Saturday, June 9, 2007

Rage of the Dragon

The bell rang . White Cloud and I entered the center of the ring and bowed to each other.I dropped back into a reverse sidestance, one hand out palm facing towards him. He took his usual, three quater Okinawan backstance.

Everything else fell away, I saw no one or anything except for White Cloud. We cricled for a few moments,testing, probing for an opening or weakness. .He moved first striking for my collarbone. I brought my right hand up and twisted, knocking his strike aside , moving for his heart.

He blocked I countered.

The roar of the crowds was the only thing I could hear ..We moved in perfect synchronicitious balance, back and forth over the cold stone floor. Time ticked away slowly but I didn't pay it a mind.

I knew White Cloud's weakness.

I had to stay on the defensive and wear him down. then move in for the kill .

He was wearing down slowly, movments becoming more sluggish. Green eyes normally bright were begining to dull with fatigue.I saw my shot and moved inwards . My right hand came up into a backfist and connected with the side of his head, then a roundhouse kick to the other side.Just as I was comming for the elbow.. I felt it..

Darkside energy.

My eyes darted around the arena searching for the source, to turn up nothing. Then I saw her.

She had followed us all the way out here, and now had White Cloud in her sway.

Things had just suddenly gotten a lot more complicated.

I chanced a glance to the balcony, Phobia and Belda were both on their feet. Pho bristling in anger. I shook my head. this was my fight.. I would finish her, finish this and win it.

As the ref signaled for weapons, White Cloud pulled a Balith sword. I reached for my double blade. The tang of ozone hit my nose and I backflipped over Cloud's head , landing behind him., saber at the ready. The wooden part in the middle of the Balith sword fell to pieces. He tossed it aside aside growling and power began to rise.

I didn't want to kill him,I honestly didn't.. But he was leaving me no choice.

This was not the real White Cloud.. The man I knew would've never done this.. Become evil..
I let Fafnir take over.. I couldn't see his eyes when he died.. So full of hate.. and saddness.. It was too much for me to take.. Fire.. fire burned all around us.. One stroke with my blade.. it was over..

White Cloud was dead.

The scales wilted and I was normal.. No I can't say I was normal.. I had just been forced to kill one of my best freinds.. All thanks to a little twisted brat.

I was angry.. past angry, past furious.. I was.. .. insane with rage.. I only remember one other time I felt like this.. When I found Iout I had been too late to save Ariel..But that's another story.

I wanted her blood on my hands.. I would be content with nothing less.

I jumped out of the ring intending to do just that whenever all of a sudden Phobia was there, holding me back.

" Let me go! I want her dead!"Her arms were wrapped around me, locking my hands at my sides like vices

" Godfrey for goodness sake listen to yourself! your angry! Your hurt and understandably so! but if you strike her down now you'll become something you can't live with! you'll be like her!"

I stil struggled, but I was begining to see through the red fog that tained my senses .

" you know I'm right love.. Listen to me.. listen to my voice.. you have to stop now.. beofre it's too late.. you have to.. for your children.. for me.. "

Red turned to blue.. my normal color.. I was overheated from my long hours in the sun.. She was deliciously cool against me, helping me up into the balcony to rest.

I needed to rest.. My task was not done.. it was only just begining.
Until Later


Dark Jedi Kriss said...

*covers eyes*

Skywalker said...

Nice job on that guy.

Godfrey Zebulon said...

uhm.. thanks.. I think.. If you see that sith brat.. do me a favor.. hang onto her.. Pho Belda and I have some unfinished buisness with that brat

Phobia said...

*covers eyes with one hand* I know DJ.. believe me

Master Obi-Wan said...

Shakes head and listens with raised eyebrows.

Master Adana said...

Covers eyes and ears.

padawanbeldapinik said...

Yeah if anyone is able to captivate Marisha, please do so? I mainly wanna speak with her... Preffibly with her Force tied down so maybe she'll listen?