Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Rising Phoenix

Phobia a week on bedrest was intresting to say the least. She fought me tooth and nail on every little thing. The first two days she was more than willing to let me help her.

I suspect it was because she was still feeling woozy from the drugs the healers had given her tohelp with the pain. By the fourth day her stubbrounness had returned 10 fold. Her'es what playing chess was like..

" Check, you know you don't need to turn the board for me"

" I know but I want to help you, and besides you have another four days of bedrest"

" I nearly died and was up within a week! This is minor at best"

" Minor? Minor! Pho, you nearly were paralyzed from the waist down and you call that minor?Did Grievous wack you on the head too?"

" No he didn't checkmate. now can I move?"

" Not without help"

So it went.. Poetry became the subject of the afternoon and morning. While she slept, still on the medications, I was at combat pratice.

They were doubling up my classes and frankly it was wearing on my patience and strength.But when Pho's week of enforced bedrest
was over, an afternoon out at the opera and a double sundae with chocolate, bananas and nuts cured all woes..

Well to be more specific a few hours later all woes were cured.The little ,ehm ": misconception" you can read about over on her blog.I was still asleep after they had left, thanks to a pain pill because ofa bad throw gone wrong at combat pratice.

Word to the wise.. NEVER try to throw anyone over 5'9" It hurts.. Believe me , I know for a fact. My com rang and I think I actually fell out of bed to answer it.There
was something wrong.. I could feel it.

" Godfrey! There's been another attack!.. It's the ice cream parlor!.. Get a medvac out here STAT! there's wounded and possibly some casulties!" The com clicked out. I dressed hurriedly and as I joined the medvac team I could feel that this day was only about to get worse.. and it had started SO well too.
Until Later


Summer Dawn O'Ciardha said...

Good Luck, Godfrey.

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

You'll need it...

Skywalker said...

Four days in bed. NOt idea of a good time. Well, it could be... never mind.

padawanbeldapinik said...

Master Godfrey, I will not come into my Master's room again like that. What I was was more than enough for my little eyes... Anyways, we are in need of your help forsure! I cant believe the place we were eating at was attacked like that! Someone must have known we were there eating I'm guessing?

Godfrey Zebulon said...

Quite possibly Belda..

Summer, DJK thank you.. This mess there are bound to be casualties..

Anakin.. if they wouldn't have told her no activity at all.. yeah.. I'd better shut up too before I dig a hole too deep for me to get out of...

Now I jsut hope that the Med Vac team gets out there before things get worse

Phobia said...

Lousy medvac teams taking so long.. Ani.. believe me.. that's where my mind went.. * elbows Godfrey playfully* you'd better be quiet mister.. otherwise no chocolate cake for you *grins evily*

Master Adana said...

I couldn't bear to be in bed for one day. I remember the time they brought me back in a bacta tank and I had to be still for so long afterward. I was ready to attack the medical staff.

Who in the Galaxy would attack an Icecream parlor?

Master Obi-Wan said...

What are they going to attack next? The laundry mat? Stars, someone has to make an end to this.

I remember when thy brought you in and I got an earful from the healers who came to complain to the council.

Phobia said...

As to who would attack an ice cream parlor.. a sick idiot who wants children dead would be my guess.. Whoever it is, I'll track them down.. A yellow speederwith silver markings.. It was headed towards the 500 Repbulica, not a good sign..

Lysandra said...

yellow speeders and 500 republica only reminds me of Ep 2 of the prequels. No, I'm not saying anything about Anakin so shut up, Skywalker