Friday, June 15, 2007

The eye of the storm

My vision flittered in and out for some time. The next thing I knew there was acold glass of juice being tipped down my throat. Pho was hovering over me, a worried frown on her face. I took the glass from her and sat upright drinking down the rest of it in a few swallows.

" you scared me to death Godfrey.. You were so pale "

Before she could say more I reached across and brushed a stray strand of hair from her eyes. " I'm fine.. I'm not that easy to kill, and no way would I let some stupid twit like Marasha get the better of me."

She frowned but nodded reluctently

" Speaking of, did she get away? What about you? Are you okay?"

My eyes ran over her worriedly, looking for any outward signs of injury to her or the twins. I didn't care about winning here if it meant her health or any danger to my children.

" I'm fine, so are the children. Marasha got away however.Xanatos is dead. For good this time."

I let out a breath I didn't know I had been holding" okay, now why don't we get some rest? you look beat"

She laughed looping her arm through mine " me? beat? you look like a wreck"

That had been four hours ago.

Now I stood in the ring facing Lantos. So it had come down to this had it? The fight had started and I had kept my eyes on Lantos the whole time. If there was one rule I always followed it was never to take your eyes off your opponent.

That was until I heard the sound of cracking stone. I turned around, getting a kick in the head from Lantos for my lack of concentration.I saw Belda falling and I was just about to shift into Fafnir whenever she changed.. Good lord.. please don't let this ruin everything..

I turned back to Lantos, wanting to finish this as fast as I could. Phobia touched the ground next to the ring and Belda slid off her back running to the ring's edge.I knew Belda wanted to help me but this was my fight to win , not her's no matter how good her intentions may be.

My heart leapt into my throat, the next opponent one of us would face was there, Khali.. He and Phobia were speaking. .I wanted to yell for her to get away from him before she got hurt. .but he seemed.. genuine in his kindness.

I saw Lantos preparing to use his finishing signature move, The Golden punch gunner. My hands moved almost of their own accord. This would end now. This technique had been passed down through my mother's side of the family. The rock crusher or" Seki Ha Tien Kyo ken"

The whole arena exploded in light at once.

Lantos and I attacked at the same time and there was something else happening.

I blasted Lantos back and the fight was over. I turned to see a familiar figure before me.. What the hells...?

How in the world.. Aiashka?

I ran to Belda who was watching this , one sided brawl with wide eyes.

" What happened?" I asked herm watching this crazyniess.

" She changed.. into.. that.. she's angry.. so angry.. what's wrong with her?"

I shook my head" I don't honestly know Belda, but her concentration.. it's scary.."

Just then Khali shifted into his animal form of a white panther. A burst of pain erupted across my temples. She changed back and fell. That all happened in a span of a few seconds.

I carried her up to our room and took a seat in the chair by her side. Eventually she woke

" That was a nasty fall you took there" I said, dabbing her forehead with a cold cloth.

" how long have I been out for?"

" Most of the day. It's just me and Khali tomorrow. And the high council will be watching the fight, but for now rest."

She leaned back against the pillows, sighing softly . I shrugged out of my jacket and shoes and laid down next to her. Her hands rested on my shoulders. " Just stay safe.. please" she whispered

I nodded" Of course, anything for you, we'll be home by tomorrow night. I promise"

It was like that we fell into a light sleep, my mind allready on tomorrow's fight.

Until Later


Dark Jedi Kriss said...

Glad you are ok!

Phobia said...

You're not the only one DJ *grins*I never thought I'd be so glad to be back home at the temple..

Godfrey Zebulon said...

Thanks DJ.. I'm jsut glad i'm in one piece is all

padawanbeldapinik said...

*sigh* I am happy you are safe Master Godfrey. I agree with my Master, we should return back to the Temple as soon as possible.