Monday, July 2, 2007

A small sidenote on this weeks competition over at LGS 2

Okay for those of you who read here on my blog, and might have been following I was recently on Last Gladiator Standing 2.One thing I learned while there is gungan princesses don't mix with consession stands.. Too long of a story to tell here..

But anyway before I get off track.

There were only 2 Jedi competing, and now one remains..

Yes everyone the one, the only DarkJediKriss is in the final 2 this week.
Anyone can send in their votes when it's time for judging, so go take a look. She's done a terrific job thus far. Let's see if we can help her get the gold?

Okay since I am no great shakes in HTML, follow the link on my blogroll to Jon the Intergalatic Gladiator's blog then scroll through his list until you find the link for Last Gladiator Standing 2.
Now is the time that everyone gets to have a say.. make sure you get a chance too..

( Now I KNOW I've been hanging around Peterelli for too long.. I'm starting to sound like .. a congressman.. LOL .. I guess I had it comming XD I say leave the speaking to those who know their trade..But in all honesty all of us put in a great effort k I'm rambling.. * is yanked away from keyboard*)


Dark Jedi Kriss said...

You rock, man. Thanks!

Quinlan Vos said...

Oh no not you too!