Tuesday, April 10, 2007


After I met the med vac team out in the landing bay, something crawled up my spine. it was like the trail of cold fingers ofa dead person. It set my senses on end. When we arrived I assisted where I could. First reuniting children with their parents, healing wounds, so on and so forth.

The heat of the air made it hard to think and as I was tending to a young girl who had a bad cut on her forehead, I looked over and saw Belda come flying past me, the force propelling her backward.

I dropped low and caught her as she flew by me. As i set her odwn I saw the brick wall which she undoubtly would've had the misfortune to make the acqiantince of had i been a second slower. On her cheek there was allready a deep black and blue mark. " Belda, what happened?"

She was crying and hugging my leg in utter fear as I tried to calm her" Master godfrey, my master hit me! she hit me!.. She never hits me! What did I do wrong?"

I let my fingers brush over her cheek as I used a healing technique to make the briuse and pain dissapear. I reached through the force towards Phobia, but instead I found a wall of darkness and anger.

" Belda, that wasn't your master.. it's Catia" I told her to go with one of the medvac assistants as the yellow speeder zipped overhead. A force propelled jump brought me to the edge of the tailwing and I hung on as we careened towards the temple.

A narrow tuck and roll brought me away from the explosion and I reached for my saber, flipping on the ignotion switch. She was so preoccupied with getting to Pho's fighter I was able to almost rest the blade on her shoulder before she noticed me.

The dragon raged inside me but I quieted him" Catia, release her, you are not welcome here"

She turned to face me, cold blye eyes boring into my own. it was like eletric ice flowing through me... A part of me was utterly enraptured but the dragon's fury burnt it away like kindling.. she refused to let Phobia free and then made a few choice wisecracks that would've turned a normal man to a slave.

I'm anything but normal.

The hardened scales were creeping down my arm. I could slowly feel the dragon fusing with me, but I used the force to stop the change for the mement.. i relaxed a little and looked at her over the rim of my glasses" I will make you a bargin"

" You duel me here and now. I win you release my wife and go back to where you belong. "

What I was about to say sickened my insides and I could feel Phobia screaming in my mind not to do it, but I pushed it aside

" If you win, we go somewhere away from here, just you and I"

I reached past Catia's mind to Phobia who was shielding Tai and Mara with all of he strength

"Phobia I love you with all my heart. Trust me and have faith. I will save you. no matter what it takes"

The red blade hummed to life and she took her stance . Okinawan backstance with a Soresu opening. A sturdy stance but not impenetrable.

I took my front stance with a reverse Soresu blade . The scales shot up my arm and I could feel the dragon's blood becoming one with mine, the most perfect moment for a fighter, when you are one with your fighting spirit.

We leapt as one blades clashing in the dim light. The force was on my side, but I would do whatever I had to to save Phobia.

Until Later


padawanbeldapinik said...

Hello there Master Godfrey, I ahve confidence in the fact you will defeat Catia! You will save my Master from that Sith monster! She will pay for striking me if I have anything to say about this!

Phobia said...

Godfrey, please for the love of the force, be careful.. I can't loose you to this leech.. I can't.. I don't care what happens to me.. just keep yourself safe.. I guess things got more complicated than I first thought..

Godfrey Zebulon said...

*grins slightly* I will do whatever I must Belda, like your master said; the fact you were wise enough not to challange her shows you are growing in wisdom and strength. Not many could resist the call of revenge.Don't give in now.

Skywalker said...

Blah, sith witches.

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

Sorry, I can't help it, the word makes me laugh!

Phobia said...

I laughed at the begining to DJK.. it's a specific style of Karate from where the founder Gichin Funakoshi came from.. An Okinawan backstance is a PAIN to pull off . But Godfrey has had a lot of pratice.. it comes with the territory

Godfrey Zebulon said...

She's as cunning as they come Anakin, I know better than to let my guard down, espically with Pho and the twins at stake.. it's times like these that I'm grateful for grandfather's harsh training