Thursday, June 21, 2007

The End of all- part 1

I rose the next morning and went to the gardens to meditate. I needed perfect, clear focus.

The early bell tolled and I headed to the ring. Khali was allready there waiting for me. We bowed and then he smiled "You be freind, no matter who win"

I grinned, " and you are my freind Khali. May the best man win."

We took our positions.

At the third tolling of the bell the fight began in earnest.

No matter what I did he was throwing me around like a rag doll.My head bounced off the stone floor like a ball.. Ouch I knew that was going to be killing me in the morning..

I could go into the direct details of the fight but it'd take a week. Suffice to say by the time the referee called for us to change to our animal forms, both of us were rather run through the ringer. Phobia I could see her running down the path, every cuss word she knew hanging on her breath.

I let Fafnir take over and the white panther appeared. His fangs latched onto my throat and Fafnir reared onto his hind legs, trying to shake him off his throat. Though we were in animal form we moved like quicksilver, striking and counterstriking.

This was one of the longest fights I had ever been in. I felt myself begining to tire whenever everything seemed to slow.

I saw a slight opening that I could take and I did.

Khali fell backwards, shifting back from his panther form. He was unconcious, which meant the fight was over.

I had won the Onkichi Budokai.

Cheers erupted through the crowd and all of a sudden, I turned and Phobia was at my side.

Fafnir retreated and she wrapped a robe around my shoulders. Upside about my uniform.. It's the only set of clothes that doesn't get destryoed whenever I change.

" You won Godfrey.. you won.." she was crying whenever I hugged her.I was estatic. I had won!.. I know a Jedi shouldn't be proud or anything. .but I had this dream since I was a young boy.. Someone cleared their throat behind me. It was grandfather with the high council.

" Godfrey you have done magnificantly, you have won the Onkichi Budokai. Name three things and if they are in our power they are yours."

Three things? I could think of one thing " My wife, she is a prisoner of a sith spirit.. Can you banish Catia from her?"

My grandfather smiled and turned to the members of the high council. Then he turned back to me a sorrowful look" We cannot do that, but there is something, tempt the panther with meat, she will come. create a new body for Catia ,she will leave you wife.We can give you what you need to begin"

I bowed" Thank you this means more to me than you know. I am eternally grateful"

" What else would you ask of us?"

I thought long and hard about this, I had pratically the world at my feet. The DaiShujo were the almost as powerful as the Jedi order.then it occured to me.. Vader...



Skywalker said...

Why does everyone mention Vader? Geeusss!

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

Uh, Vader here Vader there.
Ani there, Ani here.

I got headache.

Phobia said...

Because he's... oh nevermind.. your too thickheaded to fathom it anyway.

DJ.. time travel will do that to you.. just ask Godfrey.

Godfrey Zebulon said...

It's a matter of importance, if you'd sit and think about it maybe you'd understand.

DJ take 3 extra strength asprin, ice pack to the head and a dark room. That usually helps.

Darth Vader said...

I think DJ knows all about time travel, thank you.

Godfrey Zebulon said...

It's her first time long term time traveling bucket brain.. I've been into the time stream more than once.. and on longterm.. So I know what I'm talking about