Sunday, March 11, 2007

A split mind and a celebration

My feelings that morning were rather mixed I had to admit. With my father's passing so very recent and the news that, he had indeed been poisoned, my heart was in two diffrent places.To help I went to the training room to pratice some and meditate. I was hoping I could bring my focus back to the present and today, not what had happened but what was going to happen.

I was in the middle of Bassai Dai whenever I heard the door open. " I figured you would be here" he said walking over and picking up a bo staff, making a few passes with it. I finished with my kata and found my staff on the wrack . As we dueled we talked.

" I can't bring all of me to the present and today. "

" Why? You have no idea how excited she is, what's troubling you?"

" I found out excactly how my father died"

" He didn't die of natural causes? And besides why are you worrying about this?"

" No he didn't. He was poisioned"

" Poisioned? Who would want to get rid of your father?"

" That's the problem, no one. The servent who was new here dissapeared the day before he died. He had been serving father's evening wine"

" So find him and get rid of him"

" It's not that easy"

" what are you talking about?"

" With the poision was traces of darkside energy. It was Sidious.. He had my father poisioned. That particular poison is hard to come by, virtually impossible"

" And unless I miss my guess you're worried you'll fail in protecting Pho? you know she can take care of herself"

" That's just it. Dad could take care of himself too.. He didn't always look like that."

I pulled a holo from my pocket. It was out of habbit I carried it around anymore. I didn't get to see him that much. The newest one was taken at my last visit just a week ago"see? This was taken a week before he died. you saw how he looked. Older than yoda."
Anakin frowned as he replaced his bo staff on the rack below mine. " your right..Sidious was behind this" his eyes took on a particular gleam and I knew better than to ask.

" All I can say is this.. Help her.. love her. she begins to fall, don't let her go.. Fight for her if you have to.. But don't smother her. She's handed my head to me when I've done it.. The same with Obi Wan"

I could only nod, then I glanced at the clock" It's after 4! "

We both ran helter skelter outta there to go get ready

So there I was, nervous as a gungan standing there at the altar waiting for her. Just as the clock hit six the chapel doors swung open.. I thought for certain I had died she looked so perfect. I thought I was in the presence of an angel.

Anakin was next to her, getting the honor of giving her away. I could feel it though I could not see them.. Mom and Dad were there as well as Xanatos.. They all had passed into the force but there presences were there.

A gentle squeeze from her and my name whispered on her lips brought me back to reality.i somehow kept my mind enough to not screw up and finally though not soon enough the force rused over the both us like a tidal wave, binding us together.

When I kissed her I thought for sure my knees were going to buckle the feeling was so intense. I didn't want it to end and neither did she. But a good natured jib from Anakin somehwere off to our left brought her away from me long enough to wack him alongside of the head.

The reception was one of the biggest parties Corellia had ever seen. It lasted long into the night with too much drinking for just about everyone there.. Anakin caught her garter which I found almost too much not to kill myself laughing over.

He had to leave about 2 hours into the reception however, the council would be looking for him soon.. Pho was rather upset about that and understandably so . The council would always be our primary worry from now on. But for the moment.. I made sure she didn't worry about anything.. Nothing at all.
Until Later


padawanbeldapinik said...

Poisoned! Oh no! Well with Sidious behind this plot, I can see.. Again I am so sorry about your PA's death.

So thats what goes on at a real wedding. Maybe one day I will get to see one?

Godfrey Zebulon said...

Thank you Belda. *nods* I don't care how long it takes,Sidious will learn why it is dangerous to strike at my family.

I know you will. And when that day comes, even if Phobia and I are no longer there physically, we will be there for you.

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

Lovely wedding.
But you know, when the counsel finds out...

Skywalker said...

Uh, yeah, you know how it is. People to kill, place to go.


Flip that.


Darth Vader said...

So full of deluiusions. When will you Jedi learn?
Ah, yes. You don't, do you?

cooltopten said...

Sidious is just as evil as ever I see..