Saturday, April 14, 2007

Limits and a rescue

There was a limit with the dragon. I was honestly afraid to let him have full control, espically what I had seen with Pho and Catia. but even with us working inconcort, the duel was even. Neither of us gave ground and I didn't dare do anything more drastic, this was my wife I was fighting , evil or not.

If Catia would've had the courage to fight me in her own body, this fight would have been over by now.

She tried to trip me and I jumped over her boot and used a force push to knock her off balance.She tripped over the lead piping of the ship and stumbled to the ground. I went in for the finish and she flipped over my head and struck out, her saber slicing into my back, the pain only slight in my mind.

I had unwittingly pulled back for a punch when I saw Pho's face flash before my mind. I dropped my hand and I let the dragon take complete control. I only cared about saving Phobia and my children. No matter what I had to do.

Everything seemed to move slower and I slipped behind her and pinned her in a sharp armbar, just on the barrier of breaking her arm.

I heard her saber hit the durasteel floor and the dragon eased back but was willing to jump to my aid at a moment's notice

" I win"

I felt void in the force for only a moment, then what I suspected was Phobia's presence in full control of her body. I eased up and stepped away. I eyed her critically.. Was Catia playing me for a fool? or did she truly keep her word?

" Godfrey? ... I.. I didn't hurt anyone did I?"

That was the woman I fell in love with. She would never hurt another living soul if she could avoid it. Though she had been through multiple lifetimes she still held the same gentleness she always had.

She was shaking like she was in the throes of fever . Her knees caved under her and I caught her before she hit the ground.i lifted her off her feet and carried her back through the halls without a word. there were a few raised eyebrows at my actions but they could all go stow it.

I didn't care

When we reached the apartment the shaking got worse and worse and for a moment I thought she was going to have a seizure " Belda! What happened to Belda? is she okay? I.. oh force.. what have I done?" I set her down on her feet, trying to take some of the sickness from her. She stumbled for the freasher, skin white as paper.. Nothing came up but the pain in her head was almost debilatating.

I could feel it clear on the otherside of the room.

" sssh.. it's okay.. she's comming in with the medvac team.. she's fine but I had to leave her to chase after you" I pulled her close to me as I guided her back to bed. A part of me wonders why didn't we just stay on Corellia where we were safe and happy?

Because you could never be content there, because you love to help others. And besides, Catia's evil would have tainted your sanctuary sooner or later. My conscience hissed at me.

It was right, though I wished not to really admit it in truth. I just wanted a safety for Phobia that she had never known.. safety for the two unborn children within her. They thrived healthily now though it was still early.

Their force signatures were off the charts even now When they would be born Tai and Mara would be immesnely powerful, also I could sense no taint of the darkside within either of them.

Phobia's tears brought me back to reality and I ran a hand through her hair rocking her back and forth" God what must she think of me? I .. I struck her.. for the love of god, don't I have any strength left in me? Was I even strong to begin with?"

Could she not see what I saw? It disturbed me that she thought so little of herself.i tucked her head under my chin and pulled her close as I could and spoke to her, much in a way my father would speak to mother whenever she was troubled .

My sister had told me stories of mother whenever I woke in the middle of the night, frightened by some dream.

" I explained to her what happened Pho.. she knows this was not your fault. You are one of the strongest people I know.. Don't drag yourself down over this.. please.. You're worth so much more than this..You have always been strong.. never forget that.." one of my hands found her stomach and rested protectively there for a moment " Your children need you Phobia, I need you.. I can't do this without you.. "

Her reflection would frighten the bravest of souls. Her skin was ghastly white, hair looking something akin to a tumbleweed.Her face was sunken in, no doubt from Catia leeching so much energy from her.Her hands.. god above she looked like a straight zombie.. My poor Pho.. she's done so much and even a small respite of peace cannot be granted her?

" Phobia, please sleep.. I'll watch over you.. Regain your strength"

" I can't sleep Godfrey .. the nightmares.. they will reclaim me again.. please don't make me go to sleep!"

She was crying harshly, shaking like a leaf in my arms. I embraced her gently and kissed her, at the same time usin g a sleep suggestion and she slackened in my embrace.

I made sure she was warm and comfortable and i lapsed into meditation over in the corner. Someone had to have a sane head.. and right now, I doubted if it was her. My mind was muddled and now was a good a time as any to set myself straight, maybe see what I had missed..

Until Later


Master Adana said...

Pho, you must not be so hard on yourself. Try to relax and sleep. As Godfrey says, it is not your fault. We are all here for you.

Master Obi-Wan said...

Godfrey, my man, I have the utmost respect for you to see behind the mask and make the right decision.

Phobia, let go and try to sleep. It will be alright.

padawanbeldapinik said...

Master Godfrey, thank you for saving my Master from Catia. Though I sense Catia may return back with a vengance, I know she is safe as long as you are there! I would be lost without you or my Master.

Sleep well my Master, dream soft dreams...

Phobia said...

Godfrey I would be lost without you with me.I would have fallen from grace a long time ago. Belda is right, she will return with a vengance. I can only hope that this time a way can be found to bring her evil to a halt.

Adana, it is my fault that I let her free. She was locked away until I made a juviniille mistake and it nearly cost me everything I hold dear.

Obi Wan thank you, but it's easier said than done.

Godfrey Zebulon said...

Adana, Obi Wan , thank you both. A balance needs to be found.. Once that balance is achieved, an answer will be found.

I try to see behind the illisions before me but sometimes it is easier than it looks.

Belda I would not do anything else. And thank you. so long as everyone sticks close..We can weather the storm

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

Chill, everything wil be fine, you'll see.

Phobia said...

I hope so.. for everyone's sake