Friday, December 28, 2007

Note from the author

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Return and peace?

Space travel ages you I swear. By the time we got back to the temple I felt like I had aged another 20 years or so. I was carrying Pho's bag so she didn't have to deal with so much.I smiled watching the reunion between Belda and Pho. Those two were made for each other. I had too much on my plate at the right moment to even think of taking on a padawan of my own.

We had ben called to an urgent meeting by the council. apparently we were getting some extra help to capture Catia at last. Well it's about damn time.
She doesn't think I see how her spirit erodes , how she falls a little more each day, she is trying so hard to hang on. But there isn't enough strength in he, but she tries so hard to hang on, it breaks my heart seeing her like this.

We were inducted to the council room and Phobia made the introductions to everyone. My gaze fell on IronFist. Our gazes locked, we understood each other well. I barely heard the others. when we were excused by the council I wrapped an arm around Phobia, guiding her down the hall. She was exhausted.

We were stopped by Dr Strange for a final word. He knew as well, he could sense their life energies. If he knew then how many others knew? He swore he would not tell our secret, in fact he seemed happy. He suggested if we could take some time, to visit earth, we culd be of some use there and we would be welcome with the Avengers any time.

I nodded perhaps it would help her recover. She was being stifled here, even as I gazed at her she seemed like a ghost.

" Of course, I need to take her to bed, please tell the others I will be avalibe later this afternon. Anytime today if it is an emergency."

He nodded and we started down the hall. Phobia fell asleep right where she stood. I lifted her off the floor and carried her back to our roo, dressing her for bed in her favroite pair of flannel pj's I was working on another Senate report for Corellia when my com rang.

It was Yoda, we were needed in the Council room now. Somehow, Catia had infiltrated the temple. I ran to wake Phobia . This was going to get ugly and fast.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Living History Part 2

( sorry for the lack of updates, school is hectic)

I finally managed to answer her. " I don't know but the only way to ask would be to find Lady Death and ask her. But I would prefer that you not get that close . Once one passes through the gate it is said they will never return.. I couldn't bear to loose you.."

She nodded in response. What she said next. Someone tell me has she lost her mind entirely?" but still, even though I might hate her and wish her dead. I have to try and save her. It is my duty as a Jedi. We forgive. Even if the person or thing has caused us multitiudes of pain and suffering, somehow I must find it in my heart to forgive her.She was only using what she knows to survive. She has only been taught hate and loathing. She was jealous of the good fortune the force gifted me with.She sought to take it for her own"

I could only sit there and gape at her for about five minutes.. She had lost it.. " Pho have you lost it? Look at what she's put you through! Years of agony! She almost pushed you to the brink of insanity! She would've wrecked your reputation in the order not to mention possibly Obi Wan and several others!"

She was either a true angel or an insane lunatic..." It was because of my resistance to her attempts I found you"
I stopped and stared at her " It was because of my resistance to her attempts I found you"

" She made our trust stronger than ever. I know that if anything happens to me you would move heaven and hell to save me and I would do the same, pregnant, sick or not"
She had me there.. but there was one other thing I had to make her see.

" What about her causing you to withdraw into yourself? So that you pratically speak to no one? And this running around after her and Marasha? Don't tell me you have a reason for that too?"

" I do . Withdrawing into myself gives me time to watch and observe without effecting the ripple. I interact when I must. I do not disturb the ripple with inaction nor action. Marasha was a lost soul who called for my aid. When someone asks for me I cannot deny them help.Even if they do not vocalize it. Take Vader for simply being in that suit of his he hides from the world. He hides from the many many mistakes he made and feels he cannot attone for. One day he will realize this and ask for help. I can only hope DJK can find it in her heart to help him banadge his spirit"

I moved a strand of hair out of her eyes. An angel surely. If only everyone else could learn from her.." Phobia.. darling.. If more people in the galaxy were like you the world would be a much better place and there would be no war. "

Her com rang suddenly. One of these days I am going to smash that thing..Mine too..
Once she hung up she explained we needed to be back at the temple by tomorrow afternoon.

Someone had let it slip she was looking ill and neded to rest from her work. Well at least Mace hadn't let it slip it was me... She would try but without a direct order from the council I knew she wouldn't rest until she was ready to drop.

Her eyes watched the planets in the distance as she fell into sleep that night. I watched her breath slow down and a smile forming on her face. Yoda and Mace had called in help to hunt down Catia. The more help we had the better. Catia had allready beaten down most of the bounty hunters that had been sent after her.

Other than going after her myself , which I didn't want to do because I would be leaving Phobia alone; this was our only recourse. I finally managed to sleep that night knowing that tomorrow, things were going to be turning around.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Living History part 1

The heat was slowly stifling me. I laid in bed that night tossing and turning thanks to the stupid weather. Finally I gave up on trying to sleep and went to get a glass of ice water and watch the transports on the balcony for a few minutes. Finally when I was relaxed enough to go back to bed I saw Phobia was gone, the covers thrown back. She wasn't in the fresher.. I found out where she was.. down in the library. I didn't bother with any shoes but I did put on a shirt. Once again too hot.

She was seated on the couch, book balanced on her knees. She motioned for me to come over and I don't know what got into me but I pulled her to me and kissed her, almost pulling her all the way over the couch.I really don't know what got into me in those few moments.. Unless you've been there I eally don't think it's possible to describe. She was the one with enough sense to pull away bfore things got too far out of hand and we caused a" incident" but I'm not gong there..." Godfrey listen to this. I might have something here. ;"

I sat dow next to her on the couch ,wrapping an arm around her. The library was the most bearable place in the entire palace. She began to read the story of the Universal keystones aloud , her voice echoing off the walls at the late hour.

There were three sisters. One with hair of spun gold, one with hair of onyx and one with hair of fire. They were close, but they were also ambitious. One day while walking on a bridge they met Lady Death. Death said to them " I have come for you three. It is time to cross the gate" The flaxen haired one broke down weeping begging to be allowed to stay. the flame haired one stomped her foot in anger demanding" What right do you have to say when we must die?" But the onyx haired one said nothing but regarded death with a kind stare before she stepped past her sisters.

" I will make you a deal lady death. if I can answer three riddles you let us go free. " Death agreed then her first riddle was spoken.

"Time stands still but yet it runs on.Keepers of time reaching from dusk to dawn. "

The woman smiled" Simple. It is an hourglass"

Death looked a little suprised but then smiled" One riddle you have won but 2 more to come"

" Hidden both beauty and horror, a mask of many colors"

She titled her head and looked at death puzzledly then she grinned" Makeup"

Death was flabbergasted! No one had ever answered those riddles before ever! But her smile grew wicked. This one would not answer her last riddle.

"Wise beyond their years,these guardians possess no fears"

The ebony haired one stared at her"Jedi Knights"

Death let out a terrible shirek. Bested at her own game! But she sighed. " A deal is a deal" As the sisters made to cross the bridge she stopped them again" but I have a gift for the each of you, though your sister is the only one who deserves it."

She raised two glass balls from her hand" For you two. Theese are the power orbs of creation .Born from the stars at the creation of the galaxy.These orbs can strip powers from anyone, cause great pain. But they will only respond in need of justice and mercy. "

The sisters took them, greedy looks in their eyes.

The ebony haired one turned to death." I need no gift, the lives of my sisters are gift enough "

Death shook her head " You alone deserve a gift and a powerful one I bestow"

She took her aside " This key is the key to the library of knoweledge. Here you can find many many things. You are wise enough to use them when need arises. "

She waved to the three women" Farewell I take my leave of you"

The sisters took their leave of the bridge and went their seprate ways. The fire haired one went to a tavern . She got into a bar brawl and was killed for her orb.

The flaxen haired one went into town and met up with her lover. During the night he killed her as well and took her orb.

The ebony haired one upon hearing of the deaths of her sisters was sad but tracked down the orbs and locked them away in the library. Years passed and when lady death came for her again she was surrounded by her children, husband and her grandchildren. She embraced Lady Death as an equal and went unto her embrace.

They were reincarnated years later, their roles reversed. The flaxen haired and flame haired ones led good lives but the ebony haired one led a life of woe and misery. But when she died once before Death sent her back . This time with a promise of a good life but she must be patient and wait. She heard none and to this day death watches and waits to give the wise one what she deserves.

She turned to me, a questioning look in her eyes. "You don't think? the ebony haired woman..?" she glaced at the book and nearly drooped it in shock.Either someone had a cruel sense of irony or that was Catia staring out at us from the book.

I could see she was thinking about something.. I didn't like the look on her face.. It usually preceeded some crazy or half baed idea which usually get us into trouble or left her a death's gate more times than I'd care to really count.


Monday, August 27, 2007

A night out on the town and a preview

This was from a mission Pho and I went on where she had to dye her hair blonde and me brown.

and now a preview of my next post...

One day while walking on a bridge they met Lady Death. Death said to them " I have come for you three. It is time to cross the gate"

More later. chew on that for now if you want..


Monday, August 20, 2007

The trouble with clones

The hours seemed to pass slower than ever that day.I led Phobia down the gangplank of the ship, nodding to Bail as he and Breha welcoemd us to Alderann. Phobia was speaking with Breha when she suddenly crumbled to her knees. I caught her on one side as Bail caught her on the other." Catia's here , she's close" she muttered, biting her lips. I could see she wanted to scream in pain from the wound she carried in her back.

I hurried Bail and Breha inside. Sabers were clashing in the courtyard while I made sure they were safe inside before I rejoined Pho.

She and Marasha were locked in a ferocious duel, then it was all over in a hot blast of fire. Marasha was gone.. or so I thought. I ran towards Phobia and pratically yanked her onto the bench" Are you okay? What happened? Where's Marasha?" I searched her for any injuries. If she were hurt I'd never forgive myself....

"Marasha.. gone.. saved.. soul.. Catia.. still.. near.. " she panted. that was all I needed to hear. I lifted her off her feet despite being 5 months pregnant and carried her into the palace. I still can't understand why she hated herself as much as she did in her younger years. It took doing but I was able to make her like herself for her. It killed me sitting on the sidelines all the time. I had enough of this. It was high time I do something about it.

"You're going to rest. I will deal with Catia. No arguments you hear me?"

She was about to protest until I waved a sleep suggestion on her and she was out cold. I told Bail to make sure Pho and Breha stayed inside the palace.I met up with Catia in the front lawn. " You know I can't let you walk away from here!" I called flipping on my double bladed saber and dropping back waiting for her to make her first move.

Her red blade hit the air and she motioned with her hand" Well the same goes for me. You aren't going back to that whelp alive!"
Blades locked and I could feel the power pricking up my spine. If Fafnir wanted out I would let him out. Catia would have no mercy in my eyes..
******************** give or take 3 hours later lost count***********************

I stumbled back into the palace, shirt ripped to sith and back. I was bleeding but I could barely tell my body hurt so much. I saw her run towards me in the entrance hall . I winced anticipating a very bad lecture. I probably looked worse than I felt.

" Don't you EVER EVER EVER do that to me again!"She threw her arms around me carefully, trying to avoid my scrapes. This was minor but the tears streaming down her face made me want to kick myself. I shouldn't have let Fafnir play with the clone so much. It wasn't really Catia.. where she really was, I don't know. but the clone had fled. I stroked her back as I led her inside.

The heat was doing her no favors and a cold bath would be in order for her.. Maybe for both of us. It'd help clean up the blood so I wouldn't be scaring her as much. The wounds wern't deep but they were in vital points which made for a messy scene.I looked down at her, one arm pulling her close as we walked.

" she's gone.. "

" Dead?"

" No I chased her off planet.I think we're taking a small vacation Pho..I'm tired and I know so are you. Just a day or two.. Like it was before.. "I leaned very close" Just us"

Her eyes nearly popped out of her head at my statement. We had been so busy for the council we had no time to ourselves. The happiest she had been as of late was our weeklong honeymoon. And I had to admit. I missed her too..

She leaned against my shoulder smiling " Yeah.. just us.. no council, no Belda.. just you.. and me"

I grinned and was about to pull her into the other room before I heard Bail's statement " I'll see to it you're not disturbed . Dinner is at 7"

Could today possibly go any more perfect? Judging by the ear splitting grin on Phobia's face.. probably

Even the youngest of Jedi learns one very particular phrase. Feel , don't think. Live in the moment. The actual meaning of that doesn't sink in until your older. Wisdom comes with age.

That.. Well that was about the wisest piece of advice since the Dai Kekimoura wirrten some 3,000 years ago. And that says something.

I quit questioning a long time ago. So long as the force is willing, I will gladly do whatever I can to keep her safe and happy.

Friday, August 10, 2007

In between dark and light

I woke in a cold sweat that morning. I normally don't have nightmares but this had shaken me so badly I could barely breathe.

It was in the council room, three coffins were laid out. One normal sized one and two smaller ones, child like. I remember walking towards them. They were closed. I lifted the two smaller lids first. Inside there were two children. Sweet little angels, lips tinged blue in death. I felt sick as I lowered the lids closed again. My heart twisted as I approached the third. I had my thoughts who was here and I prayed feverently that I was wrong.

I didn't know how I knew I just did. When I lifted the third lid, I dropped to my knees. Phobia was lying there, dressed in her favroite set of robes. She looked so peaceful that I thought for a moment that maybe I had done something wrong and she was playing a pratical joke on me as payback. Then I turned around to look. There was the entire council, Anakin, DJK, Adana.. My head felt like it was going to split. And there just beyond the coffins stood Arialia. " Do you want to know why your wife and children lay dead ?" she asked me.

I couldn't speak I just nodded. I didn't want to loose it here in front of everyone.
" Because you stood back and let her do too much. She worked herself to death. Chasing down that demon and her apprentice.

You have the power to stop Catia once and for all. You can prevent this from happening"

Then everything dissapeared in a snap and that's when I woke. As I reached for my glasses I noticed one thing. I'd been crying.

I looked over where Phobia usually was and for a moment panic flooded me. She was gone and the other side of the bed was cold.She'd been gone for a while. just as I was about to call her I saw her note and breathed a sigh of relief. She was in the archives. She'd be there all day if I didn't go get her. After a quick shower and a drink I headed out the door and met Madam Nu at the archivist's desk.

" She's been there since 3 am .. I tried to make her go get some sleep but she was so insistant on tracking that demon.." she shook her head and moved away Her favroite place, a small couch in the back of the archives where she would work in semi comfort. As I started towards her I could ee the paleness in her skin, the haunted look in her eyes. She didn't even lift her head " I can't rest, not now.. She's shown me the path.. I can save Marasha. You know I would show the same devotion if it were Belda or one of my own children"

I grabbed her by her wirst. I might have hurt her if I hadn't have relaxed my grip. " You won't HAVE any children if you keep this pace up! Phobia you're wearing yourself thin! You've got to slow down, you're scaring me.. " I didn't mention the dream I had. She didn't need more worry.

She didn't want to look at me. I could feel her self hatred of her caring eating her alive.. Christ I need to watch my temper espically when it comes ot her.. I didn't want to scare her but.. I honestly doubted she'd listen otherwise. I forced her to look at me. Her eyes were shining with unshed tears. She said before caring sometimes is a curse. I can see how." I will help you Phobia, just ask me, you know I 'd do anything for you. But I'm begging you, slow down before you kill yourself, before you kill our children"

Something in her eyes snapped.. I could see it. She broke down crying in my arms. I let her rest against me as I steered her over back to the couch." I don't hate you for wanting to help. I couldn't. That's one of the many things that made me fall in love with you in th e first place. But listen, I can take your burden as well if I need to. I'll just find someone to teach my classes for a few days. We can do this, together. Don't shut me out Pho.. please.. Force I want to be here for you.. for them" I let one hand rest on her stomach while staring up at the map she had constructed with the other. Another five months and it would all be over. I hated myself for making her cry, it breaks my heart everytime she does.

" I know this symbol, its of the Royal House of Corellia.. The old Sith Repbulic, you know what it looks like today.. "

I was studying the map with a critical eye.. It was a good thing I forced myself to pay attention in history class .Her emotions surged and the next thing I knew she had almost tackled me to the couch in a fierce hug. " Now this means if there's three points left in the symbol, then.. "

She traced the route in midair with a finger " There's three places they haven't hit. Alderann and Naboo are in the path of the lineup. As is Geonosis.. " A lump in my throat as memories of that terrible day came flooding back to me.
It had been just after Ariala had died. Fafnir delighted in the slaughter.I had become a harbringer of destruction on the sepratists. In short I had pretty much become the Jedi's secret weapon. I had been warned not to transform unless I was in life threatening danger. I hadn't gotten a handle of the switch like I should have. I look back wondering if I had, how many could I have saved? Espically when the battle droids closed in on us?

I shook myself and guided her out of the archives. " Go back to the apartment and for force's sake get . some. sleep. I have to talk to Mace and Yoda. I will be back soon. And don't try fibbing on me. I'll know" She smiled and headed the oppisite way I did. I braced myself.. I only hoped this meeting would go well..

An hour later I was shaking her awake with the news. " I got clearence from Mace and Yoda. We're to check every planet in the sector that falls under the pinpoint line.. But we're posing as civillans.. or in our case.. Time to step back into the political ring.." Geez she's adorable with sleep hair.. " We just have to be careful.. and we 'll report to the council bi weekly. Hurry and get packed. Our transport leaves in a half hour."

I left her to pack while I made the arangements for Belda. Hopefully when we returned this time She wouldn't have to live in fear of Marasha attacking her.

We met up again down in the entrance hall and hurried ot the landing pad. Mace was there waiting for us "Go and find her quickly. We all know how dangerous Marasha is alone, coupled with her sith master .. I don't want to think on it.. May the force be with you both"

We boarded the ship and I comed Bail to let him know what was going on and Phobia set the coordinates for Alderann. Phobia was fast asleep the moment she hit the couch.I sat staring out the window as the space rushed by us. Three things were certain.

Two would become one .

Fafnir carried the power to defeat Catia and send her to her sith master.

And as soon as Obi Wan returned from his current mission and things settled down.,relitively speaking. I needed to talk to him.


Sunday, August 5, 2007

Catching Smoke

She was shivering badly as I helped her from the ship. She was pale and frigidly cold. The power was settling but it would take hours yet before it settled and cemented. Sort of like sculpting really. Her lips were almost tinged blue with cold. We finally got to the main hall whenever we had been cornered by an unwelcome source.

A consistant bane to those who were diffrent than the normal, Samantha Harris.

I supported Phobia as the two exchanged rather petty insults. Without actually realizing it, Fafnir and I melded minds. I removed a block in the force for Phobia. A simple thought sent Samantha crashing into the wall. A crater sized dent where her head and hit the solid stone. I couldn't believe what I had just done. I raced over to check her pulse. But there was no point. she had been killed with a single blow.

The power was too much. I ran to catch Phobia as she fell, almost in slow motion towards the floor. My mind raced. I had NEVER lost control of Fafnir like that before. I hurried to our apartment on the upper floors, carrying her like a limp marionette doll. The color was begining to return to her face a little but her lips were still startlingly blue.

Once we were inside I got her to bed and went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea for her whenever the doorbell rang. I hurried to answer it.Outside were Master Windu and Master Yoda.." Come in" I said stepping aisde and going back to the tea kettle . I poured out some orange black tea into one of her favroite cups. " Would either of you like tea? She's got a wide variety as I had found out before"

They shook their heads" where is she?" Master Windu asked.

" In bed. She is rather ill at the moment, hence the tea. Back here" I carried the tea back to her room and opened the door carefully. As soon as Mace, Yoda and I had settled around her bed she began to wake" here" I said pressing the cup into her hands" careful it's hot"

" Tell what happened you will" Yoda said looking from one of us to the other.
She took a long sip of her tea before recounting what happened on the Black Widow, how she came to have Catia trapped within her and the eventual release and return of a good deal of her power.

" Why did you not tell the council of what you had done?" he asked her, but my mind was elsewhere.

Mace pulled me aside" You care for her , greatly don't you?"

There wasn't a use lying to him. I'm a terrible liar . I nodded.

He looked from Phobia back to me. " I know of the provision your father instituted before you came to be a Jedi.. Should you use it.. Treat her right or you'll find yourself on the wrong end of a blade" he said half joking half deadly serious. " I might not agree with some of the things she does, or the company she keeps but she and Belda are the angels of this temple in my eyes. the only reason why this war is bearable is because they are here" he said quietly.

I nodded" I know, more than you realize"
We turned back to the others.

Then it was Yoda who cornered me. What was this the Inquisition?
" Just a freind she is?"

I debated on telling them everything then and there. I didn't think they would mind as much as we had feared, but I couldn't. Not with Pho in this condition.It would upset her too badly.

" Yes, just a freind. for now" I responded with a calm voice, but I think the blush around my ears betrayed me. Damn I have to stop doing that.
"Speak to Master Windu I will about this. Rest you both should now" He turned and let himself out of the apartment with a small sigh.

Once both the masters were gone I was going to strip out of my shirt and see if holding onto Pho for a while would help warm her up any.but naturally the com goes off again.
It was Bail, there was a meeting down in the gardens which I had to attend.. Typical..

" I'm so sorry hon but I have to meet Bail downstairsfor a meeting. I will be back as fast as I can okay?"
She nodded " Just make it quick.. maybe once you get back we can find out the good uses for these new powers.." she fixed me with the look that never fails to make my knees turn to jello.

" I'll be back before you can even say quicksilver" Okay I need to stop reading those comics from Earth.. I gave her a quick kiss and hurried off to my meeting, hoping she could be okay for about a half hour on her own.

About a half hour into the meeting I was listing to Mon Mothma with feigned intrest. All I wanted to do was hurry back to Pho's side. All of a sudden a splitting pain in my skull made me collapse off the bench clawing the ground. It wasn't my fingers, it was Fafnir's talons.

" Godfrey what's wrong? Bail asked me helping me to my feet. I was dizzy and felt slightly sick. I heard a scream from the temple and took off running. It was Pho.. something was terribly wrong.

I ran clear back up to the apartment, not pausing for a moment to even consider what I might find. Fafnir was pushing my power higher. A defense mechanisim should I need to protect her. I think he had been trying to warn me of something all morning.
A flicker of a dark force signature Catia.. must kill... Fafnir was enraged. I had to find a way to placate him but not now.

As I took the last set of steps to the upper floors my mind raced. Had Catia broken into the temple and hurt Phobia? What about the twins? was Belda okay? I reached the door of the apartment at last and stopped.

Phobia was sprawled out on the floor, unconcious. Inches from her left hand was the head of the woman whom I had just seen earlier that afternoon. I didn't bother with the head.. someone else could deal with it. I picked her up and hurried to the healers.

It was late that night before she finally woke. Mace, Yoda and Cin were all seated at her bedside. On the table was a small holo transmitter with the image of Anakin in his starfighter. Cin had thought it best to call him to inform him of these new devlopements" After all " he had said" He has the most experience in dealing with sith lords " Which really meant" He can handle the weird stuff. And besides Pho is his freind. He should know."

Belda was seated next to me. I hadn't left Phobia's side except to get her from her classes and deal with only nesscary things.
"Pho? Pho? you have to wake up.."I rubbed her hand in both of mine. I was the first person she saw, then belda, then Cin and MAce and yoda. She didn't even notice the hologram until he spoke.
" Took you long enough to wake up slowpoke"

That caught her attention, her head whipped around but the movement did nothing to help and she leaned back against the pillows.
" It's good to hear your voice again Anakin. I've missed you"

Mace cleared his throat" um.. as much as I hate to break up a reunion here. there are more important matters at hand. "
Anakin smiled apologetically through the holo. I saw he had his headset on for his fighter. He must've been en route.

"Phobia tell us what happened" Mace said quietly, eyes searching .
She retold her story bit by bit to the miniature crowd by her bed. then Cin spoke. I debated on strangling him

"How can we be sure she didn't have something to do with this? " Cin asked suddenly, the whole room fell silent.Tenshion was thick. I could tell this had been on everyone's minds. Well most everyone.

"Search the force Cin, Phobia would not do something like this. No matter how much she and Harris might not have gotten along. " Anakin snapped , glaring up at Cin from the holo.

" We need to let her rest. Godfrey will you stay with her?" I nodded. How could I not? She was my wife! But I wasn't about to tell them that.

Anakin smiled sadly" Bunch of nutters the lot of them. But I'm glad they aren't trying to pin this on you. I'll see you as soon as I can" With that the holo clicked off.
I turned to her as she posed the question I knew she would. Too smart for her own good at times.

" You know I wouldn't do this but you know who would?"she asked me in a quiet voice.

" Catia, no question" I said staring out the window. Where was she now? What evil was she planning?

She was more dangerous than Sidious. I would have to speak to grandfather. If the full power of the DaiShujo was put behind bringing Catia down as well as the power of the Jedi council there wasnt much place she could have left to hide.

But maybe I 'm underestimating her.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A fall and a rise

I had spoken to Cin and explained he needed to stay in bed until we reached Coruscant and got to the healers.At least that way he wouldn't be wandering around and possibly walk in on something he shouldn't have been.

With that problem out of the way I went to check on Pho and bring her a sandwich and something to drink.When I came into the room i could hear her retching into the toilet. I set down the tray and hurried over, hoping she wasn't as sick as she sounded

She came stumbling out and pratically ran nose to chest with me" Morning sickness again?" I asked her leading her back to bed. She nodded" Yes..." she stumbled a bit . I caught her by the shoulders right before both of us were flung high almost to the ceiling.

A moment later I was sprawled ungraciously on my backside staring up at her. Not that I'm complaining. The view was utterly decadant." Godfrey can you let me down?" she asks me from where she was still dangeling.

The current situation not to mention her weakened force signature jerked me out of my wandering thoughts. I tried, pulling on the force. She remained utterly stuck. " Pho.. this.. this isn't me.. this is your own power.. ".I stared up in awe as I managed to get myself off the floor and sat on the bed.

She gave a little tug and she landed with a thunk on the floor. She scrambled to her feet, eyes wide and frigthened.

" What is going on?" her voice trembled in fright. I stood and slipped behind her hands resting on her shoulders." Unless I miss my guess. this is your body getting reacquainted with the power that was stolen from you years ago Pho.. This is how powerful you SHOULD have been from the begining"

Her eyes grew as big as saucers . But then she began testing her own powers.I stepped away to give her room.

Things seemed okay until a lightning strike of pain echoed acorss my mind. I reached for her as she crompled to the ground.

For a moment she could see right through me, see Fafnir as he rested in my very soul. I helped her back to bed and placed an ice cold cloth on her head. She needed to bring her power under control before she reached Coruscant. I took her hand in mine.

Just how much had her power grown by?


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Escaping the spider -part 2

I stood there, shocked, fear vibrating through every bone in my body.

Phobia took a step towards Jenna. Was she mad? It had to be a trap!

" All I want is Catia's soul. I will even let you take that useless Jedi Dralling out with you. Give me the soul of the emperess and you are free to go."

Was it really that simple?

It couldn't be THAT simple

She tried to reach out to me ,but my mind was flying with a million questions. Fat load of help I was.

Phobia's next words gave me strength. Gave me hope for everything and everyone " If you can get her out without hurting me fatally, get. her. out."

I held my breath for several minutes as Zan Arbor attached a blood pressure cuff like thing to Phobia's arm. Pho seemed to pale for a minute and I saw why. The cuff was lined with long and very thick needles.I moved to stop Zan Arbor but she shook her head "I'm so sorry it has to hurt this much" Jenna said , tears in her eyes.

Phobia's body shuddered and shook viloently. I ran forward to catch her as she fell forward to the ground, blood dripping onto the floor.Phobia's power was returning, trifold. Pure white , unbridled ferocious power poured into her, filling her and getting rid of any poison within her.It was so bright

I was nearly blinded but I managed to get her to her feet. I tore my shirt sleeve and used it to wrap around her bleeding arm.

"Her soul and body are one now. you are free." Zan Arbor said ,looking back at the corpse begining to move and back to Pho.

I ran over and unhooked Cin. If Catia was alive and well we needed to leave and NOW.

" I learned much from one man years ago, he told me of you and your plight. I know my evil deeds will not go unpunished. Leave me here.. she will kill me the moment she wakes. Go quickly. I will hold her off for as long as I can"

So Zan Arbor was willing to sacrifice her life to save us. So maybe she wasn't as bad as I had thought.I pulled Phobia away and with her help we managed to get Cin back to the ship.

While Phobia got us into the air I got Cin back to a cot.He was pale and cold. Nearly dead."Pho! He needs a blood trransfusion ! Now!" I hurried to get the machienes ready. If he didn't get the blood now he would not make it to the healer's on Coruscant.

She yanked the needle out of my hand as I preped Cin's arm and injected the needle. Blood flowed through the tube between the two of them until Cin started to regain his color.Phobia got paler and paler until I removed the needle and caught her in my arms as she slumped over.

Even as I lifted her off her feet and brought her to a spare room , she asked" Cin.. s he gonna be okay?"

I nodded" He'll be fine, thanks to you."

I settled her into bed and began pulling the covers up to her chin when she stopped me.. " what bout the twins.. can't befound out.."

I called the black cloak I had given her to my hand with the force. "Sleep now, you need your rest. I'll bring some hot coffee soon"

She was alseep before I had finished speaking, trembling from the cold.

I made sure to turn the heat up in the room before I left. I went to the kitchen and washed my face with cold water before preparing the coffee for all three of us. I ws tired, terribly tired. But now maybe We could begin to gain some measure of peace.


Friday, July 6, 2007

Escaping the Spider part 1

I thought I could relax after the tourtament.. Maybe do some work in the archives, get to stay around the temple for a while.. Ha, that was a joke.
That was one of the thoughts runing through my head as I steered the ship into the Chromell sector. But, seeing a quick glimpse of Pho wandering over to our room wrapped in a warm towel from her shower, I was begining to rethink that earlier statement.. Maybe time away from the temple was a good thing after all.

We arrived planetside, back on Naboo. I wasn't about to alert Queen Jamilla to our presence, lest Pho end up angrier than she did the first time.We found Zan Arbor's ship hovering over the royal palace in Theed. Thankfully things went better than I had first anticipated. After some quick questioning of the guards we found out there was a station under construction on the Sea of Veruna.

A place of dead space, it would be a perfect place for Zan Arbor to hide.

On our approach to the station Phobia came up behind me and wrapped her arms around me.

"Godfrey, I'm scared" she said in just a bare whisper.

I tunred the chair around and pulled her onto my lap, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. " Why sweetheart?"

" I think this is a trap.. I can't explain why but I feel we are both in grave danger.. "

I reached out to turn the ship around. Maybe going to the Sea of Veruna wasn't such a good idea after all. Her small hand rested on mine, stopping me.

" But as scared as I am, we have to rescue Cin. He saved me when I needed him the most. I can't abandon him now."

Her voice quavered but there was a glint in her eyes that told me even if she was bleeding to death she would save a freind rather than herself first.

I continued our descent into Zan Arbor's station which I later found out was called The Widow . " when this mission is over, tell you what. I think we should go shopping for the twins."

Her eyes lit up and for a moment she was able to forget the fear and danger lying ahead of her" Really?"

"Yes really. but don't you think we ought to tell someone about Tai and Mara?"

" Who did you have in mind dear?"

" I was thinking maybe Obi Wan or Adana.I wouldn't want you telling Anakin unless you felt it nesscary"

At the mention of Obi Wan knowing about the children she began to tremble and shake in my arms, crying softly" I can't tell hi.. anyone else.. but not him.. I just can't"

"Why not darling? He's one of your closest freinds!"

She turned to me, eyes red and blotchy " Look, if he knows then that will show once and for all that I am a failure and utterly worthless. I have grown up listening to his wisdom, his teachings.

This would be a thumb to the eye of everything he has taught me! And besides if he knew about us he would be obligated to turn us over to thecouncil. If we tell him his position on the council could be put in jepoardy. If anyone deserves that council seat it is him. I can't take it away from him. I won't"

Her voice became quiet" I have fought those inner demons for loger than I care to remember. Inso far I have managed to keep them at bay. If I were to tell him the last barrier I have would be broken and they would devour me."

" What about DJ?"

She sniffled and reached for a tissue as we landed" Maybe.. I know I could trust her. But if Anakin picks up the thought off of her then... "

She didn't need to say anymore. I understood completly.

Turning she hugged me tightly and stood on her tiptoesfor a moment" Whatever happens out there. know I love you and I always will "

I pulled her close as I could not wanting to let her go" And I love you as well. Nothing will ever change that Phobia"

She smiled a little before giving me a quick kiss and then broke away" C'mon the faster we get Cin out of here faster we can get home"

We both hurried down the ramp and into the darkened hallway. We had to use the force to preventus from mkaing too much noise from bumping into the metal walls. Finally there was a light at the end of the tunnel , so to speak"Two forks, which goes where?"

I searched carefully. Either one would lead us to Cin but we needed to take out as many guards as possible.

" I'll take the left, you take the right. If things get out of hand., com me. I'll be there in an instant."

She nodded ,running down the right tunnel, clok flickering behind her like bats wings.
I disappeared down the left, using Fafnir's sight to guide me through the particularly dark places. I caught a contingient of guards and moved swiftly, knocking them over the head with an elbow strike each before using the force to lower them to the ground in a nice little neat pile and a sleep suggestion to make sure they didn't wake anytime soon.

I continued down the tunnel, urgency growing in my blood. We needed to get Cin and get out of here before things went to sith in a handbasket.

I met up with Phobia at a steel door at the end of the two tunnels. " He's behind here, how do we cut this door down without making too much noise?"
I took one look at the door and knew how to get inside" Stand back for a sec. I've got an idea."

I summoned up Fafnir's forepower and directed a jetstream of fire at the door, making the metal melt like mud.

As soon as it melted Phobia ran in and I folowed, saber allready drawn. The sense of danger I was recieving was strongest in this room.

Cin looked up at us" r-run it's a trap"

As I reached over to pull Phobia out of the way a door slammed behind us. A woman with red hair walked out of the shadows"Well.. well.. the final piece of the puzzle arrives. So glad you could join me Phobia.."

Phobia's saber was in her hands in a moment. I stood behind her and a little off to the right. Best not to draw any attnetion to myself unless I strictly had to.

" Zan Arbor.. I can't say it's a pleasure because it most certainly isn't"

A table lurched to a vertical position. no.. no... it couldn't be.. We had been playing into her hands all along god forgive us.. There was a corpse on the table. With startingly familiar black hair and pale white skin.

Us comming here wa part of the plan.

That's what Phobia meant.

The danger didn't come from Zan Arbor directly.

It came from Catia, who's new body was lying on the table before us


Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The end of all(final part)

I headed out the door and was preping the ship for take off whenever grandfather found me.

" The council had decided.. decided that since Anna is stepping down at the end of the month to tend to her son.. you'll be taking her place! Congratulations!"

I think my eyes nearly popped out of my head. on the council? Me? How much better could this day get?" I.. I don't know what to say.. except .. thank you.. but that seems so inadquete.. "

He laughed" the look on your face right now is thanks enough. I know how much you wanted this.. ,but you never did think on it much since you were a boy did you?"

I shook my head " No to be honest I never did. I just completed any task the council set before me to the best of my ability. Nothing more."

" well be proud.. be very proud.. " he pasued" I take it the Jedi have called you back?"

" Yes, the temple swordmaster Cin Dralling has been kidnapped. Phobia and I have been called back to help with the search."

" A good man Cin is.. Learned much from him I did whenever I was at the temple.. that was just after the incident wasn't it?"

The indicent he refers to is still rather painful for me to honestly speak of. But suffice to say without it I would've never met Phobia.

"yes.. it was before then.. about a year before.. I was 15"

He nodded gravely" When I return.. would you like me put flowers on the graves?"

" Yes.. I would like that very much grandfather" I stooped down and hugged him tightly. " Thank you.. "

When I stood I was the calm reserved Jedi again. " We need to get going.. May the force be with you grandfather, safe journey"

He waved" Sauli, Safe journey grandson."

We boarded the ship and departed from Ragoon 3, my mind still very much replayig the incident.. or how it had happened to me in my mind.

Phobia saw how down and out I was" Tired?" she asked comming back with a glass of muja juice in her hand

I shook my head taking the juice from her" no.. old memories"

Resting her chin on my shoulder she asked" Want to talk about it?"

" Not particularly.. I just want to forget.."

She nodded understandingly " I know how that is.. you say you wish to forget?"

I stood, putting the empty glass in the sink" more than anything"

She came close, perfume taunting me" then let me help you forget and give you my own special reward.. I'm all yours.. do what you like.."

I saw where she was going with this.. did I ever.. Suffice to say.. the rest of the trip.. I didn't have to think about all that much..

After making sure Belda got settled in at her room, we met with the council.

" Master Dralling dissapeared five days ago. We have sent out others who have either come back wounded or dead.Three knights and 5 padawans . the knights were sent off planet. All the padawans were seinor, near their trials. This we feel is the work of someone who the order has come into contact with before"

A holo popped up on screen " Jenna Zan Arbor, the same scientist who kidnapped Qui Gon Jinn some years prior for her sadistic expermients in the force"

I nodded mutely" Be careful and cautious. She was able to caupute Cin.. who knows what might be happening now.. All of the dead we found with ther blood drained from their bodies, every last drop."

We were dismissed and Phobia and I went to pack." We need to be espically careful on this one Godfrey. if she senses Tai or Mara.. She could try to hurt them.."

My throat twisted at the thought.

" You should stay"

" No! I'm going like it or not!"

There was no sense arguing with her.. compared to Belda Phobia can be the most sutbbroun person I've known.

" Then at least wear this" I handed her a black cape" It's specially designed to hide your force signature. It will also hide the children's too"

She took it as we headed out to the landing pad. I didn't care. I wanted this mission over and soon. If Jenna Zan Arbor tried to hurt my wife or my children, suffice to say it would be the last thing she would ever do.


Til Later

Monday, July 2, 2007

A small sidenote on this weeks competition over at LGS 2

Okay for those of you who read here on my blog, and might have been following I was recently on Last Gladiator Standing 2.One thing I learned while there is gungan princesses don't mix with consession stands.. Too long of a story to tell here..

But anyway before I get off track.

There were only 2 Jedi competing, and now one remains..

Yes everyone the one, the only DarkJediKriss is in the final 2 this week.
Anyone can send in their votes when it's time for judging, so go take a look. She's done a terrific job thus far. Let's see if we can help her get the gold?

Okay since I am no great shakes in HTML, follow the link on my blogroll to Jon the Intergalatic Gladiator's blog then scroll through his list until you find the link for Last Gladiator Standing 2.
Now is the time that everyone gets to have a say.. make sure you get a chance too..

( Now I KNOW I've been hanging around Peterelli for too long.. I'm starting to sound like .. a congressman.. LOL .. I guess I had it comming XD I say leave the speaking to those who know their trade..But in all honesty all of us put in a great effort k I'm rambling.. * is yanked away from keyboard*)

Friday, June 29, 2007

The end of all -Part 3

Belda looked very eager to go" Can I come too?"

I shook my head" Absouletly not. There's allready one Jedi master missing and two younglings. We're not chancing the risk of loosing you too."

" but I can fight!" she protested looking from me to Pho

" Who was the master who's missing?" Phobia asked me

" Master Mundi didn't say, but for Obi Wan to be out looking for her I have a guess. And besides, Cin was the temple swordmaster. I pratically learned most everything from sabers from him. If they were able to get him, we're going to have a nasty fight on our hands"

" But.. I have you and my master to protect me!"

Okay my patience was getting a tad thin here so I put it bluntly as i could without scaring her" We're going to be busy, very busy. We might not have time to talk or do anything even kinda fun. You don't want to be around 2 boring people do you?"

" You're not boring!"

" Belda you're not going so that's that and don't even use the whole prophecy bit on me because it's not going to work! You're staying at the temple for your own safety!" Phobia snapped, looking up from her duffel bag.

She glared at Phobia and stomped off to her room slamming the door.

Pho looked up at me " Think I was too harsh with her?"

I shook my head" Dear, she has to learn her place. If you say no then she's got to know you mean no. Period. and it's not like you're trying to exclude her or anything. It IS for her own safety."

She nodded" you're right.. and. .I'm very proud of you.. do you know that? You not only won the tourtament but you've proved what a great husband and father you are and are going to be"

I sat down next to her on the bed and wrapped an arm around her shoulders" how so?"

" Well you won the tourtament, and then when three wishes. .anything you could want. .and you use them for the good of others. Most wouldn't give it a second to wish for money, power and fame.. you know the whole bit"

I grinned" I have all I could ever dream of wanting , right here" I slid a hand onto her forehead" And here" my other hand came to rest on her stomach ." I have a beautiful, kind and loving wife and am going to be a father to two of the most wonderful children in this galaxy. What more could a man ask for?"

She laid her head on my shoulder" Everything and nothing."

" All I did was to make sure I am able to keep these three things to the best of my ability. I am not stupid. I know one day I will loose you. But I don't want it to be form something I could have prevented. That is why I believe the council forbade attachments, because most are not smart enough to realize that."

I looked at the crono." Come on.. We need to go get mis grump and get going.We're expected back before daybreak tomorrow"


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The End of all-part 2

(CTD from last post)

" There is a sith lord from an alternate timestream.. here he is known as Anakin sKywalker. He wil not become evil for sometime yet. Is there a way to stop him before it is too late?"
Valerious the elder nodded his head" There are a few diffrent ways. First.. show him the compassion he has not known through the Jedi, their's is one way of living, show him the compassion he knew from his mother, from those he knew BEFORE the Jedi"

His son Velkin spoke next "Then there is the matter of the sith lord.. He is closer than you think, Go to the 500 Repbulica, there is a place called The Works. there you will find evidence to lead you to your culprit."

Then finally his duaghter Anna spoke" If all else fails Godfrey you know what you must do. What BOTH of you must do. Search for the peaceful means first. Only then if you fail then should you result you the drastic."

I nodded my head" I thank you for this great gift. I am truly indebted to you"

The youngest of the council spoke up" and your final wish?"

I turned to Phobia who had her hand resting on my arm" What do you think ? "

She smiled up at me and squeezed my arm softly" Whatever you want Godfrey, I will not stop you from making your choice. My main concern is our future and the future of the order."

That's when the last wish came to me.

" My unborn daughter's future is clouded in strife and darkness. I humbly ask you to secure her future with the order and give her a good and happy life. For circumstances out of my control and my wife's.. It is possible we will not be there to help her"

I could see Anna crying and the same with Belda. if they could grant me this.. It is all I could ever ask, a happy life for my children.

"We cannot undo the events Phobia has forseen, not in their entirety. but your wish will be fufilled. Mara will have a happy and good life. She will return to the order one day and marry the son of the son of suns.The order will change and she will be happy with her new life. But beware Caedus, for as one stands on the brink now one will then and if he does turn, it will be family against family."

I bowed to the council before we were dismissed. As soon as we were back I quickly began packing up for our return to Coruscant. Belda stopped me with an outstretched hand. " You won the tourtament, shouldn't we be celebrating?" Phobia nodded in agreement" You're both right what am I doing?"

I scooped Belda off the floor and spun her around before doing the same to Phobia who squeeled like a child. Our celebration plans were cut short however when my com went off .A feeling of dred crept over me. Whatever news it was, it was bound to be not good.

" Godfrey we need you back here immeditly, the temple swordmaster has went missing as well as another Jedi and two other younglings. Master Kenobi is allready out searching for the one group. We need you and Phobia to go and look for the other."

I nearly dropped the com in suprise. Cin was missing?" I understand Master Mundi, we'll be back as soon as we are able."

I turned to Pho and Belda" I'm sorry but the celebration is off. We're needed back at the temple. Your master and I have another mission"

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The End of all- part 1

I rose the next morning and went to the gardens to meditate. I needed perfect, clear focus.

The early bell tolled and I headed to the ring. Khali was allready there waiting for me. We bowed and then he smiled "You be freind, no matter who win"

I grinned, " and you are my freind Khali. May the best man win."

We took our positions.

At the third tolling of the bell the fight began in earnest.

No matter what I did he was throwing me around like a rag doll.My head bounced off the stone floor like a ball.. Ouch I knew that was going to be killing me in the morning..

I could go into the direct details of the fight but it'd take a week. Suffice to say by the time the referee called for us to change to our animal forms, both of us were rather run through the ringer. Phobia I could see her running down the path, every cuss word she knew hanging on her breath.

I let Fafnir take over and the white panther appeared. His fangs latched onto my throat and Fafnir reared onto his hind legs, trying to shake him off his throat. Though we were in animal form we moved like quicksilver, striking and counterstriking.

This was one of the longest fights I had ever been in. I felt myself begining to tire whenever everything seemed to slow.

I saw a slight opening that I could take and I did.

Khali fell backwards, shifting back from his panther form. He was unconcious, which meant the fight was over.

I had won the Onkichi Budokai.

Cheers erupted through the crowd and all of a sudden, I turned and Phobia was at my side.

Fafnir retreated and she wrapped a robe around my shoulders. Upside about my uniform.. It's the only set of clothes that doesn't get destryoed whenever I change.

" You won Godfrey.. you won.." she was crying whenever I hugged her.I was estatic. I had won!.. I know a Jedi shouldn't be proud or anything. .but I had this dream since I was a young boy.. Someone cleared their throat behind me. It was grandfather with the high council.

" Godfrey you have done magnificantly, you have won the Onkichi Budokai. Name three things and if they are in our power they are yours."

Three things? I could think of one thing " My wife, she is a prisoner of a sith spirit.. Can you banish Catia from her?"

My grandfather smiled and turned to the members of the high council. Then he turned back to me a sorrowful look" We cannot do that, but there is something, tempt the panther with meat, she will come. create a new body for Catia ,she will leave you wife.We can give you what you need to begin"

I bowed" Thank you this means more to me than you know. I am eternally grateful"

" What else would you ask of us?"

I thought long and hard about this, I had pratically the world at my feet. The DaiShujo were the almost as powerful as the Jedi order.then it occured to me.. Vader...


Monday, June 18, 2007

Vacation- kinda

Pho and I areheading to the festival in town. The final match has been postponed for a few more days until they make an inquiry into White Cloud's death and the whole affair with Marasha. they gave me permission to go out during the whole thing.. So I'm taking advantage of it.

I'll get back to the fight once I return

Til Later

Friday, June 15, 2007

The eye of the storm

My vision flittered in and out for some time. The next thing I knew there was acold glass of juice being tipped down my throat. Pho was hovering over me, a worried frown on her face. I took the glass from her and sat upright drinking down the rest of it in a few swallows.

" you scared me to death Godfrey.. You were so pale "

Before she could say more I reached across and brushed a stray strand of hair from her eyes. " I'm fine.. I'm not that easy to kill, and no way would I let some stupid twit like Marasha get the better of me."

She frowned but nodded reluctently

" Speaking of, did she get away? What about you? Are you okay?"

My eyes ran over her worriedly, looking for any outward signs of injury to her or the twins. I didn't care about winning here if it meant her health or any danger to my children.

" I'm fine, so are the children. Marasha got away however.Xanatos is dead. For good this time."

I let out a breath I didn't know I had been holding" okay, now why don't we get some rest? you look beat"

She laughed looping her arm through mine " me? beat? you look like a wreck"

That had been four hours ago.

Now I stood in the ring facing Lantos. So it had come down to this had it? The fight had started and I had kept my eyes on Lantos the whole time. If there was one rule I always followed it was never to take your eyes off your opponent.

That was until I heard the sound of cracking stone. I turned around, getting a kick in the head from Lantos for my lack of concentration.I saw Belda falling and I was just about to shift into Fafnir whenever she changed.. Good lord.. please don't let this ruin everything..

I turned back to Lantos, wanting to finish this as fast as I could. Phobia touched the ground next to the ring and Belda slid off her back running to the ring's edge.I knew Belda wanted to help me but this was my fight to win , not her's no matter how good her intentions may be.

My heart leapt into my throat, the next opponent one of us would face was there, Khali.. He and Phobia were speaking. .I wanted to yell for her to get away from him before she got hurt. .but he seemed.. genuine in his kindness.

I saw Lantos preparing to use his finishing signature move, The Golden punch gunner. My hands moved almost of their own accord. This would end now. This technique had been passed down through my mother's side of the family. The rock crusher or" Seki Ha Tien Kyo ken"

The whole arena exploded in light at once.

Lantos and I attacked at the same time and there was something else happening.

I blasted Lantos back and the fight was over. I turned to see a familiar figure before me.. What the hells...?

How in the world.. Aiashka?

I ran to Belda who was watching this , one sided brawl with wide eyes.

" What happened?" I asked herm watching this crazyniess.

" She changed.. into.. that.. she's angry.. so angry.. what's wrong with her?"

I shook my head" I don't honestly know Belda, but her concentration.. it's scary.."

Just then Khali shifted into his animal form of a white panther. A burst of pain erupted across my temples. She changed back and fell. That all happened in a span of a few seconds.

I carried her up to our room and took a seat in the chair by her side. Eventually she woke

" That was a nasty fall you took there" I said, dabbing her forehead with a cold cloth.

" how long have I been out for?"

" Most of the day. It's just me and Khali tomorrow. And the high council will be watching the fight, but for now rest."

She leaned back against the pillows, sighing softly . I shrugged out of my jacket and shoes and laid down next to her. Her hands rested on my shoulders. " Just stay safe.. please" she whispered

I nodded" Of course, anything for you, we'll be home by tomorrow night. I promise"

It was like that we fell into a light sleep, my mind allready on tomorrow's fight.

Until Later

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Rage of the Dragon

The bell rang . White Cloud and I entered the center of the ring and bowed to each other.I dropped back into a reverse sidestance, one hand out palm facing towards him. He took his usual, three quater Okinawan backstance.

Everything else fell away, I saw no one or anything except for White Cloud. We cricled for a few moments,testing, probing for an opening or weakness. .He moved first striking for my collarbone. I brought my right hand up and twisted, knocking his strike aside , moving for his heart.

He blocked I countered.

The roar of the crowds was the only thing I could hear ..We moved in perfect synchronicitious balance, back and forth over the cold stone floor. Time ticked away slowly but I didn't pay it a mind.

I knew White Cloud's weakness.

I had to stay on the defensive and wear him down. then move in for the kill .

He was wearing down slowly, movments becoming more sluggish. Green eyes normally bright were begining to dull with fatigue.I saw my shot and moved inwards . My right hand came up into a backfist and connected with the side of his head, then a roundhouse kick to the other side.Just as I was comming for the elbow.. I felt it..

Darkside energy.

My eyes darted around the arena searching for the source, to turn up nothing. Then I saw her.

She had followed us all the way out here, and now had White Cloud in her sway.

Things had just suddenly gotten a lot more complicated.

I chanced a glance to the balcony, Phobia and Belda were both on their feet. Pho bristling in anger. I shook my head. this was my fight.. I would finish her, finish this and win it.

As the ref signaled for weapons, White Cloud pulled a Balith sword. I reached for my double blade. The tang of ozone hit my nose and I backflipped over Cloud's head , landing behind him., saber at the ready. The wooden part in the middle of the Balith sword fell to pieces. He tossed it aside aside growling and power began to rise.

I didn't want to kill him,I honestly didn't.. But he was leaving me no choice.

This was not the real White Cloud.. The man I knew would've never done this.. Become evil..
I let Fafnir take over.. I couldn't see his eyes when he died.. So full of hate.. and saddness.. It was too much for me to take.. Fire.. fire burned all around us.. One stroke with my blade.. it was over..

White Cloud was dead.

The scales wilted and I was normal.. No I can't say I was normal.. I had just been forced to kill one of my best freinds.. All thanks to a little twisted brat.

I was angry.. past angry, past furious.. I was.. .. insane with rage.. I only remember one other time I felt like this.. When I found Iout I had been too late to save Ariel..But that's another story.

I wanted her blood on my hands.. I would be content with nothing less.

I jumped out of the ring intending to do just that whenever all of a sudden Phobia was there, holding me back.

" Let me go! I want her dead!"Her arms were wrapped around me, locking my hands at my sides like vices

" Godfrey for goodness sake listen to yourself! your angry! Your hurt and understandably so! but if you strike her down now you'll become something you can't live with! you'll be like her!"

I stil struggled, but I was begining to see through the red fog that tained my senses .

" you know I'm right love.. Listen to me.. listen to my voice.. you have to stop now.. beofre it's too late.. you have to.. for your children.. for me.. "

Red turned to blue.. my normal color.. I was overheated from my long hours in the sun.. She was deliciously cool against me, helping me up into the balcony to rest.

I needed to rest.. My task was not done.. it was only just begining.
Until Later

Monday, June 4, 2007

Rolling Thunder,clash of the DaiShujo

I rose early, heading into the garden to meditate. that's when grandfather found me.He sat down and together we meditated for about an hour before he spoke.

" I managed to sway the elders in her favor, but you must take great caution. if anyone sees the mark on her back all I have done can fall through easily"

I rose and headed back into our rooms to dress. The preliminaries would start soon. As soon as I had my uniformon, Iwoke Phobia" Love? come on.. it's time" She rose sleepily eyes blurry and voice husky with sleep" mmh allready?" Gods she is so sexy. " No time for games this morning dove.. You need to get dressed.. Here."

I handed her an oriental kimono which would service her well in the heat" Come.. you need to dress, there isn't much time. I'll wake Belda"
I headed over to the connecting room and woke Belda, telling her to dress lightly. Once that was done I went backto get my bag and see if Pho was ready.. She nearly took my breath away.

The kimono made her look like a goddess, hair hanging to her waist, soft smile.. okay I'm getting ahead of myself.. it looked more like a dress though now that I think of it..

We headed down to the arena, in silence. Belda was looking back and forth between the two of us. A shiver crept up my spine.. At last I was going to have my chance.. I pointed to the stairs which lead up to the high box where she could watch with my grandfather.

Then setting my things down I began warming up.. The preliminaries were basically an all out streetfight, last 10 standing move on to the tourtament.

The whistle blew and over 70 people poured into the ring. My heart was pounding madly against my ribcage. . The whistle blew again and everyone moved as one.

Bodies were flying and I ducked more than one arm seeking to take me out. Lantos and I ended up back to back in the middle of the ring. It was automatic, kick, punch, shove, spin.. whatever threw them from the ring..

Then... then he came..

Like a wave of destruction he began his trek towards us.. Men and women went flying in every direction. Lantos tensed behind me, and the last cluster of us in the ring were all that were left.

Just as Khali turned his eyes towards me, the whislte blew signagling the end of the preliminaries.

The remaining ones standing were, myself, Lantos, Khali, White Cloud, Morkos, Xule, Jeracob, and three others whom I had never met before.

The screen blinked and the matches were set.
My first opponent? White Cloud.
Until Later

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Decenshion amongst freinds

The ship touches down about three hours after our inital departure.. It seemed like such a longer trip when I was younger.Phobia turns to me, hands on her hips" Will you actually tell us where we are now?" I could tell she was a trifle annoyed at me making her wait. Well she always got impatient when she was made to wait..

Before I could answer Belda was hopping up and down in her excitement" We're on Ragoon 3 master!" she's pointing out the window, eyes shining brightly.I knew Pho had always wanted to come here, but never gotten the chance..

The best shopping bazar in the sector, with some of the best music too. My eyes were darting around the crowds looking for old freinds.. I knew Lantos had to be here.. before we parted company last we had talked endlessly of how we would to to the finals of the tourtament and give everyone the best show they had ever seen..

We headed down the gangplank of the ship and slid into the crowd. Familiar sights and smells were comming back to me. The Calabaranie sauce cooking in a nearby stall.. Phobia's eyes were gleaming.. They had been a favroite treat of her childhood.. I saw Belda looking at the sweet stand at one particularly huge lollipop hanging by it's stick from the sign.

I looked over at Pho and then I turned to Belda" Come with me.. there's something you need to see.." Taking her hand I guided her over to the sweet stand and after paying the older woman who ran the kiosk Belda was grinning like the sun as I handed her her prize" Here, just for you"

She looked up at me questioningly" but.. why?"

Ah.. I see" Because, today is a very special day.. and because every young lady should have some sweets sometime in their life" She seemed tired from all the walking so I offered her a ride on my back which she readily accepted.

When we returned to Phobia she nearly started laughing but whenever I pulled out the Calabaranie out of my pocket she quieted down immeditly.. Amazing how women can be bribed with sugar, doesn't matter what age...

We continued up towards the Gekiochamariu palace, the sun beaming down on us.. Maybe the heavier robes wern't such a good choice after all.. We're halfway up the hill whenever a familiar face pops out of the muggy air.
" Lantos!" I ra ahead of Belda and Phobia and embracedmy longtime freind. He hasn't changed all that much, short black hair, green eyes and a tanned frame. He lives clear out on Tatooine, the trip from there takes close to a week.

Turning after some short banter, I intruduce him to Phobia and Belda.As to how I intruduced Belda, Pho seemed a little caught off guard but she didn't mind it

Walking ahead, one arm draped around Lantos' shoulders we begin talking about the tourtament in earnest.

"Did you see that monster Khali? He must be at least over 9 feet, pure muscle"

" No I didn't.. Did you hear when the prelims are going to start?"

"Tomorrow at dawn, it lasts all day"

" Can you believe it? we finally get our chance!"

The two of us had dreamed of this since we were children. We grew up watching people like my grandfather fight in the Onkichi. One day we both made a promise we would be in that ring..

And soon that pact was about to be fufilled.

I stopped and turned around, Phobia and Belda had fallen behind. I saw Pho motion for us to go on ahead. Lantos and I walked ahead, talking like teenagers again.

" How are the others?Man I sure do miss White Cloud and Morosk"

"Why don't you ask them yourself?" Lantos pointed ahead and there stood the group we had trained with.. All of my old freinds. We were all equally excited to be compeating.Hurried greetings were exchanged . Whenever Phobia arrived with us White Cloud eyed her up and down, slowly.

" Who's this lovely flower?" He bowed and kissed her hand" My name is White Cloud milady.. What brings you to the Onkichi Budokai?"

I wrapped an arm around her, pulling her close, Fafnir growling angrily.. " This is my wife White Cloud. " I told him shortly.

Ever the charming lady she smiled gently" My name is Phobia Deimos, I'm quite pleased to meet you White Cloud.. Godfrey has told me much about you.. We've been married almost 3 months at the end of this month." She raised her left hand which held her wedding ring.
White Cloud got the message, he backed off in a hurry.

We got inside the palace and got ourselves settled. Then Phobia asked me" When can we find your grandfather?.. This thing on my back.. it's sore.. I think it's starting to heal finally "
I finished unpacking what I needed to and laid out my uniform on the table.

Starch white with my black belt , the insigna of the DaiShujo embroidered on the back." As soon as we get something to eat.. now go to sleep.. there's a few things I need to take care of.. Belda will be here if you need anything"

As soon as she fell asleep I left for a few minutes but not before telling Belda" If White Cloud comes looking for me here, do not answer the door." Something was off with White Cloud.. I needed to speak with grandfather anyway.. I was worried White Cloud had turned to the yang side of the Daishujo.. if he had.. a crucial member would be lost.

On our way back to my room, my grandfather and I conversed in rapid Corellian about the disturbing events of the afternoon. I had a present tucked under my arm for Phobia. A long white box which inside held a brand new blue dress, sleeveless with a cascading train. When I entered I saw she was still asleep so we went to the sitting room where grnadfather began answering the many questions Belda had about the DaiShujo and the tourtament.

When I told him about the mark his brow furrowed" She might have to fight.. "
WHAT?" No that's out of the question! she is in no condition to fight! She's only ever changed once and besides she's pregnant! I won't hear of it!"

He patted my arm gently" Godfrey I do not want her to fight either but if the mark as is you say it is, then there might be no choice.. Espically if she carries the spirit of the Phoenix maiden.the best thing I can say is to make her stay here.. Though I do realize easier said than done"
This was maddening.. and completly insane" No. .I don't want her left here either. it's too dangerous. White Cloud.. I don't want her around him.. "

" but"

"NO! She will not be around White Cloud! " I lowered my voice before I continued" Listen, she was almost .. she was nearly slain beyond help before and I will NOT let it happen again!" My fist flew through the table in my anger. Black scales covered my arms, hands shifting into Fafnir's claws.. I was loosing control and fast.

Grandfather stood up" I understand.. I will personally make sure White Cloud comes no where near her. If he has turned then this will be his only tourtament.. " The edge in his voice was unmistakable.

If White Cloud turned, he was to be killed.

I went into the other room, my spirit soothed and Fafnir calmed as I watched Phobia sleep. . She had changed into lighter tunics, almost sheer. Tease.She was turned on her stomach, mouth open slightly as she slept, lost in a dream.. A good one I prayed.Grandfather saw the mark and motioned for me to come with him. Out in the sitting room he said to me" Be careful and cautious. If anyone else sees that makr , she will have to fight. She is the neutral energy"

He left saying no more but I didn't need to hear more. I understood. if one fell from the light, she must step up to take their place. If one fell into the light from the dark she must take their place.I slipped off my shoes and cradled her close, using the force to soothe her dreams and heal her wound. Tomorrow would be a hard day.. Possibly for both of us.


Until Later

Sunday, May 27, 2007

13 years later, here I stand

(NOTe: Going to be out of town Tuesday .. If this seems a little long, that's why)

Focus total and complete. The bo staff tiwrls in my hands, my movements are fluid and easy. Then like a lightning strike across my senses, I feel her pain.

The vision erputs across my senses as well. It makes my knees shake in agony.My daughter taken before my eyes and being helpless to do a thing.. That is the closest thing to terror I have ever felt.As soon as I could move I was at her side, cradling her, holding her while she wept..

The visions come almost daily now, she can find no peace.

She was struggling against me, gasping her skin was on fire. Her nails clawed at her tunics desprete to get them off. When she finally did, my breath came in a low gasp. Straight down her back there was an intricate symbol, tribal..

The smell of burned flesh hung in the room. The design had been burned into her skin, hence her pain. She was asking me what was wrong.. I carefully led her to a miror. She was shocked and slightly scared but she found her voice to speak ." what .. what is it?"

I frowned.. I knew what it was supposed to be.. I have a smiliar mark on my right outer thigh though it is faded by now. "Normally this would be a mark of maturity in your spirit animal, but it is never this bad and it isn't supposed to be this deep"

She pulled her tunics back into place, hissing in pain as the cotton fibers touched her injured skin " is there anyone else who would know more about it?"
I paused, unsure.. I had been meaning to ask her about this but I was afraid she would say no, that she didn't want me going.. I would respect her wishes if she answered the negative.. But I had been hoping for this for months.. I couldn't not ask her now

" The Onkichi Budokai will begin within a few days.. I've been wanting to go.. It's a tourtament strictly open for the DaiShujo.. There might be people there who could explain this better than I could.. My grandfather is supposed to be there as well.. I was hoping to be able to go but I didn't want to upset you.." I looked away, not wanting to see the hurt that I was sure that was in her eyes.

" Of course! Godfrey you should compete! Will I at least be allowed to watch?"

My spirits soared whenever she said yes. I had been to young to compete at the last Onkichi Budokai.. I had only been ten at that point. The tourtament is held for the Daishujo warriors every 13 years. My mind slowed enough to answer her question

" Since you're in the family .. They'll let you in. We can always bring Belda as well.. Your niece.."
She nodded, the matter settled in her eyes " So it's settled.. You'll compete in the Onkichi Budokai and we can find out more about this.. thing.."

Her boundless neergy never ceases to amaze me, not to mention her willingness to go to new places on the spur of the moment.Well if I was going to compete I would need to train...

For the next two days I pratically sequestered myself in one of the older training rooms.I trained almost nonstop, only stopping when my body couldn't move anymore.Phobia brought me food so I didn't forget to eat whilst in the middle of my training.I have the feeling now that she thinks I'm as stubbroun as she is.

" Look I brought you down a perfectly good hot meal.. Now will you sit down and eat?"

" Just let me finish this kata and run acouple more techniques, then I'll eat."

" HA I know you, now sit down and eat.. Don't make me knock you off your feet"

" You do that everyday dear, now just have some patience" Punch, sidethrust kick, ridgehand, spinning back kick, reverse punch, inside form block popkick.

She walked over and right when I was comming off the spinning back, she uses a sweap on me and knocks me flat on my rear. She grabs the plate and pins me to the floor, dangling the food in front of my nose" Now are you going to eat?" Damn is she persuasive.

The third day I finally had to return to the apartment. I had pushed myself clear out of my normal bonds and into something I didn't even clearly comprehend. Belda was in class and Pho was out. So I did the only reasonable thing any dead tired man would do. I kicked my shoes off and dropped onto the couch where I promptly fell asleep.

I gradually started to wake to her soft voice reading.. She trailed off as she reached on part in her story the book fell open in her lap and she fell asleep. I pushed myself up on my hands , noting the blanket she had draped over me and got to my feet.

Picking her up I carried her to our room and put her to bed, moving a strand of hair away from her face where it had fallen.
While she slept I began to pack, telling Belda to do the same but to make sure she didn't wake her master til we were through. I packd my bo, kamas, sais, tonfas and my uniform along with a few changes of clothes and a few datapads as well as my Jedi robes.

When Pho woke she packed quickly only needing one small duffel bag. Lisette would be fine for a few days where we were going. The tourtament was going to be held on Ragoon 3 but I didn't tell them this as I set the coordinates. I didn't want Pho having to run off on a mission so soon after this mess with Marasha.

" What's the.. O..onki..Onkichi Budokai Master Godfrey?" Belda asked me with a puzzled look.
Smiling I had her come sit with me and I told her the story Pho had heard from me seemingly hundreds of times.

Time faded away as I told her about the council of seven, the decenshion, and the phoenix and the dragon as well as the pact.I could feel Phobia watching us, smiling. She was content, at peace for once. I was happy it was this easy.. This peaceful.. I was no fool .. I knew such moments could not last but I would treasure every second of those moments we DID have.

Until Later

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Discoveries and some pampring

Phobia was deathly sick on the way back to Coruscant.. After our holochess game I sat with Phobia, changing cold rags, tending to her.. Her fever rose to 107 degrees and it would have kept climbing if I had not used the liquid nitrogen water to cool her down. The children were allright.

They are tougher than anyone thinks.

She woke her fever gone on our fourth day in space. I was never so glad to see her awake. " By the gods you scared me to death" I whispered taking her in my arms , hugging her tightly. For three days she had hovered at death's door seemingly, and I was powerless to do a thing.

" Please please don't scare me like that again. I.. I thought I was going to loose you love"I pulled back far enough to kiss her over and over.. She was so sweet so kind.. I was hopelessly in love and I didn't care..Ever since I had seen her that first day in the archives.. She was looking for a book I think about Mayan pyrmids.. The moment I set eyes on her.. I was totally and completly lost.

But I stray from my story.

Her hands were roaming my back restlessly, gripping my shirt.. The cloth was begining to pull upwards over my skin.. I couldn't deny I wanted this, but she wasn't ready .. Not to mention that Belda was right in the next room. Which I reminded her of immeditly.

She agreed then asked me how long before we landed. there was something I hdn't told her. We had already landed. She hadn't woken she was so tired.. She still looked ill so I kept her on board until she was ready to leave.

Not an hour ago I had spoken with Yoda.. the two gilrs who had went missing Debakk and Harroka.. They had turned up in the temple hallway.. dead.. The healers had done a fine job of patching them back together. Yoda asked that as soon as Phobia was well enough she come to the white room as well.

I helped her to her feet and we made our way to Yoda. I clutched her arm tightly as the ancient master explained what had happened.When he removed the cloths from the small bodies Phobia's knees buckled. On their faces as the mark of Offworld.. it made no sense.. She had killed Xanatos on Telos.. Now this?

I left her to her grief for a few moments before I helped her to her feet and got her back to our apartment.When she explained to Belda what had happened I was as helpless as I had ever felt.. I didn't know what I could say or do to help ease their pain.

Eventually Belda cried herself to sleep in Phobia's arms. Together we put her to bed then I helped Phobia into bed as well. While she slept I poured over books on books, trying to find any other way to stop Catia at the root. Hours turned into days and words ran together.. the second day came and I gave up..

I couldn't keep this pace. I was too worried about Pho, about Belda; to be able to do anything of real use for the moment.. Besides that.. I was tired.. I needed sleep.

I ended up falling asleep in the chair next to Pho's bed. It only seemed like a few minutes before I was awake again, the reason.. She was.. She had been combing her fingers through my hair.

" How long have I slept for?"

" Three days.. Belda has been worried about you when you didn't wake up the next morning.. You had me worried too"

Early morning came to find Pho yelling at Koenma on her com device..Then she took Belda to the gym and drilled her almost all day on her saber lessons. I watched over them both . I was on the other end of the gym, training as well.

More than once Pho's eyes wandered... She and Belda are good for each other because anytime Belda caught Pho not concentrating she would make a big deal of it, which would result in her fast getting on task.

We were cleaning up after dinner that night whenever an idea came to me.Pho was finishing up the dishes when I snuck up behind her, breaking her from her worrysome train of thought.

" you're worrying again.."

" If I don't worry who will?"

She turned in my arms and wrapped both arms around me, leaning back against the sink.

" mmmh.. you're tense too.. too tense.. I'll have to do something about this"

" Let me just check to make sure Belda is asleep.. Green tea after dinner almost always puts her out like a light, and she gets a peaceful night's sleep"

I nodded " Okay.. but don't take too long, I'll be waiting " I dried my hands on the towel and went into our room closing the door.

When the door opened again and she entered, her head spun around taking in my arrangements. I had spread about every pillow I could find on the bed, and lit some candles. She looked at me curiously and I handed her a terrycloth robe" You need to be pampered .. let me.. " She dissapeared into the fresher while flipped on her favroite song" Once in a Million years" she sang this at our wedding.. I wish Anakin could've heard her, she sang beautifully.

When she returned she stretched out on the bed and I sat down next to her, pulling the robe off her upper back with one hand, reaching for the bottle of Hycantih oil over on the nightstand. She was purring like a cat while I rubbed away the tenshion . I had only gotten a little of the way before the tables had turned on me.. Needless to say it was an intresting evening..

Later when the moon was high overhead in the city we were lying in bed, no words exchanged between us. there's times we don't need to talk to know how the other feels. Right now, she's content..and very relaxed. .. She treasures these private moments like I do, knowing they come oft anfd few between. No doubt tomorrow will bring another host of problems but for now, heaven is where she is.. And she is here with me.

Until Later

Monday, May 21, 2007

Phoenix rising pt 2

Atris stepped from her hiding place.Phobia sprang back, saber at the ready. I drew mine as well, The tang of ozone snapped through the air as I eyed her wairily.

" Ready to fight are you? But your opponent is not ready yet.. I have my mistress' orders.. No one fights you.. except for the one who rests within."

I could feel the phoenix's fires burning brightly, anger fuel to the fire." Oh yes, wear yourself out.. it will be so poetic.. the sognbird killed by the raven.."

Atris' taunts did not go on for much logner however whenever purifying fire burst from her palms and engulfed Atris, destroying her utterly.

Phobia had almost totally gone insane with her drive to bring Marasha down. The phoenix would appear this time.. I was certain.. But I worried if she could withstand the strain..

Meaningless words were exchanged between the two then as though she was a perfectly balanced fighting driod she went after Marasha, her focus narrowed, anger burning hotly. She didn't tap her anger like Aakin does, not usually.. This time she was fed up, she was backed into a corner.. She was mad.

I shouted for her to stop.. Her body could not stand the strain for too long.. If she changed now..

She could kill herself.

She continued heedless of her own body, heedless of the danger she placed herself in. Then darkness flooded the hill and he appeared.

Xanatos and Phobia circled each other, like two tigers in the arena. Hate and evil were like a suffocating wave over everyone present and I shielded Belda behind me. " Stay close.. she has to do this on her own.. No one else.. "

Rage,pure ,hot rage flowed like lava through her.I could see her morphing.. feathers blossoming on her arms and back, whole body changing.. Tai and Mara were shielded from the fire behind one of her tighest force shields she had ever constrcted. She went after Xanatos, ripping him apart, burning him in her rage.As he burned she changed back, sleeves singed away from her tunics, arms bare.

She turned on Marasha and Hoth" you both want me? come get me you bastards.. I'll kill you both"

Saber and whip raised the three of them battled fiercely until the tide turned.. Hoth stepped left when he should have stepped right.His head went flying off his shoulders hitting the maulesum wall.

Marasha and she locked eyes. " I have my orders.. your evil ends here"Sweat poured down her face and body,her arms shaking. I knew this look.. She didn't have much left.. I needed to step in

" Rest.. You won't be able to stand for much longer now after your first change.. She's mine"
As soon as I stepped up to take her place, the strain overwashed her and she passed out. That was it, this was going to end NOW.

" Tap your true power Marasha.. I know it's there"

I shifted into my full dragon form, power burning like fuel. I had learned to work with my spirit animal when I was still very young. Marasha didn't have that advantage.
Belda drew back in fear but I turned my head to her, shielding them both with my wings" Belda I won't hurt you.. keep your master safe"

Marasha shifted into her dragon form as well, much smaller but she was must faster than I was for the moment. I was more familiar with my form than she was her's. I brought my foot down to pin her then she filtered through my talons like smoke. At her dissapearance the power slid away and I fell into the bushes. " Belda, bring me the bag by your master" I called, staying hidden. One downside of my dragon form.. I ruin more clothes that way than I do in any ordinary fight.

Once I got changed I went to Phobia and tapped he face until she woke." Oh.. what.. what happened?" she was so confused as she leaned into me. " She's gone.. I almost had her.. Pho I'm so sorry.. " I was.. if I had been a second faster , Marasha's innards would've been splattered from here to Ragoon. She shook her head smiling tiredly " It's ok.. We just need to get home.. "

For all her bluster and voiced opinions to the contrary Phobia couldn't walk on her own,. I carried her back down to the ship without a word though she fought me tooth and nail on it. When we were almost there she fell asleep against me and I pressed afinger to my lips indicating Belda should be as quiet as possible.

Once Phobia was sleeping comfortably I pulled out the holochess board. I set the coordinates for Coruscant and puled up a chair" While your master is asleep.. How about I teach you how to play holochess?"

She nodded eagerly, and we pased our time like that until we reached Coruscant.. We would need any stomach we had.. Espically for the sight we encountered when we reached home..


Until Later