Friday, June 29, 2007

The end of all -Part 3

Belda looked very eager to go" Can I come too?"

I shook my head" Absouletly not. There's allready one Jedi master missing and two younglings. We're not chancing the risk of loosing you too."

" but I can fight!" she protested looking from me to Pho

" Who was the master who's missing?" Phobia asked me

" Master Mundi didn't say, but for Obi Wan to be out looking for her I have a guess. And besides, Cin was the temple swordmaster. I pratically learned most everything from sabers from him. If they were able to get him, we're going to have a nasty fight on our hands"

" But.. I have you and my master to protect me!"

Okay my patience was getting a tad thin here so I put it bluntly as i could without scaring her" We're going to be busy, very busy. We might not have time to talk or do anything even kinda fun. You don't want to be around 2 boring people do you?"

" You're not boring!"

" Belda you're not going so that's that and don't even use the whole prophecy bit on me because it's not going to work! You're staying at the temple for your own safety!" Phobia snapped, looking up from her duffel bag.

She glared at Phobia and stomped off to her room slamming the door.

Pho looked up at me " Think I was too harsh with her?"

I shook my head" Dear, she has to learn her place. If you say no then she's got to know you mean no. Period. and it's not like you're trying to exclude her or anything. It IS for her own safety."

She nodded" you're right.. and. .I'm very proud of you.. do you know that? You not only won the tourtament but you've proved what a great husband and father you are and are going to be"

I sat down next to her on the bed and wrapped an arm around her shoulders" how so?"

" Well you won the tourtament, and then when three wishes. .anything you could want. .and you use them for the good of others. Most wouldn't give it a second to wish for money, power and fame.. you know the whole bit"

I grinned" I have all I could ever dream of wanting , right here" I slid a hand onto her forehead" And here" my other hand came to rest on her stomach ." I have a beautiful, kind and loving wife and am going to be a father to two of the most wonderful children in this galaxy. What more could a man ask for?"

She laid her head on my shoulder" Everything and nothing."

" All I did was to make sure I am able to keep these three things to the best of my ability. I am not stupid. I know one day I will loose you. But I don't want it to be form something I could have prevented. That is why I believe the council forbade attachments, because most are not smart enough to realize that."

I looked at the crono." Come on.. We need to go get mis grump and get going.We're expected back before daybreak tomorrow"


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The End of all-part 2

(CTD from last post)

" There is a sith lord from an alternate timestream.. here he is known as Anakin sKywalker. He wil not become evil for sometime yet. Is there a way to stop him before it is too late?"
Valerious the elder nodded his head" There are a few diffrent ways. First.. show him the compassion he has not known through the Jedi, their's is one way of living, show him the compassion he knew from his mother, from those he knew BEFORE the Jedi"

His son Velkin spoke next "Then there is the matter of the sith lord.. He is closer than you think, Go to the 500 Repbulica, there is a place called The Works. there you will find evidence to lead you to your culprit."

Then finally his duaghter Anna spoke" If all else fails Godfrey you know what you must do. What BOTH of you must do. Search for the peaceful means first. Only then if you fail then should you result you the drastic."

I nodded my head" I thank you for this great gift. I am truly indebted to you"

The youngest of the council spoke up" and your final wish?"

I turned to Phobia who had her hand resting on my arm" What do you think ? "

She smiled up at me and squeezed my arm softly" Whatever you want Godfrey, I will not stop you from making your choice. My main concern is our future and the future of the order."

That's when the last wish came to me.

" My unborn daughter's future is clouded in strife and darkness. I humbly ask you to secure her future with the order and give her a good and happy life. For circumstances out of my control and my wife's.. It is possible we will not be there to help her"

I could see Anna crying and the same with Belda. if they could grant me this.. It is all I could ever ask, a happy life for my children.

"We cannot undo the events Phobia has forseen, not in their entirety. but your wish will be fufilled. Mara will have a happy and good life. She will return to the order one day and marry the son of the son of suns.The order will change and she will be happy with her new life. But beware Caedus, for as one stands on the brink now one will then and if he does turn, it will be family against family."

I bowed to the council before we were dismissed. As soon as we were back I quickly began packing up for our return to Coruscant. Belda stopped me with an outstretched hand. " You won the tourtament, shouldn't we be celebrating?" Phobia nodded in agreement" You're both right what am I doing?"

I scooped Belda off the floor and spun her around before doing the same to Phobia who squeeled like a child. Our celebration plans were cut short however when my com went off .A feeling of dred crept over me. Whatever news it was, it was bound to be not good.

" Godfrey we need you back here immeditly, the temple swordmaster has went missing as well as another Jedi and two other younglings. Master Kenobi is allready out searching for the one group. We need you and Phobia to go and look for the other."

I nearly dropped the com in suprise. Cin was missing?" I understand Master Mundi, we'll be back as soon as we are able."

I turned to Pho and Belda" I'm sorry but the celebration is off. We're needed back at the temple. Your master and I have another mission"

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The End of all- part 1

I rose the next morning and went to the gardens to meditate. I needed perfect, clear focus.

The early bell tolled and I headed to the ring. Khali was allready there waiting for me. We bowed and then he smiled "You be freind, no matter who win"

I grinned, " and you are my freind Khali. May the best man win."

We took our positions.

At the third tolling of the bell the fight began in earnest.

No matter what I did he was throwing me around like a rag doll.My head bounced off the stone floor like a ball.. Ouch I knew that was going to be killing me in the morning..

I could go into the direct details of the fight but it'd take a week. Suffice to say by the time the referee called for us to change to our animal forms, both of us were rather run through the ringer. Phobia I could see her running down the path, every cuss word she knew hanging on her breath.

I let Fafnir take over and the white panther appeared. His fangs latched onto my throat and Fafnir reared onto his hind legs, trying to shake him off his throat. Though we were in animal form we moved like quicksilver, striking and counterstriking.

This was one of the longest fights I had ever been in. I felt myself begining to tire whenever everything seemed to slow.

I saw a slight opening that I could take and I did.

Khali fell backwards, shifting back from his panther form. He was unconcious, which meant the fight was over.

I had won the Onkichi Budokai.

Cheers erupted through the crowd and all of a sudden, I turned and Phobia was at my side.

Fafnir retreated and she wrapped a robe around my shoulders. Upside about my uniform.. It's the only set of clothes that doesn't get destryoed whenever I change.

" You won Godfrey.. you won.." she was crying whenever I hugged her.I was estatic. I had won!.. I know a Jedi shouldn't be proud or anything. .but I had this dream since I was a young boy.. Someone cleared their throat behind me. It was grandfather with the high council.

" Godfrey you have done magnificantly, you have won the Onkichi Budokai. Name three things and if they are in our power they are yours."

Three things? I could think of one thing " My wife, she is a prisoner of a sith spirit.. Can you banish Catia from her?"

My grandfather smiled and turned to the members of the high council. Then he turned back to me a sorrowful look" We cannot do that, but there is something, tempt the panther with meat, she will come. create a new body for Catia ,she will leave you wife.We can give you what you need to begin"

I bowed" Thank you this means more to me than you know. I am eternally grateful"

" What else would you ask of us?"

I thought long and hard about this, I had pratically the world at my feet. The DaiShujo were the almost as powerful as the Jedi order.then it occured to me.. Vader...


Monday, June 18, 2007

Vacation- kinda

Pho and I areheading to the festival in town. The final match has been postponed for a few more days until they make an inquiry into White Cloud's death and the whole affair with Marasha. they gave me permission to go out during the whole thing.. So I'm taking advantage of it.

I'll get back to the fight once I return

Til Later

Friday, June 15, 2007

The eye of the storm

My vision flittered in and out for some time. The next thing I knew there was acold glass of juice being tipped down my throat. Pho was hovering over me, a worried frown on her face. I took the glass from her and sat upright drinking down the rest of it in a few swallows.

" you scared me to death Godfrey.. You were so pale "

Before she could say more I reached across and brushed a stray strand of hair from her eyes. " I'm fine.. I'm not that easy to kill, and no way would I let some stupid twit like Marasha get the better of me."

She frowned but nodded reluctently

" Speaking of, did she get away? What about you? Are you okay?"

My eyes ran over her worriedly, looking for any outward signs of injury to her or the twins. I didn't care about winning here if it meant her health or any danger to my children.

" I'm fine, so are the children. Marasha got away however.Xanatos is dead. For good this time."

I let out a breath I didn't know I had been holding" okay, now why don't we get some rest? you look beat"

She laughed looping her arm through mine " me? beat? you look like a wreck"

That had been four hours ago.

Now I stood in the ring facing Lantos. So it had come down to this had it? The fight had started and I had kept my eyes on Lantos the whole time. If there was one rule I always followed it was never to take your eyes off your opponent.

That was until I heard the sound of cracking stone. I turned around, getting a kick in the head from Lantos for my lack of concentration.I saw Belda falling and I was just about to shift into Fafnir whenever she changed.. Good lord.. please don't let this ruin everything..

I turned back to Lantos, wanting to finish this as fast as I could. Phobia touched the ground next to the ring and Belda slid off her back running to the ring's edge.I knew Belda wanted to help me but this was my fight to win , not her's no matter how good her intentions may be.

My heart leapt into my throat, the next opponent one of us would face was there, Khali.. He and Phobia were speaking. .I wanted to yell for her to get away from him before she got hurt. .but he seemed.. genuine in his kindness.

I saw Lantos preparing to use his finishing signature move, The Golden punch gunner. My hands moved almost of their own accord. This would end now. This technique had been passed down through my mother's side of the family. The rock crusher or" Seki Ha Tien Kyo ken"

The whole arena exploded in light at once.

Lantos and I attacked at the same time and there was something else happening.

I blasted Lantos back and the fight was over. I turned to see a familiar figure before me.. What the hells...?

How in the world.. Aiashka?

I ran to Belda who was watching this , one sided brawl with wide eyes.

" What happened?" I asked herm watching this crazyniess.

" She changed.. into.. that.. she's angry.. so angry.. what's wrong with her?"

I shook my head" I don't honestly know Belda, but her concentration.. it's scary.."

Just then Khali shifted into his animal form of a white panther. A burst of pain erupted across my temples. She changed back and fell. That all happened in a span of a few seconds.

I carried her up to our room and took a seat in the chair by her side. Eventually she woke

" That was a nasty fall you took there" I said, dabbing her forehead with a cold cloth.

" how long have I been out for?"

" Most of the day. It's just me and Khali tomorrow. And the high council will be watching the fight, but for now rest."

She leaned back against the pillows, sighing softly . I shrugged out of my jacket and shoes and laid down next to her. Her hands rested on my shoulders. " Just stay safe.. please" she whispered

I nodded" Of course, anything for you, we'll be home by tomorrow night. I promise"

It was like that we fell into a light sleep, my mind allready on tomorrow's fight.

Until Later

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Rage of the Dragon

The bell rang . White Cloud and I entered the center of the ring and bowed to each other.I dropped back into a reverse sidestance, one hand out palm facing towards him. He took his usual, three quater Okinawan backstance.

Everything else fell away, I saw no one or anything except for White Cloud. We cricled for a few moments,testing, probing for an opening or weakness. .He moved first striking for my collarbone. I brought my right hand up and twisted, knocking his strike aside , moving for his heart.

He blocked I countered.

The roar of the crowds was the only thing I could hear ..We moved in perfect synchronicitious balance, back and forth over the cold stone floor. Time ticked away slowly but I didn't pay it a mind.

I knew White Cloud's weakness.

I had to stay on the defensive and wear him down. then move in for the kill .

He was wearing down slowly, movments becoming more sluggish. Green eyes normally bright were begining to dull with fatigue.I saw my shot and moved inwards . My right hand came up into a backfist and connected with the side of his head, then a roundhouse kick to the other side.Just as I was comming for the elbow.. I felt it..

Darkside energy.

My eyes darted around the arena searching for the source, to turn up nothing. Then I saw her.

She had followed us all the way out here, and now had White Cloud in her sway.

Things had just suddenly gotten a lot more complicated.

I chanced a glance to the balcony, Phobia and Belda were both on their feet. Pho bristling in anger. I shook my head. this was my fight.. I would finish her, finish this and win it.

As the ref signaled for weapons, White Cloud pulled a Balith sword. I reached for my double blade. The tang of ozone hit my nose and I backflipped over Cloud's head , landing behind him., saber at the ready. The wooden part in the middle of the Balith sword fell to pieces. He tossed it aside aside growling and power began to rise.

I didn't want to kill him,I honestly didn't.. But he was leaving me no choice.

This was not the real White Cloud.. The man I knew would've never done this.. Become evil..
I let Fafnir take over.. I couldn't see his eyes when he died.. So full of hate.. and saddness.. It was too much for me to take.. Fire.. fire burned all around us.. One stroke with my blade.. it was over..

White Cloud was dead.

The scales wilted and I was normal.. No I can't say I was normal.. I had just been forced to kill one of my best freinds.. All thanks to a little twisted brat.

I was angry.. past angry, past furious.. I was.. .. insane with rage.. I only remember one other time I felt like this.. When I found Iout I had been too late to save Ariel..But that's another story.

I wanted her blood on my hands.. I would be content with nothing less.

I jumped out of the ring intending to do just that whenever all of a sudden Phobia was there, holding me back.

" Let me go! I want her dead!"Her arms were wrapped around me, locking my hands at my sides like vices

" Godfrey for goodness sake listen to yourself! your angry! Your hurt and understandably so! but if you strike her down now you'll become something you can't live with! you'll be like her!"

I stil struggled, but I was begining to see through the red fog that tained my senses .

" you know I'm right love.. Listen to me.. listen to my voice.. you have to stop now.. beofre it's too late.. you have to.. for your children.. for me.. "

Red turned to blue.. my normal color.. I was overheated from my long hours in the sun.. She was deliciously cool against me, helping me up into the balcony to rest.

I needed to rest.. My task was not done.. it was only just begining.
Until Later

Monday, June 4, 2007

Rolling Thunder,clash of the DaiShujo

I rose early, heading into the garden to meditate. that's when grandfather found me.He sat down and together we meditated for about an hour before he spoke.

" I managed to sway the elders in her favor, but you must take great caution. if anyone sees the mark on her back all I have done can fall through easily"

I rose and headed back into our rooms to dress. The preliminaries would start soon. As soon as I had my uniformon, Iwoke Phobia" Love? come on.. it's time" She rose sleepily eyes blurry and voice husky with sleep" mmh allready?" Gods she is so sexy. " No time for games this morning dove.. You need to get dressed.. Here."

I handed her an oriental kimono which would service her well in the heat" Come.. you need to dress, there isn't much time. I'll wake Belda"
I headed over to the connecting room and woke Belda, telling her to dress lightly. Once that was done I went backto get my bag and see if Pho was ready.. She nearly took my breath away.

The kimono made her look like a goddess, hair hanging to her waist, soft smile.. okay I'm getting ahead of myself.. it looked more like a dress though now that I think of it..

We headed down to the arena, in silence. Belda was looking back and forth between the two of us. A shiver crept up my spine.. At last I was going to have my chance.. I pointed to the stairs which lead up to the high box where she could watch with my grandfather.

Then setting my things down I began warming up.. The preliminaries were basically an all out streetfight, last 10 standing move on to the tourtament.

The whistle blew and over 70 people poured into the ring. My heart was pounding madly against my ribcage. . The whistle blew again and everyone moved as one.

Bodies were flying and I ducked more than one arm seeking to take me out. Lantos and I ended up back to back in the middle of the ring. It was automatic, kick, punch, shove, spin.. whatever threw them from the ring..

Then... then he came..

Like a wave of destruction he began his trek towards us.. Men and women went flying in every direction. Lantos tensed behind me, and the last cluster of us in the ring were all that were left.

Just as Khali turned his eyes towards me, the whislte blew signagling the end of the preliminaries.

The remaining ones standing were, myself, Lantos, Khali, White Cloud, Morkos, Xule, Jeracob, and three others whom I had never met before.

The screen blinked and the matches were set.
My first opponent? White Cloud.
Until Later