Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The end of all(final part)

I headed out the door and was preping the ship for take off whenever grandfather found me.

" The council had decided.. decided that since Anna is stepping down at the end of the month to tend to her son.. you'll be taking her place! Congratulations!"

I think my eyes nearly popped out of my head. on the council? Me? How much better could this day get?" I.. I don't know what to say.. except .. thank you.. but that seems so inadquete.. "

He laughed" the look on your face right now is thanks enough. I know how much you wanted this.. ,but you never did think on it much since you were a boy did you?"

I shook my head " No to be honest I never did. I just completed any task the council set before me to the best of my ability. Nothing more."

" well be proud.. be very proud.. " he pasued" I take it the Jedi have called you back?"

" Yes, the temple swordmaster Cin Dralling has been kidnapped. Phobia and I have been called back to help with the search."

" A good man Cin is.. Learned much from him I did whenever I was at the temple.. that was just after the incident wasn't it?"

The indicent he refers to is still rather painful for me to honestly speak of. But suffice to say without it I would've never met Phobia.

"yes.. it was before then.. about a year before.. I was 15"

He nodded gravely" When I return.. would you like me put flowers on the graves?"

" Yes.. I would like that very much grandfather" I stooped down and hugged him tightly. " Thank you.. "

When I stood I was the calm reserved Jedi again. " We need to get going.. May the force be with you grandfather, safe journey"

He waved" Sauli, Safe journey grandson."

We boarded the ship and departed from Ragoon 3, my mind still very much replayig the incident.. or how it had happened to me in my mind.

Phobia saw how down and out I was" Tired?" she asked comming back with a glass of muja juice in her hand

I shook my head taking the juice from her" no.. old memories"

Resting her chin on my shoulder she asked" Want to talk about it?"

" Not particularly.. I just want to forget.."

She nodded understandingly " I know how that is.. you say you wish to forget?"

I stood, putting the empty glass in the sink" more than anything"

She came close, perfume taunting me" then let me help you forget and give you my own special reward.. I'm all yours.. do what you like.."

I saw where she was going with this.. did I ever.. Suffice to say.. the rest of the trip.. I didn't have to think about all that much..

After making sure Belda got settled in at her room, we met with the council.

" Master Dralling dissapeared five days ago. We have sent out others who have either come back wounded or dead.Three knights and 5 padawans . the knights were sent off planet. All the padawans were seinor, near their trials. This we feel is the work of someone who the order has come into contact with before"

A holo popped up on screen " Jenna Zan Arbor, the same scientist who kidnapped Qui Gon Jinn some years prior for her sadistic expermients in the force"

I nodded mutely" Be careful and cautious. She was able to caupute Cin.. who knows what might be happening now.. All of the dead we found with ther blood drained from their bodies, every last drop."

We were dismissed and Phobia and I went to pack." We need to be espically careful on this one Godfrey. if she senses Tai or Mara.. She could try to hurt them.."

My throat twisted at the thought.

" You should stay"

" No! I'm going like it or not!"

There was no sense arguing with her.. compared to Belda Phobia can be the most sutbbroun person I've known.

" Then at least wear this" I handed her a black cape" It's specially designed to hide your force signature. It will also hide the children's too"

She took it as we headed out to the landing pad. I didn't care. I wanted this mission over and soon. If Jenna Zan Arbor tried to hurt my wife or my children, suffice to say it would be the last thing she would ever do.


Til Later


padawanbeldapinik said...

wow Master Cin's missing? This is not good. I am hoping you return safely with all the missing Jedi. Travel safe Master Godfrey! (has a mischievious look in her eyes) I'll stay busy, yup, I will... (goes skipping off to do things)

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

Not Cin!

Skywalker said...

Is there any one left at Temple these days?

Godfrey Zebulon said...

hardly* snort*. What worries me is if someone could get cin, who else would they try for.. DJ? You see my point?

Phobia said...

I'm worried too.. very worried. But I will not let Cin go now. He saved me when I needed him, now I will save him.