Thursday, March 8, 2007

A final Farewell

Somehow I found myself awake earlier than she was. I rose quietly and headed downstairs to make some fast arrangements. When I was done I left Phobia a note while I prepared lunch for us before a shopping trip.The dress I had left for her was the one my elder sister had worn to mother's funeral. That was before the sith came after her because of me.

See? I'm not as perfect as you might have thought.

I was just finishing my own lunch when I could hear her hurried footsteps on the stairs . the second she saw food her eyes lit up and she was scarficng what was left like a starved wookie.. She doesn't think I have noticed her energy dips but I have, hence why I made extra.
Once we were both finished we headed own to the bazar which was set up in the square . I let Pho on her own but I stayed close by in case she needed me. The bazar isn't the best place for a woman to be alone, even a Jedi.

About an hour later orso we were heading back to the house . A white box with a green ribbion hidden in my jacket .I had seen her eyeing a certain necklace in one of the shops . She hadn't gotten it thinking it was too expensive.. Well.. she was in for a suprise.

A feeling of heaviness settled over my chest as I dressed for the funeral. My arms felt like lead weights and after what seemed like an eternity I had finished dressing and made my way to my room where Pho was , trying her best not to have a hissy fit over the dress.

I could see what the problem was.. the lower laces were all knotted up.

I guided her to her feet then while she held the front of the dress in place I laced up the back with ease.She looked up at me gaping. the look was utterly adorable on her face. " How did you learn to do that?"

I had a girlfreind whenever I was about 17 and she had a fondness for corsets.. For my own sanity I had to learn how to be quick unlacing and relacing her.. but all I said was" I had a lot of pratice"

She looked utterly.. spellbindingly perfect.She pulled her hair up into a french bun and secured it with the golden dragon combs .We were just about to leave whenever I pulled out the box from inside my tunic " A suprise for you.. now no complaining, just open it okay?"

She took the box and with shaky hands tore open the paper and removed the ribbion. A soft gasp of suprise was the only thing heard in the room as she lifted it out with shaking hands. " How.. how did you know?"

I wasn't about to tell her I had been shadowing her most of the afternoon , instead I just placed the neckace around her throat, fastening the clasp in the back. " Nevermind how I knew.. we need to get going.. We'll be late beautiful"

We met up with Anakin in the great hall. He had settled for a lighter version of his Jedi robes , and his lightsaber I couldsee was tucked under a black sash he had found. The three of us preceeded outside to a waiting coach drawn by my father's four best stallions outfitted in black plumage.

The coach was made of pure silver.. It was one of those that was only used on special occasions. As the coach rolled over the path I could see in my mind's eye the same scene almost years ago. but this time I was only about 3 and my father was still here. Though he was much younger, his eyes were red with crying and I didn't understand why. My mother's death hadn't registered with me yet.

My body shook as I remembered that horrible blood tinted afternoon . She was dressed in her favorite pastel dress set on a pyre near the sea. When they lit the pyre I tried to throw myself on it.. I knew they were hurting mother.. They couldn't..! Father had to drag me back kicking and screaming.. He held me while I cried for her.. so did my sister. They had cried all their tears and had no more left.

My own screams of anguish echoed into my head as the coach dirfted to a halt. Phobia's hand on my arm broguht me back to reality. " Godfrey.. it's time.. I'm here.. you can do this.. "
I nodded, stepping mutely from the coach. I saw the Anglo and the Normandian factions standing nearby and I was about ready to just bang my head on the nearest tree. This was the last thing I needed.. couldn't they let us alone?

I don't remember excactly what I said to the people there but my voice faltered all too soon. Phobia found her's and somehow managed to difusse the conflict that father and I had fought to stop for the past 10 years. Though there was one bold one who asked her what right hse had totell them what to do.. I was going to intercede but she replied before I could. I used my free hand to stop Anakin from going for his saber.

I didn't want any fighting going on .. not now..

Someone passed me the longbow and handed me an arrow which I dipped into the flames. I forced my mind to calm as Phobia was handed the second bow. Two arrows hit the pyre and it was a blossoming fireball.Wearily an arm wrapped around Phobia's shoulders and puleld her close. I could feel both mother and father as though they were stading just behind us.. From Phobia's look, I had a suspicion they were .

The carriage ride back I was grateful it was just the two of us because there were a few things I had to explain to Pho that judging by the look of suprise on her face, she had never even heard of a lot of it.By the time we were back at the house, Anakin had already retired for the night . I brought her upstairs and had Rosalie help her get dressed for bed while I changed out of the funerary garb.

Sleep didn't come easy for me and the next morning I was up by sunrise and I went ot the garden running through katas. I was comming off the downward block on Heian Nidan whenever Anakin joined me and jumped right in. That was unexpected to say the least, though it's good to have an equal when it comes to kata.

Anakin made a small gesture with his hand and I looked up towards thebalcony.. Pho was leaning on the railing watching us at work.Well if she thinks this is good.. I'll have to remember to run kata out here more often..
Until Later.


padawanbeldapinik said...

*sighs* This is so sad... I wish there was something that could've been done to prevent this. *sighs* Well one good thing Master Godfrey, He is happy for you and my Master.

Uh... Um, whats a corset?

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

I am going to cry.

Master Adana said...

I am glad you were able to diffuse the situation. Family is important especially in times like these.

Master Obi-Wan said...

I am proud of you Phobia. You have brought a father and his son back together.

Phobia said...

Belda: * hugs* sometimes we have to let those we care for go. It's a natural part of life. you already had to learn this when your former master dissapeared.i truly hope you do not have to go through this again .. at least not that soon.

DJK: * hugs* it was hard on all of us. In a situation like this, you can only stand by and offer suppourt. Sometimes that's all the person needs. Knowing someone is there .. that can be worth more than a goldmine

Adana: Thank you. Fo a moment there, I almost got tongue tied. The force helped me find my voice.

Obi Wan: that means a lot, hearing you say that. I simply followed my heart, not strict dogma politics for once. In the comming days, things will notbe as they apppear. If I am forced to keep secretsfrom you.. I beg you forgive me.. it is not my intent to hurt you.I only seek to protect you.And everyone else.

Godfrey Zebulon said...

*passes DJK tissues* Thank you.. i just hope that I can keep the system intact