Thursday, July 12, 2007

Escaping the spider -part 2

I stood there, shocked, fear vibrating through every bone in my body.

Phobia took a step towards Jenna. Was she mad? It had to be a trap!

" All I want is Catia's soul. I will even let you take that useless Jedi Dralling out with you. Give me the soul of the emperess and you are free to go."

Was it really that simple?

It couldn't be THAT simple

She tried to reach out to me ,but my mind was flying with a million questions. Fat load of help I was.

Phobia's next words gave me strength. Gave me hope for everything and everyone " If you can get her out without hurting me fatally, get. her. out."

I held my breath for several minutes as Zan Arbor attached a blood pressure cuff like thing to Phobia's arm. Pho seemed to pale for a minute and I saw why. The cuff was lined with long and very thick needles.I moved to stop Zan Arbor but she shook her head "I'm so sorry it has to hurt this much" Jenna said , tears in her eyes.

Phobia's body shuddered and shook viloently. I ran forward to catch her as she fell forward to the ground, blood dripping onto the floor.Phobia's power was returning, trifold. Pure white , unbridled ferocious power poured into her, filling her and getting rid of any poison within her.It was so bright

I was nearly blinded but I managed to get her to her feet. I tore my shirt sleeve and used it to wrap around her bleeding arm.

"Her soul and body are one now. you are free." Zan Arbor said ,looking back at the corpse begining to move and back to Pho.

I ran over and unhooked Cin. If Catia was alive and well we needed to leave and NOW.

" I learned much from one man years ago, he told me of you and your plight. I know my evil deeds will not go unpunished. Leave me here.. she will kill me the moment she wakes. Go quickly. I will hold her off for as long as I can"

So Zan Arbor was willing to sacrifice her life to save us. So maybe she wasn't as bad as I had thought.I pulled Phobia away and with her help we managed to get Cin back to the ship.

While Phobia got us into the air I got Cin back to a cot.He was pale and cold. Nearly dead."Pho! He needs a blood trransfusion ! Now!" I hurried to get the machienes ready. If he didn't get the blood now he would not make it to the healer's on Coruscant.

She yanked the needle out of my hand as I preped Cin's arm and injected the needle. Blood flowed through the tube between the two of them until Cin started to regain his color.Phobia got paler and paler until I removed the needle and caught her in my arms as she slumped over.

Even as I lifted her off her feet and brought her to a spare room , she asked" Cin.. s he gonna be okay?"

I nodded" He'll be fine, thanks to you."

I settled her into bed and began pulling the covers up to her chin when she stopped me.. " what bout the twins.. can't befound out.."

I called the black cloak I had given her to my hand with the force. "Sleep now, you need your rest. I'll bring some hot coffee soon"

She was alseep before I had finished speaking, trembling from the cold.

I made sure to turn the heat up in the room before I left. I went to the kitchen and washed my face with cold water before preparing the coffee for all three of us. I ws tired, terribly tired. But now maybe We could begin to gain some measure of peace.



Dark Jedi Kriss said...

Peace? What is that?

Skywalker said...

Gota love a good trap.

Phobia said...

Tell me about it. I'm fine hon.. you'll see.

Orange Palps said...

If I was you I would give myself up, and announce my presence... That leads to more fun in evil torture chambers.