Monday, June 4, 2007

Rolling Thunder,clash of the DaiShujo

I rose early, heading into the garden to meditate. that's when grandfather found me.He sat down and together we meditated for about an hour before he spoke.

" I managed to sway the elders in her favor, but you must take great caution. if anyone sees the mark on her back all I have done can fall through easily"

I rose and headed back into our rooms to dress. The preliminaries would start soon. As soon as I had my uniformon, Iwoke Phobia" Love? come on.. it's time" She rose sleepily eyes blurry and voice husky with sleep" mmh allready?" Gods she is so sexy. " No time for games this morning dove.. You need to get dressed.. Here."

I handed her an oriental kimono which would service her well in the heat" Come.. you need to dress, there isn't much time. I'll wake Belda"
I headed over to the connecting room and woke Belda, telling her to dress lightly. Once that was done I went backto get my bag and see if Pho was ready.. She nearly took my breath away.

The kimono made her look like a goddess, hair hanging to her waist, soft smile.. okay I'm getting ahead of myself.. it looked more like a dress though now that I think of it..

We headed down to the arena, in silence. Belda was looking back and forth between the two of us. A shiver crept up my spine.. At last I was going to have my chance.. I pointed to the stairs which lead up to the high box where she could watch with my grandfather.

Then setting my things down I began warming up.. The preliminaries were basically an all out streetfight, last 10 standing move on to the tourtament.

The whistle blew and over 70 people poured into the ring. My heart was pounding madly against my ribcage. . The whistle blew again and everyone moved as one.

Bodies were flying and I ducked more than one arm seeking to take me out. Lantos and I ended up back to back in the middle of the ring. It was automatic, kick, punch, shove, spin.. whatever threw them from the ring..

Then... then he came..

Like a wave of destruction he began his trek towards us.. Men and women went flying in every direction. Lantos tensed behind me, and the last cluster of us in the ring were all that were left.

Just as Khali turned his eyes towards me, the whislte blew signagling the end of the preliminaries.

The remaining ones standing were, myself, Lantos, Khali, White Cloud, Morkos, Xule, Jeracob, and three others whom I had never met before.

The screen blinked and the matches were set.
My first opponent? White Cloud.
Until Later


Dark Jedi Kriss said...

Good luck!

Skywalker said...

Good luck, man.

Godfrey Zebulon said...

*grins* thanks.. against that 9 foot monster.. I'll need it

Phobia said...

*huggles* you'll be fine darling..

Darth Vader said...

Only 9 feet?

Poor you.