Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The dragon's wraith

Blows were exchanged as the three of us fought over the high deck overlooking the canyon.Phobia and I moved in sync, when one dropped the other struck. Seemlessly we were dismantling the general. He was near the end whenever I felt air under my feet.

I hadn't been careful enough and he had shoved me over the cliff.

I used to the force to jerk me to a stop on a ledge that was cut into the cliff just high enough I could stand comfortably. I reached out to Phobia over out bond, reassuring her that I was okay and that she should keep going until I could rejoin her.Then I began the slow tortorus climb up the cliff face.

Rocks tumbled thousands of feet below me and the height itself was simply dizzying. it was slow going and fianlly i managed to get myself up onto level ground. I had went around to the path we had just come up . there were metal rafters hanging above, and with Grievous occupied with Phobia, and Belda I saw where I needed to go.
I swung up into the rafters and precariously picked my way along until I was just above Grievous' head.

Then the whole world stopped.

It all happened so slow yet so fast at the same time. I saw the lightsaber come up and I tried to yell to Pho to get out of the way but I was too slow. The dragon clambered for blood and I let him loose fully and utterly. Grievous would die by my hand before this day was done.
I dropped and jammed my saber up into Grievous' synthskin gutsack and tearing his chestplate wide open. I was about to strike the final blow when he ran. Coward.

The red haze before me dissapated and I ran to Pho's side. She was lying limp and almost lifeless on the deck. " How bad is it?" I asked her, pulling her upper body up enough she could rest her head on my lap. My throat clenched viloently and my head was spinning. Was I about to loose the last person I loved so soon?

" The bastard cut my spine in two, what the hell do you think? " she snapped, I could see the pain ripping through her body as though it were tanglible.Well at least she hadn't lost her sense of humor.. Her next words .. if they had been a vibroblade.. I would have been dead

" I don't know how long I have Godfrey.. please, just hold me for now?"

How could I not?I made her as comfortable as I possibly could, a hand drifting up to her forehead brushing her face.I prayed to whatever deity that was listening the force.. anyone.. anything.. I couldn't losse her now.. I just couldn't..

She was speaking to someone.. was it Belda? .. yes. .Belda thought that she was at fault.. that she was the cause of Phobia's injuries.. that was the furthest thing from the truth but I couldn't bring myself to say anything right then, so I just listened as Phobia explaned it all to Belda with a quiet grace that she's always had, though never believes it.She was crying now too.. i hated to see he cry.. I wiped her tears , doing whatever I could to try and calm her.

I could feel a whisper of the darkside ,but at this point I was so.. lost I ddn't know nor did I care who it was.. If it was Dooku, may the force have mercy on him because I knew I would not.

However it wasn't..

It was Catia, and she offered.. hope?

Phobia quietly explained to me that Catia could heal her but sh would be in a LOT of pain and the seal around Catia's power might break. If it did.. The oceans would scream in sadness, the mountains bend their peaks in woe.. or Sith Emperess Ravenstone would be unleashed once again. And this time her vengance would be utter, absoulete and genocidial.

It might not have been the way of the Jedi, but I was tired of being a Jedi.. As a jedi I had lost everything I had cared for, my mother, my father, and my sister. i simply could not loose my wife too.I was just a man who despretly wanted to save the woman he loved. Even if it meant selling my very soul to the devil.I gripped her hand as she told Catia do do what she had to.

She squeezed my hand until I was positive the cartilage would break. I told Belda to reeach in my belt and retrieve the green capsule and the syringe as well as the blue capsule. the green causule was a heavy sedative the blue was simply water. I mixed the two then injected them into Phobia's arm. I lifted her using the force and making sure to keep her back straight I got her int the fighter and into one of the cots. I told Belda to keep an eye on her and come find me if she seemed to grow worse.

There was an advantage of being prince of Corellia, my father played double agent for a time. At one time he had organized the biggest double crossing the Trade Federation had ever seen. i took one of the old Trade Federation routes that wasn't so messed up one couldn't pilot it and we were at Coruscant within 4 hours.

When she woke I was nearby" W.. where are we?" she either took a hit to the head or that sedative was stronger than I thought.

I explained that she was abouthalfway healed but still needed to see a healer as I piloted the shuttle into the bay.There were two healers waiting to take Phobia to the med wing and Belda and I went before the council together to give the mission report.

About another three hours of questioning and we were free to go. I made sure to get Belda tucked into bed though she wanted to go and see Phobia despretly. I was just about to doze off from utter exhaustion whenever my com rang ,it was Pho.

" They managed to repair my spine.. I'm on a week bedrest in my room.. no strenous activity."

No strenous activity? Well I see we both thought alike whenever it came to what to do with a week in bed..A small smirk formed on my lips without me realizing it.. Oh well.. no such luck.. She paused for a moment.. She probably picked up on that too and was probably trying not to sit there and laugh

" Godfrey I have some other news..."

She seemed rather uncertain . Reachign through theforce I found her calm was masked my an utter burst of excitement wanting to break free.

" What's going on Phobia? " Stars end.. what else could be going on?

" Godfrey.. I.. we.. Godfrey, I'm pregnant!"

WHAT? My head was spinning.. I thought quickly.. that moon tonic Rosalie gave her to prevent children must not have worked.. But pregnant? I was utterly estatic!" Pho this is wonderful!

When did you find out?"

" tonight.. I just woke up from a fainting spell when Dollie told me"

" Are you allowed to come home tonight? if so I'll be right down"

" Yes I can come home tonight, in fact Dollie is encouraging it.. I'll see you in a few"

When the com line went dead i pratically tripped over my boots going to pull on a fresh shirt.. I was going to be a father.. wonders never cease.. I was going to be a father!
Until Later


padawanbeldapinik said...

Hello there Master Godfrey.
I don't know where I'd be without you and my Master either. My life as little as it is revolves around you both and what you both do. If I was to have lost my Master, I am not sure what I would have done. Same goes for you. If I was to loose you, I know my little life would be lost too...

BTW, I think you'll make a great father. I only pray to the Force the Council doesn't find out. Or it'll be doom for us all...

Master Obi-Wan said...

You are WHAT?

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

Oh boy.

Skywalker said...

Excuse me, she is what?

Phobia said...

You read the post right.. Anakin obi wan, DJK i'm pregnant with twins.. okay? clear up any possiblities of you misreading there?* rasies eyebrows*

Godfrey Zebulon said...

Blda ,thank you.. at least there is someone in the temple that has faith things will work out besides us.. you and I are both alike than we realize I think.. Folow the path we are given by the force.. that's all we can do.

Obi wan, yes.. I'm going to be a father.. That was about my first reaction myself.. *chuckles *

Anakin.. for the millionth time.. Phobia is having twins.. I have my suspicions as to why the moon tonic didn't work, but there's more I need to look into.

DJK, Oh boy indeed.. and so it begins..

Darth Vader said...

*laughs coldly*

Godfrey Zebulon said...

*rolls eyes* Vader quit being a drama queen