Sunday, April 29, 2007

Why this?

Sleep it's a very good thing let me tell you. Espically when your nice and confortable and have a stunningly beautiful woman using you for a pillow.. Yeah, life is good. the one thing you don't want to have then, guys who might read over here is a CAT. They are a pain and always ruin a good moment, I will be the first to tell you.We were going on a perfect moment, one in a million and the blasted cat has to ruin it..Oh well so much for sleeping in.. one of my pet peeves, nothing to do, sleep in.. There's never such a thing as too much sleep.

Well after Pho had to get up to feed the cat and I was pretty much using every word I had ever heard the sailors at the docks use, the dog about nearly tackled me onto the bed and starts licking my face.Oh the irony...

Anywho after fighting to get the dog off me and finding my glasses I'm half walking half stumbling out to the kitchen where Pho has breakfast prepared. Ham eggs ,bacon hashbrowns, pancakes.. she's seriously trying to kill me with good cooking isn't she? Like I care much we hardly ever get to eat all THAT great anyway because of this or that so I take the minute and enjoy it.

While Pho makes a beeline for her closet to get dressed she points out that my glasses are sitting half crooked on my face.. So THAT'S what Belda was giggling about all morning.Oh well

While Belda was helping Pho out with.. something I went in and threw something else on besides the black flame boxers Pho had gotten for me the last time she went shopping and my robe.. Once I got changed I was just slipping on my shoes when Pho asked for the chest in the corner. It was a long thing with greenman symbols stamped on it and lovely ironwork. I grabbed one handle and drug it over.

She flipped back the lid and started rummaging for things. I could smell herbs, and old wood, and.. insence, several diffrent types of it.
I heard her ask me for the silver miror which I pulled out of the chest and handed to her. She seemed to move with an earthreal grace,much like the old legend of the lady of the lake. When she spoke her wors reveberated through the room aganst the darkness I could feel " We are immune to their malice, their hate.We will not accept their guilt, or their intolernace. theirwords and thoughts are no bane to us!"

Shields of pure energy raised against all five of us and the only way I can think of to describe it is like cellophane. The next ccame through the room like a whipcrack. I could see Catia prowling along the outer edges of the circle and she fell to her knees. "Neither master nor apprentice will hold sway over us any longer. The chains are cast away. Darkness be gone you have no place here!!" Catia tried to reach for her but the wax only hissed before she was thrown back forcefully and dissapeared. She wasn't gone oh by no means, but maybe for now Pho would have some peace.

All of a sudden my sight, force wise was sharpened a hundred fold, like fog had been wiped away

" Pho why does it feel like that some dark cloud has been lifted from the temple?" I asked her taking the miror and setting it aside

" Because it has been. Now the door is closed. It must be locked" she replied searching for what I guessed correctly being a moonstone

" Pain given pain returned, thrice around the circle's bound evil sink into the ground. Shed my tears and lock thedoor Evil come into this place nevermore! Protect those of light seen and unseen gather us all in quiet harmony"

A web spun out everywhere from the flaming stone in Pho's hand before it slipped to the floor smashing into a thousand pieces. She waved everything back to it's proper place before running out the door. I was following close behind with Belda at my heels. there were shouts from down the hall and we encountered a huge crown outside the room of a thousand fountains.

Pho slipped away from us and ducked inside. Belda and I were left standing there for a few moments before Phobia returned. She turned to Belda first eyes steely " Belda run back to your room and pack a fast bag. We leave for Naboo in 10 minutes"

I could pick up on her urgency and her anger. Something happened, bad, very bad. We both ran back with her and we were packed and in route to Naboo in 5 minutes. She finally sat down and told us what happened ." The reason we are going to Naboo is that, the urn in the room of a thousand fountains was stolen. Qui Gon's urn."

I swallowed at least what felt like a baseball sized lump in my throat. Qui Gon? Who would be that sick. that cruel to do something like this? What Pho said next confirmed it ." They fear whoever stole the first urn will try for the second.In fact I know they will.. There were void pockets all around the pedastal. "

It was Marasha without a doubt. the question was .. why?

The dragon whispered to me, it words chilled my blood





Until Later

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

An exhausting end to an exhausting day

I went with Phobia to the briefing with Master Mundi. When he asked she explained shewasn't feeling all that well and I was there to give her a hand if needed.I listened attentively while Master Mundi explained that the third of the three girls who had seemingly inexplicibly gone missing was appearing off and on in the temple near Phobia's room every evening excactly at midnight.

When Master Mundi asked if she was feeling up to it she agreed immeditly. But I could see she still was feeling very ill between mormning sickness and this flu bug she had come down with within the past few days. She had been resting up until tonight . Assoon as this was overshe was going to rest weather she liked it or not. I was not going to let herself work herself sick just to make others happy. She needed to look out for herself. But that was eaiser said than done.

As soon as we had gotten back to her room Belda and I made her a small mountain of pillows to sit on so she would be comfortable.She fussed and fumed no end that she didn't need all this but I insisted on it.

When the clock hit 11:45 she cried out in pain clutching her head. I leaned over to see what was wrong and suddenly the windows burst open clanging and banging noisily. Over the next 15 minutes her headache abated and things quited down. As the last chime of midnight rang out through the room, I could see Phobia looking at the window and the small shadow that was rising slowly toward us.

When her feet touched the floor I looked her over a few times. Just by her body language I could tell she was being misled by someone.. she was filled wiht anger and hate.. There was a shadow of a dragon in her as well, but it was tainted with evil. the fact the dragon's twin was even there suprised me greatly but I didn't show it.

Phobia greeted her and offered her a seat. She didn't take it however just then and burst into a tirade about" her master" I rose from my chair and went to the trunk unlocking it quietly and retrieving a small picture I returned to the others. " Is this your master?"

The dragon's eyes locked with mine and she burst into another wave of anger calling me an out and out thief. I could see Pho was getting pissed off slowly so it was best to diffuse this quickly. " just answer a few questions for us and the picture is yours"

She flopped down in one of the nearby chairs and nodded curtly" Fine I'll answer your stupid questions, what harm can it do?"

I took a seat oppisite her" None that's what.Now how did you come by this picture orignally?"

" My master gave it to me"

"The year is 20 BBY" The reason why I said this to her is she seemed a little.. ehm.. outdated?

" When did your master give you this picture?"

" 766 BBY"

I saw a flicker of fear pass in Phobia's eyes.. If that was the case then...

" That's right my master called me back from the dead! called me back to retrieve what was stolen from her!"

Stolen from her? What could.. A sudden flash of understanding passed in my mind.. And it was answered by her next answer.
She stood flinging her arms out" The grimorie and the music box! she wants them both back!"

The dragon was growing more and more powerful in the dark arts. if left unchecked too much longer then there would be a real problem on our hands.

Phobia pleaded with her despretly, she knew above anyoneelse how any seemingly inadmite weakness could be exploited." Marsha I ask you to hear me.. Catia trusts no one.. she has no allies. her only ally is herself.. in the end she will dennounce you and leave you to the wolves! please turn back before it is too late!"

Pho was right completly and totally, even now I could feel the first seeds of deception between Catia and Marsha.

Listening pays off more than you would think.. So Catia had struck Marsha? Humm.. this was per emper proof that Catia could not be trusted, but I had a suspicion that Catia was the only adult influence she had ever had.

Then the bottom dropped out of the whole thing

"You're a weakling just like she is! She is a liar! she is no Jedi! Look how she defies the code ! Not only did she marry but she even went further than that! You know those two twins she told you about? Well they are her's! She is going to be a mother! Did she tell you that? Did she trust you with that secret? the one she won't even tell her trusted brother Anakin!"

Time seemed to stop there.. I knew this was a corssroads point for Belda.. she would either take this one way or the other.. If she took it the wrong way then all was lost before it even had begun.

Moments passed and time resumed it's normal cycle.. Things were safe .. for now..
Phobia got up and went to the trunk. She came back and handed Marsha the music box.. " one down one to go"

" that's the only one your getting!" she snapped and I could see her hand creeping for her saber.

The clock chimed 12:15 " 45 minutes left now!"

Pho seemingly gave into Marsha's demands and went into the other room bringing back a book which remarkably looked like the grimorie and handed it to her.What happened next sent both of us for a shock.

A black mist filtered out of Pho's mouth and seemingly took shape acorss the room from us. Two cold sith eyes peered out. The only solid thing there. It was Catia.

" Is this the book Master? Can you come and speak to me?" Marsha called looking around the room

" yes Marsha.. that is the book.. now take them and go to where we discussed.. " her voice was only a mere hiss like a snake

" but master what about the whelp?"

" ssshee will be delt with in my time, not yours.. When the time comes her blood will bespilt over the grand altar and the gryphon cannon will bring a new age of terror to the galaxy!"
Smoke burst through the room and I ducked low trying to see through the black ink. When it cleared , Marsha was gone and So was the image of Catia.

No sooner than Marsha had dissapeared than Pho fled to the freasher.. Her stomach was still being obnoxious.

About 10 minutes later she pratically stumbled back out and I caught her before she collapsed entirely.Moving a few strands of hair off her forehead she asked Belda " Belda.. remember how I told you that things were not always as they appeared to be?"

She nodded seemingly confused.

" Well that wasn't the real grimorie It was a fake.. " I could see she was trying not to kill herself laughing.. When I acutally realized which book she had used I nearly choked laughing myself.
When Belda asked how we'd replace it it was my turn to answer" there's places we can go to find erm.. replacements"

That was it.. we both laughed ourselves silly for a good half hour before we could talk again.
When we finally did Pho explained a few more things to Belda while I pratically drug myself to bed..

This afternoon./evening had me dead tired. Finally Pho joined me a little while later i could see she was tired as I was. I pulled her close and ran a hand through her hair.. There was one thing that seemingly always managed to ease her mind so she could sleep.. and tonight it seemed to be needed despretly.

" The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is to love and be loved in return" .We remained that way for the rest of the evening and finally the both of us falling asleep.. Tomorrow was going to be a busy morning.. Marsha would be back and this time we would be ready.
Until Later

Thursday, April 19, 2007

2 paths,call of the darkside, and more problems

I kept a careful watch on Phobia as I drifted through waves of the force.My mind didn't go anywhere in particular until something snared my attention . Two memories in particular. the first happier than the latter.. I chose the worse of the two first..

It was raining heavily. I was in Theed , the capital city of Naboo. I have known what will happen to the Jedi for years now but nothing it seemed could have prepared me for the devestation that the temple suffered.

There was a small gathered group of Jedi in the palace. We looked as though we were civillians, dressed in normal clothes.. Lightsabers out of sight and force signatures tamped down .

Hushed voices drifted around the room as they spoke of what was going on in the wake of the path of Vader's destruction. A few of the older knights were discussing the goings on the the Corellian system. They were what caught my attention.

"Vader will not stop until he has found them"

" He's ransacked two of the five already in his search"

" Those poor children.. But we can't do anything more"

" Vader will find the king's son too.. I heard he was a Jedi.. as is the queen"

" There's a martial arts master there.. Think he can stop then?"

" Didn't you hear? he's already dead! Vader put him on display at the palace gates as an exmaple"

I stumbled back unbeliving.. Grandfather dead? Then images flashed before my eyes.. The palace in flames.. People running for their lives.. Stormtroopers were firing in the plaza.. People fell like cattle to the slaughter . A man in a black suit , not unlike the storm troopers ones marched towards me , but stopped.

I recgonized him instantly. A cold chill ran through me..

It was Vader.

Those who tried to stand against him were cut down by his saber. " Where are they?" he boomed, darkside waves rolling off him.

No one knew, thank god.. their minds had been wiped of my existance.And thusly Pho's and the twins as well.

One of the troopers.. It was Cody came running up and bowed" Sir they were here not an hour ago"

There was a cold satisfaction on Vader's face..if he still had a face" Fan out.. no one leaves the system of the five brothers alive.. Burn everything"

I was blown back.. heat and the smell of burning fleash assaulted my nose.. I stood, dizzy.. I could see even the mountain dojo was in flames.. I didn't turn my eyes to the palace gates.. I wouldn't.. I couldn't.. For the first time in my life..

I wanted revenge..

I wanted the empire dead.. and I wanted Vader dead.. by my own hands..Anger and rage burned through my body.. For a moment I felt a flicker of the darkside in me, but then there was a light.. powerful and hot.. like acid.. it burned away everything and replaced it with the other memory.

It was from my early childhood.. not out of my own memory, but I guess the force had seen fit to keep it for me .It was of my father and mother out in the garden.. Mother was sitting on the bench, a soft smile on her face as she held a squirming bundle.. Well.. On a closer look, I found out it was me as a baby.. Father was sitting next to her , a porud smile on his face as my sister, who was about 7 by that point I'd guess, was playing in the flowers..

I studied my mother and sister closely.. my mother was calm, at peace with herself and hr surroundings. She was happy her family was together and safe. my sister hadn't a care in the world.. Her brown hair was flying around her face as the wind blew around us.

My mother anfd father rose and calling for my sister to join them they headed inside , the doors closing just as a downpour ripped from the heavens. The last thing I saw was the blurry image of my family as a whole before I was catapulted back to the present.

I saw Phobia shaking as though in a seizure and I grabbed her shoulders shaking her forcefully. She blinked awake as though she had relived something she cared to forget. " Phobia are you allright?" the still pallor look of her face had me worried. Maybeshe did need to go see a healer, but then again maybe she needed more rest.I heard the last snatches of a song too.. Something was up

" I don't know.. I.. Something changed.. about my past.. " She shrugged helplessly as she tried to explain it to me.

I nodded listening where needed. I was just about to reply whenever her com went off.. It was Master Mundi. When she got off , she turned to me, her face looking even worse, eyes filled with worry.

" There's a problem.. three younglings have went missing"

My heart dropped.. Could today get any worse? I went to find her a spare set of robes" I'll make you something to eat real quick.. we need to get to the bottom of this.."

I had my suspicions as to what excactly was going on, but I would reserve judgement until later on..It seemed as though the battle had only begun


Until Later

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Limits and a rescue

There was a limit with the dragon. I was honestly afraid to let him have full control, espically what I had seen with Pho and Catia. but even with us working inconcort, the duel was even. Neither of us gave ground and I didn't dare do anything more drastic, this was my wife I was fighting , evil or not.

If Catia would've had the courage to fight me in her own body, this fight would have been over by now.

She tried to trip me and I jumped over her boot and used a force push to knock her off balance.She tripped over the lead piping of the ship and stumbled to the ground. I went in for the finish and she flipped over my head and struck out, her saber slicing into my back, the pain only slight in my mind.

I had unwittingly pulled back for a punch when I saw Pho's face flash before my mind. I dropped my hand and I let the dragon take complete control. I only cared about saving Phobia and my children. No matter what I had to do.

Everything seemed to move slower and I slipped behind her and pinned her in a sharp armbar, just on the barrier of breaking her arm.

I heard her saber hit the durasteel floor and the dragon eased back but was willing to jump to my aid at a moment's notice

" I win"

I felt void in the force for only a moment, then what I suspected was Phobia's presence in full control of her body. I eased up and stepped away. I eyed her critically.. Was Catia playing me for a fool? or did she truly keep her word?

" Godfrey? ... I.. I didn't hurt anyone did I?"

That was the woman I fell in love with. She would never hurt another living soul if she could avoid it. Though she had been through multiple lifetimes she still held the same gentleness she always had.

She was shaking like she was in the throes of fever . Her knees caved under her and I caught her before she hit the ground.i lifted her off her feet and carried her back through the halls without a word. there were a few raised eyebrows at my actions but they could all go stow it.

I didn't care

When we reached the apartment the shaking got worse and worse and for a moment I thought she was going to have a seizure " Belda! What happened to Belda? is she okay? I.. oh force.. what have I done?" I set her down on her feet, trying to take some of the sickness from her. She stumbled for the freasher, skin white as paper.. Nothing came up but the pain in her head was almost debilatating.

I could feel it clear on the otherside of the room.

" sssh.. it's okay.. she's comming in with the medvac team.. she's fine but I had to leave her to chase after you" I pulled her close to me as I guided her back to bed. A part of me wonders why didn't we just stay on Corellia where we were safe and happy?

Because you could never be content there, because you love to help others. And besides, Catia's evil would have tainted your sanctuary sooner or later. My conscience hissed at me.

It was right, though I wished not to really admit it in truth. I just wanted a safety for Phobia that she had never known.. safety for the two unborn children within her. They thrived healthily now though it was still early.

Their force signatures were off the charts even now When they would be born Tai and Mara would be immesnely powerful, also I could sense no taint of the darkside within either of them.

Phobia's tears brought me back to reality and I ran a hand through her hair rocking her back and forth" God what must she think of me? I .. I struck her.. for the love of god, don't I have any strength left in me? Was I even strong to begin with?"

Could she not see what I saw? It disturbed me that she thought so little of herself.i tucked her head under my chin and pulled her close as I could and spoke to her, much in a way my father would speak to mother whenever she was troubled .

My sister had told me stories of mother whenever I woke in the middle of the night, frightened by some dream.

" I explained to her what happened Pho.. she knows this was not your fault. You are one of the strongest people I know.. Don't drag yourself down over this.. please.. You're worth so much more than this..You have always been strong.. never forget that.." one of my hands found her stomach and rested protectively there for a moment " Your children need you Phobia, I need you.. I can't do this without you.. "

Her reflection would frighten the bravest of souls. Her skin was ghastly white, hair looking something akin to a tumbleweed.Her face was sunken in, no doubt from Catia leeching so much energy from her.Her hands.. god above she looked like a straight zombie.. My poor Pho.. she's done so much and even a small respite of peace cannot be granted her?

" Phobia, please sleep.. I'll watch over you.. Regain your strength"

" I can't sleep Godfrey .. the nightmares.. they will reclaim me again.. please don't make me go to sleep!"

She was crying harshly, shaking like a leaf in my arms. I embraced her gently and kissed her, at the same time usin g a sleep suggestion and she slackened in my embrace.

I made sure she was warm and comfortable and i lapsed into meditation over in the corner. Someone had to have a sane head.. and right now, I doubted if it was her. My mind was muddled and now was a good a time as any to set myself straight, maybe see what I had missed..

Until Later

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


After I met the med vac team out in the landing bay, something crawled up my spine. it was like the trail of cold fingers ofa dead person. It set my senses on end. When we arrived I assisted where I could. First reuniting children with their parents, healing wounds, so on and so forth.

The heat of the air made it hard to think and as I was tending to a young girl who had a bad cut on her forehead, I looked over and saw Belda come flying past me, the force propelling her backward.

I dropped low and caught her as she flew by me. As i set her odwn I saw the brick wall which she undoubtly would've had the misfortune to make the acqiantince of had i been a second slower. On her cheek there was allready a deep black and blue mark. " Belda, what happened?"

She was crying and hugging my leg in utter fear as I tried to calm her" Master godfrey, my master hit me! she hit me!.. She never hits me! What did I do wrong?"

I let my fingers brush over her cheek as I used a healing technique to make the briuse and pain dissapear. I reached through the force towards Phobia, but instead I found a wall of darkness and anger.

" Belda, that wasn't your master.. it's Catia" I told her to go with one of the medvac assistants as the yellow speeder zipped overhead. A force propelled jump brought me to the edge of the tailwing and I hung on as we careened towards the temple.

A narrow tuck and roll brought me away from the explosion and I reached for my saber, flipping on the ignotion switch. She was so preoccupied with getting to Pho's fighter I was able to almost rest the blade on her shoulder before she noticed me.

The dragon raged inside me but I quieted him" Catia, release her, you are not welcome here"

She turned to face me, cold blye eyes boring into my own. it was like eletric ice flowing through me... A part of me was utterly enraptured but the dragon's fury burnt it away like kindling.. she refused to let Phobia free and then made a few choice wisecracks that would've turned a normal man to a slave.

I'm anything but normal.

The hardened scales were creeping down my arm. I could slowly feel the dragon fusing with me, but I used the force to stop the change for the mement.. i relaxed a little and looked at her over the rim of my glasses" I will make you a bargin"

" You duel me here and now. I win you release my wife and go back to where you belong. "

What I was about to say sickened my insides and I could feel Phobia screaming in my mind not to do it, but I pushed it aside

" If you win, we go somewhere away from here, just you and I"

I reached past Catia's mind to Phobia who was shielding Tai and Mara with all of he strength

"Phobia I love you with all my heart. Trust me and have faith. I will save you. no matter what it takes"

The red blade hummed to life and she took her stance . Okinawan backstance with a Soresu opening. A sturdy stance but not impenetrable.

I took my front stance with a reverse Soresu blade . The scales shot up my arm and I could feel the dragon's blood becoming one with mine, the most perfect moment for a fighter, when you are one with your fighting spirit.

We leapt as one blades clashing in the dim light. The force was on my side, but I would do whatever I had to to save Phobia.

Until Later

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Rising Phoenix

Phobia a week on bedrest was intresting to say the least. She fought me tooth and nail on every little thing. The first two days she was more than willing to let me help her.

I suspect it was because she was still feeling woozy from the drugs the healers had given her tohelp with the pain. By the fourth day her stubbrounness had returned 10 fold. Her'es what playing chess was like..

" Check, you know you don't need to turn the board for me"

" I know but I want to help you, and besides you have another four days of bedrest"

" I nearly died and was up within a week! This is minor at best"

" Minor? Minor! Pho, you nearly were paralyzed from the waist down and you call that minor?Did Grievous wack you on the head too?"

" No he didn't checkmate. now can I move?"

" Not without help"

So it went.. Poetry became the subject of the afternoon and morning. While she slept, still on the medications, I was at combat pratice.

They were doubling up my classes and frankly it was wearing on my patience and strength.But when Pho's week of enforced bedrest
was over, an afternoon out at the opera and a double sundae with chocolate, bananas and nuts cured all woes..

Well to be more specific a few hours later all woes were cured.The little ,ehm ": misconception" you can read about over on her blog.I was still asleep after they had left, thanks to a pain pill because ofa bad throw gone wrong at combat pratice.

Word to the wise.. NEVER try to throw anyone over 5'9" It hurts.. Believe me , I know for a fact. My com rang and I think I actually fell out of bed to answer it.There
was something wrong.. I could feel it.

" Godfrey! There's been another attack!.. It's the ice cream parlor!.. Get a medvac out here STAT! there's wounded and possibly some casulties!" The com clicked out. I dressed hurriedly and as I joined the medvac team I could feel that this day was only about to get worse.. and it had started SO well too.
Until Later