Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The End of all-part 2

(CTD from last post)

" There is a sith lord from an alternate timestream.. here he is known as Anakin sKywalker. He wil not become evil for sometime yet. Is there a way to stop him before it is too late?"
Valerious the elder nodded his head" There are a few diffrent ways. First.. show him the compassion he has not known through the Jedi, their's is one way of living, show him the compassion he knew from his mother, from those he knew BEFORE the Jedi"

His son Velkin spoke next "Then there is the matter of the sith lord.. He is closer than you think, Go to the 500 Repbulica, there is a place called The Works. there you will find evidence to lead you to your culprit."

Then finally his duaghter Anna spoke" If all else fails Godfrey you know what you must do. What BOTH of you must do. Search for the peaceful means first. Only then if you fail then should you result you the drastic."

I nodded my head" I thank you for this great gift. I am truly indebted to you"

The youngest of the council spoke up" and your final wish?"

I turned to Phobia who had her hand resting on my arm" What do you think ? "

She smiled up at me and squeezed my arm softly" Whatever you want Godfrey, I will not stop you from making your choice. My main concern is our future and the future of the order."

That's when the last wish came to me.

" My unborn daughter's future is clouded in strife and darkness. I humbly ask you to secure her future with the order and give her a good and happy life. For circumstances out of my control and my wife's.. It is possible we will not be there to help her"

I could see Anna crying and the same with Belda. if they could grant me this.. It is all I could ever ask, a happy life for my children.

"We cannot undo the events Phobia has forseen, not in their entirety. but your wish will be fufilled. Mara will have a happy and good life. She will return to the order one day and marry the son of the son of suns.The order will change and she will be happy with her new life. But beware Caedus, for as one stands on the brink now one will then and if he does turn, it will be family against family."

I bowed to the council before we were dismissed. As soon as we were back I quickly began packing up for our return to Coruscant. Belda stopped me with an outstretched hand. " You won the tourtament, shouldn't we be celebrating?" Phobia nodded in agreement" You're both right what am I doing?"

I scooped Belda off the floor and spun her around before doing the same to Phobia who squeeled like a child. Our celebration plans were cut short however when my com went off .A feeling of dred crept over me. Whatever news it was, it was bound to be not good.

" Godfrey we need you back here immeditly, the temple swordmaster has went missing as well as another Jedi and two other younglings. Master Kenobi is allready out searching for the one group. We need you and Phobia to go and look for the other."

I nearly dropped the com in suprise. Cin was missing?" I understand Master Mundi, we'll be back as soon as we are able."

I turned to Pho and Belda" I'm sorry but the celebration is off. We're needed back at the temple. Your master and I have another mission"


Dark Jedi Kriss said...

Missions never end. One right after the other.

Skywalker said...

Why me, I ask? Where do you people get this from?