Tuesday, April 24, 2007

An exhausting end to an exhausting day

I went with Phobia to the briefing with Master Mundi. When he asked she explained shewasn't feeling all that well and I was there to give her a hand if needed.I listened attentively while Master Mundi explained that the third of the three girls who had seemingly inexplicibly gone missing was appearing off and on in the temple near Phobia's room every evening excactly at midnight.

When Master Mundi asked if she was feeling up to it she agreed immeditly. But I could see she still was feeling very ill between mormning sickness and this flu bug she had come down with within the past few days. She had been resting up until tonight . Assoon as this was overshe was going to rest weather she liked it or not. I was not going to let herself work herself sick just to make others happy. She needed to look out for herself. But that was eaiser said than done.

As soon as we had gotten back to her room Belda and I made her a small mountain of pillows to sit on so she would be comfortable.She fussed and fumed no end that she didn't need all this but I insisted on it.

When the clock hit 11:45 she cried out in pain clutching her head. I leaned over to see what was wrong and suddenly the windows burst open clanging and banging noisily. Over the next 15 minutes her headache abated and things quited down. As the last chime of midnight rang out through the room, I could see Phobia looking at the window and the small shadow that was rising slowly toward us.

When her feet touched the floor I looked her over a few times. Just by her body language I could tell she was being misled by someone.. she was filled wiht anger and hate.. There was a shadow of a dragon in her as well, but it was tainted with evil. the fact the dragon's twin was even there suprised me greatly but I didn't show it.

Phobia greeted her and offered her a seat. She didn't take it however just then and burst into a tirade about" her master" I rose from my chair and went to the trunk unlocking it quietly and retrieving a small picture I returned to the others. " Is this your master?"

The dragon's eyes locked with mine and she burst into another wave of anger calling me an out and out thief. I could see Pho was getting pissed off slowly so it was best to diffuse this quickly. " just answer a few questions for us and the picture is yours"

She flopped down in one of the nearby chairs and nodded curtly" Fine I'll answer your stupid questions, what harm can it do?"

I took a seat oppisite her" None that's what.Now how did you come by this picture orignally?"

" My master gave it to me"

"The year is 20 BBY" The reason why I said this to her is she seemed a little.. ehm.. outdated?

" When did your master give you this picture?"

" 766 BBY"

I saw a flicker of fear pass in Phobia's eyes.. If that was the case then...

" That's right my master called me back from the dead! called me back to retrieve what was stolen from her!"

Stolen from her? What could.. A sudden flash of understanding passed in my mind.. And it was answered by her next answer.
She stood flinging her arms out" The grimorie and the music box! she wants them both back!"

The dragon was growing more and more powerful in the dark arts. if left unchecked too much longer then there would be a real problem on our hands.

Phobia pleaded with her despretly, she knew above anyoneelse how any seemingly inadmite weakness could be exploited." Marsha I ask you to hear me.. Catia trusts no one.. she has no allies. her only ally is herself.. in the end she will dennounce you and leave you to the wolves! please turn back before it is too late!"

Pho was right completly and totally, even now I could feel the first seeds of deception between Catia and Marsha.

Listening pays off more than you would think.. So Catia had struck Marsha? Humm.. this was per emper proof that Catia could not be trusted, but I had a suspicion that Catia was the only adult influence she had ever had.

Then the bottom dropped out of the whole thing

"You're a weakling just like she is! She is a liar! she is no Jedi! Look how she defies the code ! Not only did she marry but she even went further than that! You know those two twins she told you about? Well they are her's! She is going to be a mother! Did she tell you that? Did she trust you with that secret? the one she won't even tell her trusted brother Anakin!"

Time seemed to stop there.. I knew this was a corssroads point for Belda.. she would either take this one way or the other.. If she took it the wrong way then all was lost before it even had begun.

Moments passed and time resumed it's normal cycle.. Things were safe .. for now..
Phobia got up and went to the trunk. She came back and handed Marsha the music box.. " one down one to go"

" that's the only one your getting!" she snapped and I could see her hand creeping for her saber.

The clock chimed 12:15 " 45 minutes left now!"

Pho seemingly gave into Marsha's demands and went into the other room bringing back a book which remarkably looked like the grimorie and handed it to her.What happened next sent both of us for a shock.

A black mist filtered out of Pho's mouth and seemingly took shape acorss the room from us. Two cold sith eyes peered out. The only solid thing there. It was Catia.

" Is this the book Master? Can you come and speak to me?" Marsha called looking around the room

" yes Marsha.. that is the book.. now take them and go to where we discussed.. " her voice was only a mere hiss like a snake

" but master what about the whelp?"

" ssshee will be delt with in my time, not yours.. When the time comes her blood will bespilt over the grand altar and the gryphon cannon will bring a new age of terror to the galaxy!"
Smoke burst through the room and I ducked low trying to see through the black ink. When it cleared , Marsha was gone and So was the image of Catia.

No sooner than Marsha had dissapeared than Pho fled to the freasher.. Her stomach was still being obnoxious.

About 10 minutes later she pratically stumbled back out and I caught her before she collapsed entirely.Moving a few strands of hair off her forehead she asked Belda " Belda.. remember how I told you that things were not always as they appeared to be?"

She nodded seemingly confused.

" Well that wasn't the real grimorie It was a fake.. " I could see she was trying not to kill herself laughing.. When I acutally realized which book she had used I nearly choked laughing myself.
When Belda asked how we'd replace it it was my turn to answer" there's places we can go to find erm.. replacements"

That was it.. we both laughed ourselves silly for a good half hour before we could talk again.
When we finally did Pho explained a few more things to Belda while I pratically drug myself to bed..

This afternoon./evening had me dead tired. Finally Pho joined me a little while later i could see she was tired as I was. I pulled her close and ran a hand through her hair.. There was one thing that seemingly always managed to ease her mind so she could sleep.. and tonight it seemed to be needed despretly.

" The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is to love and be loved in return" .We remained that way for the rest of the evening and finally the both of us falling asleep.. Tomorrow was going to be a busy morning.. Marsha would be back and this time we would be ready.
Until Later


padawanbeldapinik said...

Hello there Master Godfrey, Good trick about the book being fake! *tee-hee* I hope Catia doesnt find out and try anything!

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

Good one! Clever!

Godfrey Zebulon said...

*grins* what's even funnier is the one Pho actually used as the doppleganger.. Catia I think will be too impressed with the trick to do anything for a while yet..

Skywalker said...

You never know, man, you just never know.

Darth Vader said...

NO, Skywalker, it is you that never knows...

Godfrey Zebulon said...

Okay no sniping.. You want to kill each other get a good night's sleep and turn each other into trash cans tomorrow..

Anakin, Catia is unlike any sith I have ever seen.. To a certain degree she has some respect.. This will tip one way or another.

Vader best tip I can give, Catia ever gets loose, watch yourself.Pure and simple, she's a hellcat.. Sort of like Pho when she's mad.. * chuckles* I've seen her get mad at Anakin MORE than once.. it's not pretty