Thursday, March 29, 2007

Combat Pratice, my domain, my playground

Combat class.. heh.. sounds normal.. it's not..

First came the younglings/padawan class. It was more about getting the general stance and the ideals right than anything. Simple there.. then the elder padawans. There's where the tricky part came into play. They were learning to spar. I called up a good match. Padawan Ju'valk, a female Twi'lek vs Padawan Xiss.. a zabryak.. i knew Zule didn't like fighting and through this I hoped to maybe bring out that latent flame that I could feel burning in her.

I have a knack for knowing when someone is not giving it 100 is something I think I got from my grandfather.. But I use this to bring out the best in anyone ho falls under my teaching.

Padawan Xiss did not make it past 2 minutes into the match. Other matches came and went, no one else of note tobe honest. And here I had such high hopes for Xule..

When it gets fun for me is whenever I get in the Jedi Masters and even some of the council members for class. Then it's my time, not their's. you walk into the training room, you walk into my playground. As for martial arts combat I have surpassed all except for a few. Grandfather taught me much.

We were running through a series of basic line drills when I could feel it.. Mace.. he was not giving it everything he had. The drill was, palm heel strike, round kick, spinning back kick, backfist, reverse front snap kick reverse punch. Some of the masters werehaving troubleand I corrected where nesscary. But Mace, he just stopped and stared at me entirely with a scowl" you expect me to remember this?"

I demonstrated for him again then I gave a warning" Mace, Don't give me any lip.. your on my time.. or do you want to be on wall drills until I say stop?"
He looked at me blustering" I'm a council member! you would not dare!..."

I simply pointed to the far wall" 5 count.. get moving, don't stop until I say."
Mace though very angry, complied cussing under his breath. I turned back to the rest of the class and continued drills, then into weapons and then finally into kata and not once did I turn an eye to Mace.

Finally when class was over I went over and helped Mace to his feet. He was sweating all over and shaking like a limb in a storm. " did you learn anything?"

He nodded" Never cross the teacher?"

I nodded in assent" That and I'm not one to tick off"
Mace grinned weakly and then I was left alone in the training room until late, running through kata and praticing with my bo staff. A gift from grandfather, it's adorned with a golden dragon and easy for me to handle. Then my com went off.. Pho needed me to look into something for her.. well two things.. 1 being any information I could colelct on a place called "the Works" and secondly.. how long would it take to prepare a birthday party for a certain padawan...

Until Later


Darth Vader said...

"I have a knack for knowing when someone is not giving it 100 is something I think I got from my grandfather"

Do you now?

padawanbeldapinik said...

Hello there Master Godfrey, A birthday party? Yippy! I am so there! Oh I have been practicing on my Force jumping, my Force pushing, Force calling, and some saber moves. It's sure to impress at the Birthday party!

Godfrey Zebulon said...

Vader,yes, one of my more unusal talents.. i would just guess it's something I picked up from my grandfather since he always seemed to know when I wasn't giving it MY best.. Just as much as say the Death Star is your playground.. combat training room is mine.

Belda, that's good to hear, but make sure you don't let on that you know okay? Pho wanted it to be a suprise.

Master Adana said...

Then let's keep it a surprise, shall we?
Too bad I couldn't be at practice. I haven't had a good sparring in a while.

Master Obi-Wan said...

Don't let Mace fool you. He remembers everything after the first time but he likes to test one's patience and finesse.

A birthday party, eh?

Godfrey Zebulon said...

Well at least I will say this much, spar with me, you'll get a good workout.. not like some ofthe other instructors who only give you one set and call it a day..

And as for Mace remembering everything.. he might beut he needs to learn, you step into my world, I'm the boss, not him. I give him the same respect in the council room, I am only wanting the same in return.