Monday, August 20, 2007

The trouble with clones

The hours seemed to pass slower than ever that day.I led Phobia down the gangplank of the ship, nodding to Bail as he and Breha welcoemd us to Alderann. Phobia was speaking with Breha when she suddenly crumbled to her knees. I caught her on one side as Bail caught her on the other." Catia's here , she's close" she muttered, biting her lips. I could see she wanted to scream in pain from the wound she carried in her back.

I hurried Bail and Breha inside. Sabers were clashing in the courtyard while I made sure they were safe inside before I rejoined Pho.

She and Marasha were locked in a ferocious duel, then it was all over in a hot blast of fire. Marasha was gone.. or so I thought. I ran towards Phobia and pratically yanked her onto the bench" Are you okay? What happened? Where's Marasha?" I searched her for any injuries. If she were hurt I'd never forgive myself....

"Marasha.. gone.. saved.. soul.. Catia.. still.. near.. " she panted. that was all I needed to hear. I lifted her off her feet despite being 5 months pregnant and carried her into the palace. I still can't understand why she hated herself as much as she did in her younger years. It took doing but I was able to make her like herself for her. It killed me sitting on the sidelines all the time. I had enough of this. It was high time I do something about it.

"You're going to rest. I will deal with Catia. No arguments you hear me?"

She was about to protest until I waved a sleep suggestion on her and she was out cold. I told Bail to make sure Pho and Breha stayed inside the palace.I met up with Catia in the front lawn. " You know I can't let you walk away from here!" I called flipping on my double bladed saber and dropping back waiting for her to make her first move.

Her red blade hit the air and she motioned with her hand" Well the same goes for me. You aren't going back to that whelp alive!"
Blades locked and I could feel the power pricking up my spine. If Fafnir wanted out I would let him out. Catia would have no mercy in my eyes..
******************** give or take 3 hours later lost count***********************

I stumbled back into the palace, shirt ripped to sith and back. I was bleeding but I could barely tell my body hurt so much. I saw her run towards me in the entrance hall . I winced anticipating a very bad lecture. I probably looked worse than I felt.

" Don't you EVER EVER EVER do that to me again!"She threw her arms around me carefully, trying to avoid my scrapes. This was minor but the tears streaming down her face made me want to kick myself. I shouldn't have let Fafnir play with the clone so much. It wasn't really Catia.. where she really was, I don't know. but the clone had fled. I stroked her back as I led her inside.

The heat was doing her no favors and a cold bath would be in order for her.. Maybe for both of us. It'd help clean up the blood so I wouldn't be scaring her as much. The wounds wern't deep but they were in vital points which made for a messy scene.I looked down at her, one arm pulling her close as we walked.

" she's gone.. "

" Dead?"

" No I chased her off planet.I think we're taking a small vacation Pho..I'm tired and I know so are you. Just a day or two.. Like it was before.. "I leaned very close" Just us"

Her eyes nearly popped out of her head at my statement. We had been so busy for the council we had no time to ourselves. The happiest she had been as of late was our weeklong honeymoon. And I had to admit. I missed her too..

She leaned against my shoulder smiling " Yeah.. just us.. no council, no Belda.. just you.. and me"

I grinned and was about to pull her into the other room before I heard Bail's statement " I'll see to it you're not disturbed . Dinner is at 7"

Could today possibly go any more perfect? Judging by the ear splitting grin on Phobia's face.. probably

Even the youngest of Jedi learns one very particular phrase. Feel , don't think. Live in the moment. The actual meaning of that doesn't sink in until your older. Wisdom comes with age.

That.. Well that was about the wisest piece of advice since the Dai Kekimoura wirrten some 3,000 years ago. And that says something.

I quit questioning a long time ago. So long as the force is willing, I will gladly do whatever I can to keep her safe and happy.


Dark Jedi Kriss said...

"I will gladly do whatever I can to keep her safe and happy."

What a guy!

Skywalker said...

Nice, moves, man.

Phobia said...

*grins* I know I know* floats on cloud 9... oh and if I'm not around right off, just make sure if there's a closed door, do not open....

Godfrey Zebulon said...

*blushes deeply* I only do what I can to the best of my capabilities* scratches neck nervously*