Friday, July 6, 2007

Escaping the Spider part 1

I thought I could relax after the tourtament.. Maybe do some work in the archives, get to stay around the temple for a while.. Ha, that was a joke.
That was one of the thoughts runing through my head as I steered the ship into the Chromell sector. But, seeing a quick glimpse of Pho wandering over to our room wrapped in a warm towel from her shower, I was begining to rethink that earlier statement.. Maybe time away from the temple was a good thing after all.

We arrived planetside, back on Naboo. I wasn't about to alert Queen Jamilla to our presence, lest Pho end up angrier than she did the first time.We found Zan Arbor's ship hovering over the royal palace in Theed. Thankfully things went better than I had first anticipated. After some quick questioning of the guards we found out there was a station under construction on the Sea of Veruna.

A place of dead space, it would be a perfect place for Zan Arbor to hide.

On our approach to the station Phobia came up behind me and wrapped her arms around me.

"Godfrey, I'm scared" she said in just a bare whisper.

I tunred the chair around and pulled her onto my lap, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. " Why sweetheart?"

" I think this is a trap.. I can't explain why but I feel we are both in grave danger.. "

I reached out to turn the ship around. Maybe going to the Sea of Veruna wasn't such a good idea after all. Her small hand rested on mine, stopping me.

" But as scared as I am, we have to rescue Cin. He saved me when I needed him the most. I can't abandon him now."

Her voice quavered but there was a glint in her eyes that told me even if she was bleeding to death she would save a freind rather than herself first.

I continued our descent into Zan Arbor's station which I later found out was called The Widow . " when this mission is over, tell you what. I think we should go shopping for the twins."

Her eyes lit up and for a moment she was able to forget the fear and danger lying ahead of her" Really?"

"Yes really. but don't you think we ought to tell someone about Tai and Mara?"

" Who did you have in mind dear?"

" I was thinking maybe Obi Wan or Adana.I wouldn't want you telling Anakin unless you felt it nesscary"

At the mention of Obi Wan knowing about the children she began to tremble and shake in my arms, crying softly" I can't tell hi.. anyone else.. but not him.. I just can't"

"Why not darling? He's one of your closest freinds!"

She turned to me, eyes red and blotchy " Look, if he knows then that will show once and for all that I am a failure and utterly worthless. I have grown up listening to his wisdom, his teachings.

This would be a thumb to the eye of everything he has taught me! And besides if he knew about us he would be obligated to turn us over to thecouncil. If we tell him his position on the council could be put in jepoardy. If anyone deserves that council seat it is him. I can't take it away from him. I won't"

Her voice became quiet" I have fought those inner demons for loger than I care to remember. Inso far I have managed to keep them at bay. If I were to tell him the last barrier I have would be broken and they would devour me."

" What about DJ?"

She sniffled and reached for a tissue as we landed" Maybe.. I know I could trust her. But if Anakin picks up the thought off of her then... "

She didn't need to say anymore. I understood completly.

Turning she hugged me tightly and stood on her tiptoesfor a moment" Whatever happens out there. know I love you and I always will "

I pulled her close as I could not wanting to let her go" And I love you as well. Nothing will ever change that Phobia"

She smiled a little before giving me a quick kiss and then broke away" C'mon the faster we get Cin out of here faster we can get home"

We both hurried down the ramp and into the darkened hallway. We had to use the force to preventus from mkaing too much noise from bumping into the metal walls. Finally there was a light at the end of the tunnel , so to speak"Two forks, which goes where?"

I searched carefully. Either one would lead us to Cin but we needed to take out as many guards as possible.

" I'll take the left, you take the right. If things get out of hand., com me. I'll be there in an instant."

She nodded ,running down the right tunnel, clok flickering behind her like bats wings.
I disappeared down the left, using Fafnir's sight to guide me through the particularly dark places. I caught a contingient of guards and moved swiftly, knocking them over the head with an elbow strike each before using the force to lower them to the ground in a nice little neat pile and a sleep suggestion to make sure they didn't wake anytime soon.

I continued down the tunnel, urgency growing in my blood. We needed to get Cin and get out of here before things went to sith in a handbasket.

I met up with Phobia at a steel door at the end of the two tunnels. " He's behind here, how do we cut this door down without making too much noise?"
I took one look at the door and knew how to get inside" Stand back for a sec. I've got an idea."

I summoned up Fafnir's forepower and directed a jetstream of fire at the door, making the metal melt like mud.

As soon as it melted Phobia ran in and I folowed, saber allready drawn. The sense of danger I was recieving was strongest in this room.

Cin looked up at us" r-run it's a trap"

As I reached over to pull Phobia out of the way a door slammed behind us. A woman with red hair walked out of the shadows"Well.. well.. the final piece of the puzzle arrives. So glad you could join me Phobia.."

Phobia's saber was in her hands in a moment. I stood behind her and a little off to the right. Best not to draw any attnetion to myself unless I strictly had to.

" Zan Arbor.. I can't say it's a pleasure because it most certainly isn't"

A table lurched to a vertical position. no.. no... it couldn't be.. We had been playing into her hands all along god forgive us.. There was a corpse on the table. With startingly familiar black hair and pale white skin.

Us comming here wa part of the plan.

That's what Phobia meant.

The danger didn't come from Zan Arbor directly.

It came from Catia, who's new body was lying on the table before us



Dark Jedi Kriss said...

Pick the thought off me about what? Me kicking his Jedi tushy? HA!

Skywalker said...

Kick my WHAT?

What is everyone wants to kick MY tush?

Godfrey Zebulon said...

Um.. think about it carefully DJK.. You'll piece ittogether
Anakin 1 word for you . Vader

Phobia said...

DJK: K ..I....D..S

Ani: Are you REALLY that thick?

Godfrey: thank you.. someone had to say it

Orange Palps said...

I have an idea. Why don't you all take a nap, right now. I think that sith would be amazing to kill you.

Wait a second! Apprentice Arise! Kill those guys!

Phobia said...

Not gonna happen Palps*tosses an apple*