Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A fall and a rise

I had spoken to Cin and explained he needed to stay in bed until we reached Coruscant and got to the healers.At least that way he wouldn't be wandering around and possibly walk in on something he shouldn't have been.

With that problem out of the way I went to check on Pho and bring her a sandwich and something to drink.When I came into the room i could hear her retching into the toilet. I set down the tray and hurried over, hoping she wasn't as sick as she sounded

She came stumbling out and pratically ran nose to chest with me" Morning sickness again?" I asked her leading her back to bed. She nodded" Yes..." she stumbled a bit . I caught her by the shoulders right before both of us were flung high almost to the ceiling.

A moment later I was sprawled ungraciously on my backside staring up at her. Not that I'm complaining. The view was utterly decadant." Godfrey can you let me down?" she asks me from where she was still dangeling.

The current situation not to mention her weakened force signature jerked me out of my wandering thoughts. I tried, pulling on the force. She remained utterly stuck. " Pho.. this.. this isn't me.. this is your own power.. ".I stared up in awe as I managed to get myself off the floor and sat on the bed.

She gave a little tug and she landed with a thunk on the floor. She scrambled to her feet, eyes wide and frigthened.

" What is going on?" her voice trembled in fright. I stood and slipped behind her hands resting on her shoulders." Unless I miss my guess. this is your body getting reacquainted with the power that was stolen from you years ago Pho.. This is how powerful you SHOULD have been from the begining"

Her eyes grew as big as saucers . But then she began testing her own powers.I stepped away to give her room.

Things seemed okay until a lightning strike of pain echoed acorss my mind. I reached for her as she crompled to the ground.

For a moment she could see right through me, see Fafnir as he rested in my very soul. I helped her back to bed and placed an ice cold cloth on her head. She needed to bring her power under control before she reached Coruscant. I took her hand in mine.

Just how much had her power grown by?


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Escaping the spider -part 2

I stood there, shocked, fear vibrating through every bone in my body.

Phobia took a step towards Jenna. Was she mad? It had to be a trap!

" All I want is Catia's soul. I will even let you take that useless Jedi Dralling out with you. Give me the soul of the emperess and you are free to go."

Was it really that simple?

It couldn't be THAT simple

She tried to reach out to me ,but my mind was flying with a million questions. Fat load of help I was.

Phobia's next words gave me strength. Gave me hope for everything and everyone " If you can get her out without hurting me fatally, get. her. out."

I held my breath for several minutes as Zan Arbor attached a blood pressure cuff like thing to Phobia's arm. Pho seemed to pale for a minute and I saw why. The cuff was lined with long and very thick needles.I moved to stop Zan Arbor but she shook her head "I'm so sorry it has to hurt this much" Jenna said , tears in her eyes.

Phobia's body shuddered and shook viloently. I ran forward to catch her as she fell forward to the ground, blood dripping onto the floor.Phobia's power was returning, trifold. Pure white , unbridled ferocious power poured into her, filling her and getting rid of any poison within her.It was so bright

I was nearly blinded but I managed to get her to her feet. I tore my shirt sleeve and used it to wrap around her bleeding arm.

"Her soul and body are one now. you are free." Zan Arbor said ,looking back at the corpse begining to move and back to Pho.

I ran over and unhooked Cin. If Catia was alive and well we needed to leave and NOW.

" I learned much from one man years ago, he told me of you and your plight. I know my evil deeds will not go unpunished. Leave me here.. she will kill me the moment she wakes. Go quickly. I will hold her off for as long as I can"

So Zan Arbor was willing to sacrifice her life to save us. So maybe she wasn't as bad as I had thought.I pulled Phobia away and with her help we managed to get Cin back to the ship.

While Phobia got us into the air I got Cin back to a cot.He was pale and cold. Nearly dead."Pho! He needs a blood trransfusion ! Now!" I hurried to get the machienes ready. If he didn't get the blood now he would not make it to the healer's on Coruscant.

She yanked the needle out of my hand as I preped Cin's arm and injected the needle. Blood flowed through the tube between the two of them until Cin started to regain his color.Phobia got paler and paler until I removed the needle and caught her in my arms as she slumped over.

Even as I lifted her off her feet and brought her to a spare room , she asked" Cin.. s he gonna be okay?"

I nodded" He'll be fine, thanks to you."

I settled her into bed and began pulling the covers up to her chin when she stopped me.. " what bout the twins.. can't befound out.."

I called the black cloak I had given her to my hand with the force. "Sleep now, you need your rest. I'll bring some hot coffee soon"

She was alseep before I had finished speaking, trembling from the cold.

I made sure to turn the heat up in the room before I left. I went to the kitchen and washed my face with cold water before preparing the coffee for all three of us. I ws tired, terribly tired. But now maybe We could begin to gain some measure of peace.


Friday, July 6, 2007

Escaping the Spider part 1

I thought I could relax after the tourtament.. Maybe do some work in the archives, get to stay around the temple for a while.. Ha, that was a joke.
That was one of the thoughts runing through my head as I steered the ship into the Chromell sector. But, seeing a quick glimpse of Pho wandering over to our room wrapped in a warm towel from her shower, I was begining to rethink that earlier statement.. Maybe time away from the temple was a good thing after all.

We arrived planetside, back on Naboo. I wasn't about to alert Queen Jamilla to our presence, lest Pho end up angrier than she did the first time.We found Zan Arbor's ship hovering over the royal palace in Theed. Thankfully things went better than I had first anticipated. After some quick questioning of the guards we found out there was a station under construction on the Sea of Veruna.

A place of dead space, it would be a perfect place for Zan Arbor to hide.

On our approach to the station Phobia came up behind me and wrapped her arms around me.

"Godfrey, I'm scared" she said in just a bare whisper.

I tunred the chair around and pulled her onto my lap, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. " Why sweetheart?"

" I think this is a trap.. I can't explain why but I feel we are both in grave danger.. "

I reached out to turn the ship around. Maybe going to the Sea of Veruna wasn't such a good idea after all. Her small hand rested on mine, stopping me.

" But as scared as I am, we have to rescue Cin. He saved me when I needed him the most. I can't abandon him now."

Her voice quavered but there was a glint in her eyes that told me even if she was bleeding to death she would save a freind rather than herself first.

I continued our descent into Zan Arbor's station which I later found out was called The Widow . " when this mission is over, tell you what. I think we should go shopping for the twins."

Her eyes lit up and for a moment she was able to forget the fear and danger lying ahead of her" Really?"

"Yes really. but don't you think we ought to tell someone about Tai and Mara?"

" Who did you have in mind dear?"

" I was thinking maybe Obi Wan or Adana.I wouldn't want you telling Anakin unless you felt it nesscary"

At the mention of Obi Wan knowing about the children she began to tremble and shake in my arms, crying softly" I can't tell hi.. anyone else.. but not him.. I just can't"

"Why not darling? He's one of your closest freinds!"

She turned to me, eyes red and blotchy " Look, if he knows then that will show once and for all that I am a failure and utterly worthless. I have grown up listening to his wisdom, his teachings.

This would be a thumb to the eye of everything he has taught me! And besides if he knew about us he would be obligated to turn us over to thecouncil. If we tell him his position on the council could be put in jepoardy. If anyone deserves that council seat it is him. I can't take it away from him. I won't"

Her voice became quiet" I have fought those inner demons for loger than I care to remember. Inso far I have managed to keep them at bay. If I were to tell him the last barrier I have would be broken and they would devour me."

" What about DJ?"

She sniffled and reached for a tissue as we landed" Maybe.. I know I could trust her. But if Anakin picks up the thought off of her then... "

She didn't need to say anymore. I understood completly.

Turning she hugged me tightly and stood on her tiptoesfor a moment" Whatever happens out there. know I love you and I always will "

I pulled her close as I could not wanting to let her go" And I love you as well. Nothing will ever change that Phobia"

She smiled a little before giving me a quick kiss and then broke away" C'mon the faster we get Cin out of here faster we can get home"

We both hurried down the ramp and into the darkened hallway. We had to use the force to preventus from mkaing too much noise from bumping into the metal walls. Finally there was a light at the end of the tunnel , so to speak"Two forks, which goes where?"

I searched carefully. Either one would lead us to Cin but we needed to take out as many guards as possible.

" I'll take the left, you take the right. If things get out of hand., com me. I'll be there in an instant."

She nodded ,running down the right tunnel, clok flickering behind her like bats wings.
I disappeared down the left, using Fafnir's sight to guide me through the particularly dark places. I caught a contingient of guards and moved swiftly, knocking them over the head with an elbow strike each before using the force to lower them to the ground in a nice little neat pile and a sleep suggestion to make sure they didn't wake anytime soon.

I continued down the tunnel, urgency growing in my blood. We needed to get Cin and get out of here before things went to sith in a handbasket.

I met up with Phobia at a steel door at the end of the two tunnels. " He's behind here, how do we cut this door down without making too much noise?"
I took one look at the door and knew how to get inside" Stand back for a sec. I've got an idea."

I summoned up Fafnir's forepower and directed a jetstream of fire at the door, making the metal melt like mud.

As soon as it melted Phobia ran in and I folowed, saber allready drawn. The sense of danger I was recieving was strongest in this room.

Cin looked up at us" r-run it's a trap"

As I reached over to pull Phobia out of the way a door slammed behind us. A woman with red hair walked out of the shadows"Well.. well.. the final piece of the puzzle arrives. So glad you could join me Phobia.."

Phobia's saber was in her hands in a moment. I stood behind her and a little off to the right. Best not to draw any attnetion to myself unless I strictly had to.

" Zan Arbor.. I can't say it's a pleasure because it most certainly isn't"

A table lurched to a vertical position. no.. no... it couldn't be.. We had been playing into her hands all along god forgive us.. There was a corpse on the table. With startingly familiar black hair and pale white skin.

Us comming here wa part of the plan.

That's what Phobia meant.

The danger didn't come from Zan Arbor directly.

It came from Catia, who's new body was lying on the table before us


Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The end of all(final part)

I headed out the door and was preping the ship for take off whenever grandfather found me.

" The council had decided.. decided that since Anna is stepping down at the end of the month to tend to her son.. you'll be taking her place! Congratulations!"

I think my eyes nearly popped out of my head. on the council? Me? How much better could this day get?" I.. I don't know what to say.. except .. thank you.. but that seems so inadquete.. "

He laughed" the look on your face right now is thanks enough. I know how much you wanted this.. ,but you never did think on it much since you were a boy did you?"

I shook my head " No to be honest I never did. I just completed any task the council set before me to the best of my ability. Nothing more."

" well be proud.. be very proud.. " he pasued" I take it the Jedi have called you back?"

" Yes, the temple swordmaster Cin Dralling has been kidnapped. Phobia and I have been called back to help with the search."

" A good man Cin is.. Learned much from him I did whenever I was at the temple.. that was just after the incident wasn't it?"

The indicent he refers to is still rather painful for me to honestly speak of. But suffice to say without it I would've never met Phobia.

"yes.. it was before then.. about a year before.. I was 15"

He nodded gravely" When I return.. would you like me put flowers on the graves?"

" Yes.. I would like that very much grandfather" I stooped down and hugged him tightly. " Thank you.. "

When I stood I was the calm reserved Jedi again. " We need to get going.. May the force be with you grandfather, safe journey"

He waved" Sauli, Safe journey grandson."

We boarded the ship and departed from Ragoon 3, my mind still very much replayig the incident.. or how it had happened to me in my mind.

Phobia saw how down and out I was" Tired?" she asked comming back with a glass of muja juice in her hand

I shook my head taking the juice from her" no.. old memories"

Resting her chin on my shoulder she asked" Want to talk about it?"

" Not particularly.. I just want to forget.."

She nodded understandingly " I know how that is.. you say you wish to forget?"

I stood, putting the empty glass in the sink" more than anything"

She came close, perfume taunting me" then let me help you forget and give you my own special reward.. I'm all yours.. do what you like.."

I saw where she was going with this.. did I ever.. Suffice to say.. the rest of the trip.. I didn't have to think about all that much..

After making sure Belda got settled in at her room, we met with the council.

" Master Dralling dissapeared five days ago. We have sent out others who have either come back wounded or dead.Three knights and 5 padawans . the knights were sent off planet. All the padawans were seinor, near their trials. This we feel is the work of someone who the order has come into contact with before"

A holo popped up on screen " Jenna Zan Arbor, the same scientist who kidnapped Qui Gon Jinn some years prior for her sadistic expermients in the force"

I nodded mutely" Be careful and cautious. She was able to caupute Cin.. who knows what might be happening now.. All of the dead we found with ther blood drained from their bodies, every last drop."

We were dismissed and Phobia and I went to pack." We need to be espically careful on this one Godfrey. if she senses Tai or Mara.. She could try to hurt them.."

My throat twisted at the thought.

" You should stay"

" No! I'm going like it or not!"

There was no sense arguing with her.. compared to Belda Phobia can be the most sutbbroun person I've known.

" Then at least wear this" I handed her a black cape" It's specially designed to hide your force signature. It will also hide the children's too"

She took it as we headed out to the landing pad. I didn't care. I wanted this mission over and soon. If Jenna Zan Arbor tried to hurt my wife or my children, suffice to say it would be the last thing she would ever do.


Til Later

Monday, July 2, 2007

A small sidenote on this weeks competition over at LGS 2

Okay for those of you who read here on my blog, and might have been following I was recently on Last Gladiator Standing 2.One thing I learned while there is gungan princesses don't mix with consession stands.. Too long of a story to tell here..

But anyway before I get off track.

There were only 2 Jedi competing, and now one remains..

Yes everyone the one, the only DarkJediKriss is in the final 2 this week.
Anyone can send in their votes when it's time for judging, so go take a look. She's done a terrific job thus far. Let's see if we can help her get the gold?

Okay since I am no great shakes in HTML, follow the link on my blogroll to Jon the Intergalatic Gladiator's blog then scroll through his list until you find the link for Last Gladiator Standing 2.
Now is the time that everyone gets to have a say.. make sure you get a chance too..

( Now I KNOW I've been hanging around Peterelli for too long.. I'm starting to sound like .. a congressman.. LOL .. I guess I had it comming XD I say leave the speaking to those who know their trade..But in all honesty all of us put in a great effort k I'm rambling.. * is yanked away from keyboard*)