanged between the two then as though she was a perfectly balanced fighting driod she went after Marasha, her focus narrowed, anger burning hotly. She didn't tap her anger like Aakin does, not usually.. This time she was fed up, she was backed into a corner.. She was mad.

I shouted for her to stop.. Her body could not stand the strain for too long.. If she changed now..

She could kill herself.

She continued heedless of her own body, heedless of the danger she placed herself in. Then darkness flooded the hill and he appeared.

Xanatos and Phobia circled each other, like two tigers in the arena. Hate and evil were like a suffocating wave over everyone present and I shielded Belda behind me. " Stay close.. she has to do this on her own.. No one else.. "

Rage,pure ,hot rage flowed like lava through her.I could see her morphing.. feathers blossoming on her arms and back, whole body changing.. Tai and Mara were shielded from the fire behind one of her tighest force shields she had ever constrcted. She went after Xanatos, ripping him apart, burning him in her rage.As he burned she changed back, sleeves singed away from her tunics, arms bare.

She turned on Marasha and Hoth" you both want me? come get me you bastards.. I'll kill you both"

Saber and whip raised the three of them battled fiercely until the tide turned.. Hoth stepped left when he should have stepped right.His head went flying off his shoulders hitting the maulesum wall.

Marasha and she locked eyes. " I have my orders.. your evil ends here"Sweat poured down her face and body,her arms shaking. I knew this look.. She didn't have much left.. I needed to step in

" Rest.. You won't be able to stand for much longer now after your first change.. She's mine"
As soon as I stepped up to take her place, the strain overwashed her and she passed out. That was it, this was going to end NOW.

" Tap your true power Marasha.. I know it's there"

I shifted into my full dragon form, power burning like fuel. I had learned to work with my spirit animal when I was still very young. Marasha didn't have that advantage.
Belda drew back in fear but I turned my head to her, shielding them both with my wings" Belda I won't hurt you.. keep your master safe"

Marasha shifted into her dragon form as well, much smaller but she was must faster than I was for the moment. I was more familiar with my form than she was her's. I brought my foot down to pin her then she filtered through my talons like smoke. At her dissapearance the power slid away and I fell into the bushes. " Belda, bring me the bag by your master" I called, staying hidden. One downside of my dragon form.. I ruin more clothes that way than I do in any ordinary fight.

Once I got changed I went to Phobia and tapped he face until she woke." Oh.. what.. what happened?" she was so confused as she leaned into me. " She's gone.. I almost had her.. Pho I'm so sorry.. " I was.. if I had been a second faster , Marasha's innards would've been splattered from here to Ragoon. She shook her head smiling tiredly " It's ok.. We just need to get home.. "

For all her bluster and voiced opinions to the contrary Phobia couldn't walk on her own,. I carried her back down to the ship without a word though she fought me tooth and nail on it. When we were almost there she fell asleep against me and I pressed afinger to my lips indicating Belda should be as quiet as possible.

Once Phobia was sleeping comfortably I pulled out the holochess board. I set the coordinates for Coruscant and puled up a chair" While your master is asleep.. How about I teach you how to play holochess?"

She nodded eagerly, and we pased our time like that until we reached Coruscant.. We would need any stomach we had.. Espically for the sight we encountered when we reached home..


Until Later

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Phoenix Rising pt 1

After Phobia had briefed us on the atmposphere on Telos we stood and watched the big green planet come into view. I could feel her excitement at comming home at last. But our true home was at the temple, not here. She knew it as well as I. Lightsabers hidden from view we headed to the main house as Phobia spoke to the temporary head of the Offworld Corpration.

I kept silent, eyes wandering the room, searching carefully for any sort of clue about Xanatos or Marasha.

Her words brought me back to reality" yes.. I only found out a little while ago and have come to claim my inheratance.. I have fallen down on my luck and need the money.. We don't want our daughter to grow up starving and having to resort to stealing for food.." oh she was good.the sad smile on her face was enough to melt the coldest heart

" Well we just need to perform a small blood test ot make certain and all will be arranged"
I could see her turn pale slightly at the thought of a needle and I squeezedher hand reassuringly.. Surely it would be one of those ltitle needles that just a prick and it was all over..

The nurse entered and Phobia rolled up her sleeve. Belda buried her head in my arm, the incident of her getting her shots probably still fresh in her mind.

A few seconds later, Phobia's arm had been bandaged and the nurse had left with the vial of her blood. Her eyes wandered the room curiously, searching for feelings of her father.

A few minutes later we were leaving the Offoworld Corpration and heading into the mountains. A red headed woman was our guide up into the maulesoum. After a while we continued on our own.. Phobia walking ahead of us.. Seemingly lost in a song

" Ma di la yo pan yon gonsi o da kesta dway bi ming milan les sa v ya fe ous su nigh o don give in to a crus sa gan lo gas sa to di la pin yaro may dor gin gway la di li cho me da la le la ya fin yarro ba le ma mor ma day bre ghan"

Over and over she sang until the sun sank low in the horizion. A hollow laugh and clapping caught my attention up to the building itself.

" Bravo.. voice of a songbird.. shame I'll have to cut it out"

She whipped around , and I drew my saber,blood pounding in my ears.. Who I saw was..

Until Later

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Stepping into the demon's playground pt 2

We battled back and forth , neither of us giving much ground until I had to duck out of the way when Pho soumersaulted over my head to avoid Atris.All of a sudden I heard a huge crackle and Pho 's fingers were steaming.. She had just used force lightning!

I didn't have the time to think of it just then because Hoth came barelling down on me. I flipped back over her head and reached for something I don't use often.. My double bladed saber. Two jets of blue light sprang forth and double bladed in one hand , single green in the other, Hoth and

I continued our duel.Phobia and I moved like water around each other , feding off one attacker one moment, ducking from another the next. I heard her voice in my head

Let's finish this

Double Heilix or the Armegedon twister?

Armagedon Twister.. these two had it comming

We moved back to back, sabers raised in a defense position.She stepped just behind my left leg with her right. I swept her to the ground as though in a seemingly stupid mistake but in reality..

As she went down her saber was straight up, embedding itself into Hoth's stomach. I jumped over Phobia as Atris gave chase to her. She rolled ot her feet and jammed her saber in Atris' back causing her to collapse into a pile of.. ..sand?

Belda was still locked in combat with Marasha. They were batteling at the edge of the pit. I could feel the anger and frustration pouring off of Belda. Torn between normal emotions and wanting to fufill her destiny. Phobia ran forward just as she was about to push Marasha into the lava.

" Belda stop!"she yelled. Her hair whipped back and forth over the lava pit, her strength close to nothing.She was running on sheer will alone.

" Why? she deserves to die! I want to squeeze the life out of her with my bare hands!"
We both knew that tone well. She sounded like Anakin, too much. images suddenly flased before my eyes.. I could see towo blurry shapes.. they were dueling here.. The ground shuddered underneath me.. It would be soon, very soon.. Blue on blue saber.. .. I got the sense I knew both of them but suddenly I was thrown from the scene as fast as it had flashed before me.

My head snapped up at Phobia's shout and I saw her move herself into position to try and block the blow. The red blade cut into her thigh just enough to make her fall in pain.The dragon roared and I moved quickly to protect them both. " you want to fight? you fight me!"I could feel the shifting in my shoulders and back..

The dragon wanted to merge.. The black scales crept around me, my strength increased. My eyes were haunted and yellow, so Phobia told me later.
My double bladed blue saber hummed quietly in front of me. I spared Marasha no mercy and I swung almost viloently at her. the speed and the intent behind me startled her , if not frightened her. I felt the wings starting to push themselves through.. If I didn't finish her fast.. Phobia and Belda were about to come face to face with my more draconic side..

I swept upwards and Marasha was forced to drop her saber as it roled away from her. She tried to reach for it but I stepped on her arm, enough pressure to make her pay attention" Don't, even, think , about ,it"I was in no mood for games

She vanished like air.. even her saber gone.. it was just us..Belda and I pulled Phobia to her feet and guided her to the ship. as I went to get some bacta for Pho's leg I heard her talking to Belda..

" Telos.. she intends to bring back someone I will NOT allow !"

I returned, kneeling in front of her doctoring her leg " You don't mean.. " I hated to admit it.. but I think I knew who she meant.

" Yes.. she went to her homeworld. .Now she will go to mine.. She wants to bring back father.. "
" Who?" Belda asked puzzled

She took a shallow breath before answering her, this was one of the most delicate subjects for her to discuss" Belda, my father.. he was Xanatos. Qui Gon's first apprentice"

I held her as she shook in anger and pure frustration mixed with rage. I understood where shewas comming from. She had lost all of her family. Her mother hated her, he r father had turned to the darkside because of her.. This was the last chance she had to keep her family's honor in tact.

She would not fail.. Something she could not see that I could.. the phoenix's fires burned brightly within her.. Soon.. she would have to know.. As the dragon guarded and aided me, the phoenix guards and aids her.


Until Later

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Stepping into the demon's playground pt 1

You know how they say out of the frying pan into the fire? Well , that about summed up Mustafar in my estimitation..Hotter than any dragon's fire could conjure, the planet was hell on earth .

We all changed into the lightest robes we had before we disembarked. I made sure Belda had some water to drink before we left. The heat outside would be unbearable and we would probably befighting.. without water she could very likely collapse from heat exhaustion.

We crawled over jagged outcroppings " Down there!" I yelled over the roar of the lava. I could see two figures fleeing through the darkened tunnel.Pho looked back at us as she weighed the decision in her mind.

"I'm going on ahead!" She dissapeared almost instantly, blending into the rock. My heart froze in my throat. Was she out of her mind? I scaled down the cliffside as fast as I was able, Belda just behind me, going a bit slower.

When we reached the bottom we took off at a run for the tunnel. we were about halfway there whenever the tunnel seemed to give way . I pulled Belda close and sent the force out in a barrier to try and shield us. if I was forced to change now I would bring down the whole tunnel. But if I had to I would... suddenly the tunnel stopped shaking . We ran the rest of the way into the tunnel.

Skidding to a stop I saw who Marasha's "freind" was. No way.. it couldn't be.. Catia..
I pulled Phobia back," Are you out of your mind?" I held her tightly. She was insane.. certifibly insane. no sane person woud take chances like this!

I was mad at her a little, but moreso it was out of worry and fear for her safety." You could have gotten yourself killed!" I didn't want to let her go, but we had to finish this here.

A stone like coffin rose out of the ground, swirls and symbols painted on the lid. As it cooled the coffin opened to reveal a man..

Phobia covered Belda's eyes as a man rose out of the coffin. I watched his movements as he took the bundle of clothes from Marasha and dressed quickly. He was about as tall as Qui Gon , same build too. but he was older with a samauri bun atop his head and piercing brown eyes. A gasp left Pho's lips" Hoth.." she whispered

A second coffin was rising now, a slimmer coffin. A woman's coffin.She rose out of the coffin with a lethal quickness before dropping to one knee right arm crossed over her chest to her left shoulder. Smiling Catia placed ornately carved lightsabers into both their hands.

Phobia backed up against me, voice a mere hiss" Godfrey, Hoth.. Belda.. Marasha is yours.. Atris is mine."

I moved for Lord Hoth, green blade ignited. he saw me comming and dropped back into an Okinawan sidestance before comming at me like a tiger.. Which ironically is what I could see through my dragon's eyes. So he was once a part ofthe DaiShujo order too, intresting...

Until Later

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Shadows and Light Pt 2

With some help from the Ewoks and a few humans who had decided to call Endor their home we found out that yes. She had been here, and yes we had missed her. But she left with someone who apparently she had met on planet.My stomach sunk through the ground.. We were taken to where she had stayed. A spartan cabin.

Her childlike looks had decieved them all into thinking that she had "been seperated from her papa" as she had told them and if she stayed here he would come and search for her.
" What did the person look like she left with?" I asked the translator.. A musle twitching in my jaw.. my patience with this goosechase was fast reaching it's end.
" He was tall about six feet with brown hair, dressed like you two.He had a beard "

Belda started to scream in horror and Pho collpased next to me , shaking as though in a fit of somesort.. i could hear voices, so many voices shouting at me in the force.. I couldn't tell what a one of them said there were too many.

I helped Pho to her feet and conforted Belda as best I could. " Did she give any indication as to where she was going?"

The young man shook his head

So here we were , at an impasse. Did we go back to Coruscant? Or did we search further, hopefully yielding a clue as to where she was heading now?

As I scanned the cabin for any other clues Phobia stopped, a giggle bursting from her lips. I turned to her questioningly" One ofthe twins just kicked me" she explained breathlessly. Her eyes were shining in awe and wonderment.

I was grinning from ear to ear myself, " Really?" I couldn't help it, I placed a hand on her stomach and felt the kick again.. strong kick for such a little one.. it was hard to tell, even with all the old wive's tales I had heard in the palace of how girl's kicks were stronger..

Belda ran over in her eagerness and apparently there was another kick and a thought passed between those two. A second later phobia walked over to the corner of the cabin and knelt, picking up a small red rock" Firestone" she explained holding it in the palm of her hand.
Belda nodded" There was some that used to grow on Catia's homeworld! I remember reading about it in the archives!"

I knew where Catia had been bron orignally, a fitting place for a demon such as herself. And that was where we were headed next.

We quickly bid goodbye to the Ewoks who each gave us presents, though we were trying to be nice and not bring back any gifts. There were three symbols carved into the necklaces. Belda carried" Light" Pho's was" honor" mine was" strength" Well apparently the Ewoks knew us better than we thought.

I steered the ship into orbit before making a fasttransmission to the council to update them on our progress. We were closing in on Marasha.. if we could just find out which spell she meant to use, we could set a trap for her, then spring it. Either way, this would end. Soon.
Until Later

Monday, May 7, 2007

Shadows and Light pt 1

The ship was silent as a grave as we traveled to Endor. two tense days that no one said much of anything. the froce energy was drawn tight like a bowstring ready to snap at any moment. The silence unnerved me, it was like the calm before an epic battle. I had tried many things to break the silence, games, music, nothing helped.

Phobia was looking worse and worse by the day. I suspected hse blamed herself for not being able to catch up with Marasha fast enough.This wasn't true. We had every obstacle working against us imaginable. First we got a late start behind her.. Second, Catia was forewarning her apprentice when we were close. I could sense it.. All in all we were doing pretty well, but she sunk deeper and deeper into a catotonic depression.

It got to the point over the two day journey, which to me seemed like a week; that she had to be pressured to take food. If left alone she would only sip some juice or water and stare blankly out the portside window with the most sorrowful expression on her face that could break a sith lord's heart.I tried to keep Belda upbeat and calm, but she was worried about Pho, as was I.Towards the middle of the second day she asked me.

" Master Godfrey what's wrong with my master? She seems unhappy.. did something happen?"

At this point I was at my wit's end for what else I could do to help her. I turned to check on the charts while I answered her" i don't know.. if you want my opinion I believe she blames herself for the fact we have not caught up with Marasha already. You might not have realizied this yet Belda but when faced with something like this,she will push until her goal is achieved, or someone else stops her. "

" really?"

I nodded sinking into thechair nearby. Phobia was asleep, small whimpers escaping her lips.. It was the nightmares again. i rose and walked over taking her hand" sssh Pho it's allright.. I'm here.. " I cradled her head close, brushing her forehead with my fingers. She seemed to calm a little Then her screams penetrated the cabin.

" NO NO! LEAVE HER ALONE! PLEASE LEAVE MY BABY ALONE! YOU WANT SOMEONE SIDIOUS TAKE ME! SHE'S DONE NOTHING WRONG! MARA ! MARA!" She was tossing and turning at one point almost hitting her head on the durasteel wall harshly enough to bust her head open.

I grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her harshly" Phobia! Pho! please! wake up!" She continued to fight me with what remaining strength she had left in her body, considering the lack of food and exhaustion was not much.Tears spilled onto the pillow and blanket and I gathered her close, trying to protect her from whatever evil prayed on her mind.

Slowly she stopped fighting and her eyes opened. " Pho?" I asked tenatively. for a moment she didn't seem to know where she was, then she reached up hugging me tightly" Oh.. Force it was the dream again! I won't go to sleep ever.. I don't want to see it happen.. Oh god.. not my little Mara.. I would do anything.. give up my life as a Jedi.. anything.. I just want to rase them in peace.. "

She broke down crying, shoulders shaking almost to the point where I thought maybe a bone might break. the alarm beeped letting us know we were comming planetside but I wasn't about to leave Pho now to deal with the ship."Belda i need you to listen very carefully to me"

She came up just behind me so she could hear my next instructions" I need you to go into the cockpit and press in this order, the red, blue and yellow buttons then there isa lever under the pilots's seat, pull on that slowly give it a little twist.. see?" I demonstrated for her.
" Then take the yoke and guide the ship down gently.. if you think you might have some problems.. let the force guide you.. And I'll be right back here.. Your Master needs me right at the moment.. she's still really shaken"

Belda nodded and hurried off to do as I had asked.In a few minutes she had landed the ship and Pho was feeling well enough to stand.

I took a look out the window" Magnificant job Belda. I doubt Anakin could've done better"

Seeing the near to perfect landing her padawan managed to excute Phobia smiled" Yes.. and when this is over.. I am going to teach you to fly if it kills me!" We all laughed at that one before gathering our things and heading out to go and speak with the local tribe of Eowks.. The planet's voice tells me many things.. Marasha had been here.. she had done something but I didn't know what..

Until Later

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Smoke on the Water

Belda was sleeping in the other room while Pho and I were seated at one of the smaller tables in the cockpit. When the whole realazation had set in, Belda had seemingly become viloently ill and Pho had sent her to bed to rest until we landed. We kept our voices low so we didn't wake her.

" What do you think we'll find when we get there?"

" Honestly, or do you want the best possible outcome?"

" Honestly"

" I think that the second urn will be gone too. Marasha didn't take the first without reason. Catia does nothing without reason"

Phobia's control was tenous at best. This had traumatized her greatly, as it had to everyone. Qui Gon was a great man, my father had the utmost respect for him and they had spoken on numerous occasions.

I very faintly remembered whenever he had come to Corellia whenever I was a year old.i wanted to go to her, to pull her close and tell her everything would be okay; but everything seemed to move slowly around me, while everything else moved faster. Maybe it was my own hesitation, I don't know, but the only thing I could say as a form of comfort was " We'll stop her Pho. We have to."

It was like rolling thunder pounding in my ears. I could feel her distress and anger. More so frustration than anything." but Godfrey what if we CAN'T? What if she carries through whatever plan she is concoting? I'm sick of fighting her. I'm sick of this whole thing. I just want peace. I want to be able to have my childen without having to look over my shoulder every second of every day. I don't want to have to worry that my family will be ripped apart just because of some stupid tradition or because of a two timing bastard who I now consider my brother! is that too much to ask? I just want everyone to live in peace"

I heard her knees hit the deck, sobs making my heart break all over again. There was only one day I had ever felt this miserable was in the other time paradox and she had told me what happened to her.. She tried to hide from me as I craweled down onto the floor next to her anfd lifted her back into her chair " We can get through this Pho.. You're strong, so am I. Together we can defeat anything. there's hope yet, just believe. I know that's hard for you considering all that's happened. But please.. Believe for us.. Believe for your children.. for the family we'll have soon"

She looked up at me, an arm wrapped around my neck. Her hair was a mess and her eyes red and blotchy from crying." Yes.. your right.. for Tai and Mara.." The moment seemed to stand still until an alarm went off telling us we were approaching Naboo . She rose quickly , the mask of the Jedi back in place. She went to Belda's room to wake her so we could meet with Queen Jamilla.

When we bowed to the Queen I could see she was shaken terribly, but also I could sense some other things that should not be present within the queen.. My suspicions were backed up whenever Pho slipped an arm around me, a possessive glare in her eyes, aimed directly for the Queen.. So THAT was it! I'd settle this once we got out of here, but for now, we had a job to do.

The queen explained on the way that we had been a few hours too late. that a young girl with curly blonde hair had broken in, stolen the urn and when the queen had tried to stop her she had been held hostage..

Phobia took the key from Jamilla and we made our way into the garden . The people of Naboo had tended this garden with extreme love and care. According to Jamilla it was an honor to be chosen to be a gardener here.Pho smiled as a white rose brushed her cheek. If I could I would remain in such a place with her forever.I looked over the garden looking for clues others might have missed.

The dragon reached outward and felt the black silt soil.So that was where she was going.. I turned back to Pho and Belda" " Com Master Yoda and tell him we failed to recover the second urn.We need to head to Endor next. See this dirt here?" I pointed to the bootprint near the fountain" It's red soil, native only to Endor. There's something else Marasha needs there, black silt soil. It's abundant there"

I paced lightly trying to think. What extreme would Marasha go to? Would she attempt full necromancy? Or had she lured us away from the temple for another reason? Master Yoda's anger hit me like a wave and it made me stagger.I heard Master Yoda's orders. ,do whatever nesscary to reclaim the urns. Even if it ment killing Marasha. I've never known yoda to be this.. vindictive I guess the word would be for it.

We left, giving the key back to Jamilla who shot me a hot look behind her facepaint. The queen of Naboo? please you have to be kidding me

She had outfitted our ship for the trip to Endor . "Well that was awfully nice of her"

Pho was pissed, and rightly so , but she made a very good job of hiding it." yah only because she was making goo goo eyes at you.. stupid painted hutt doll"

I could only blink.. I hadn't seen this side of Pho before.. It was intresting, for want of a better word.

I looked at her, confused seemingly and she snapped " Are you freaking blind? she probably would've tried to cop a feel if she thought I wouldn't kill her"

It's a good thing I was schooled to control my emotions, because I was near to laughing. If she would have tried.. she wouldn't have gotten too far.

She knew this would happen in such a situation and so did I. For the present I got to watch her posture while she proceeded to murder a Sidious dart board. All I'll say is this, she's my hellcat and I couldn't be any happier.

Until Later