Sunday, April 29, 2007

Why this?

Sleep it's a very good thing let me tell you. Espically when your nice and confortable and have a stunningly beautiful woman using you for a pillow.. Yeah, life is good. the one thing you don't want to have then, guys who might read over here is a CAT. They are a pain and always ruin a good moment, I will be the first to tell you.We were going on a perfect moment, one in a million and the blasted cat has to ruin it..Oh well so much for sleeping in.. one of my pet peeves, nothing to do, sleep in.. There's never such a thing as too much sleep.

Well after Pho had to get up to feed the cat and I was pretty much using every word I had ever heard the sailors at the docks use, the dog about nearly tackled me onto the bed and starts licking my face.Oh the irony...

Anywho after fighting to get the dog off me and finding my glasses I'm half walking half stumbling out to the kitchen where Pho has breakfast prepared. Ham eggs ,bacon hashbrowns, pancakes.. she's seriously trying to kill me with good cooking isn't she? Like I care much we hardly ever get to eat all THAT great anyway because of this or that so I take the minute and enjoy it.

While Pho makes a beeline for her closet to get dressed she points out that my glasses are sitting half crooked on my face.. So THAT'S what Belda was giggling about all morning.Oh well

While Belda was helping Pho out with.. something I went in and threw something else on besides the black flame boxers Pho had gotten for me the last time she went shopping and my robe.. Once I got changed I was just slipping on my shoes when Pho asked for the chest in the corner. It was a long thing with greenman symbols stamped on it and lovely ironwork. I grabbed one handle and drug it over.

She flipped back the lid and started rummaging for things. I could smell herbs, and old wood, and.. insence, several diffrent types of it.
I heard her ask me for the silver miror which I pulled out of the chest and handed to her. She seemed to move with an earthreal grace,much like the old legend of the lady of the lake. When she spoke her wors reveberated through the room aganst the darkness I could feel " We are immune to their malice, their hate.We will not accept their guilt, or their intolernace. theirwords and thoughts are no bane to us!"

Shields of pure energy raised against all five of us and the only way I can think of to describe it is like cellophane. The next ccame through the room like a whipcrack. I could see Catia prowling along the outer edges of the circle and she fell to her knees. "Neither master nor apprentice will hold sway over us any longer. The chains are cast away. Darkness be gone you have no place here!!" Catia tried to reach for her but the wax only hissed before she was thrown back forcefully and dissapeared. She wasn't gone oh by no means, but maybe for now Pho would have some peace.

All of a sudden my sight, force wise was sharpened a hundred fold, like fog had been wiped away

" Pho why does it feel like that some dark cloud has been lifted from the temple?" I asked her taking the miror and setting it aside

" Because it has been. Now the door is closed. It must be locked" she replied searching for what I guessed correctly being a moonstone

" Pain given pain returned, thrice around the circle's bound evil sink into the ground. Shed my tears and lock thedoor Evil come into this place nevermore! Protect those of light seen and unseen gather us all in quiet harmony"

A web spun out everywhere from the flaming stone in Pho's hand before it slipped to the floor smashing into a thousand pieces. She waved everything back to it's proper place before running out the door. I was following close behind with Belda at my heels. there were shouts from down the hall and we encountered a huge crown outside the room of a thousand fountains.

Pho slipped away from us and ducked inside. Belda and I were left standing there for a few moments before Phobia returned. She turned to Belda first eyes steely " Belda run back to your room and pack a fast bag. We leave for Naboo in 10 minutes"

I could pick up on her urgency and her anger. Something happened, bad, very bad. We both ran back with her and we were packed and in route to Naboo in 5 minutes. She finally sat down and told us what happened ." The reason we are going to Naboo is that, the urn in the room of a thousand fountains was stolen. Qui Gon's urn."

I swallowed at least what felt like a baseball sized lump in my throat. Qui Gon? Who would be that sick. that cruel to do something like this? What Pho said next confirmed it ." They fear whoever stole the first urn will try for the second.In fact I know they will.. There were void pockets all around the pedastal. "

It was Marasha without a doubt. the question was .. why?

The dragon whispered to me, it words chilled my blood





Until Later


Master Adana said...

Doesn't she have respect for anything? To steal Qui Gon's urn is blesphemy. I hope you can stop her before she causes anymore damage.

Master Obi-Wan said...

My Master's urn? What evil deeds is she up to mow?

We must stop her from ever sufacing again.

Phobia said...

Ditto that.. She'd better pray I don't get my hands on her , all I will say is my patience is gone with her, completly and utterly.

Obi wan I have a good idea, but if it's what I think.. Force help us all.

Godfrey Zebulon said...

obi Wan, Adana all I will say is this, be prepared for the worst.

padawanbeldapinik said...

Hello there Master Godfrey, This is sad, so sad! But we will be sucessful! I feel this in my heart! There is hope! Trust in the hope...

Godfrey Zebulon said...

Yes Belda, that's the only thing we have left now.. hope