Saturday, October 20, 2007

Return and peace?

Space travel ages you I swear. By the time we got back to the temple I felt like I had aged another 20 years or so. I was carrying Pho's bag so she didn't have to deal with so much.I smiled watching the reunion between Belda and Pho. Those two were made for each other. I had too much on my plate at the right moment to even think of taking on a padawan of my own.

We had ben called to an urgent meeting by the council. apparently we were getting some extra help to capture Catia at last. Well it's about damn time.
She doesn't think I see how her spirit erodes , how she falls a little more each day, she is trying so hard to hang on. But there isn't enough strength in he, but she tries so hard to hang on, it breaks my heart seeing her like this.

We were inducted to the council room and Phobia made the introductions to everyone. My gaze fell on IronFist. Our gazes locked, we understood each other well. I barely heard the others. when we were excused by the council I wrapped an arm around Phobia, guiding her down the hall. She was exhausted.

We were stopped by Dr Strange for a final word. He knew as well, he could sense their life energies. If he knew then how many others knew? He swore he would not tell our secret, in fact he seemed happy. He suggested if we could take some time, to visit earth, we culd be of some use there and we would be welcome with the Avengers any time.

I nodded perhaps it would help her recover. She was being stifled here, even as I gazed at her she seemed like a ghost.

" Of course, I need to take her to bed, please tell the others I will be avalibe later this afternon. Anytime today if it is an emergency."

He nodded and we started down the hall. Phobia fell asleep right where she stood. I lifted her off the floor and carried her back to our roo, dressing her for bed in her favroite pair of flannel pj's I was working on another Senate report for Corellia when my com rang.

It was Yoda, we were needed in the Council room now. Somehow, Catia had infiltrated the temple. I ran to wake Phobia . This was going to get ugly and fast.