Thursday, April 19, 2007

2 paths,call of the darkside, and more problems

I kept a careful watch on Phobia as I drifted through waves of the force.My mind didn't go anywhere in particular until something snared my attention . Two memories in particular. the first happier than the latter.. I chose the worse of the two first..

It was raining heavily. I was in Theed , the capital city of Naboo. I have known what will happen to the Jedi for years now but nothing it seemed could have prepared me for the devestation that the temple suffered.

There was a small gathered group of Jedi in the palace. We looked as though we were civillians, dressed in normal clothes.. Lightsabers out of sight and force signatures tamped down .

Hushed voices drifted around the room as they spoke of what was going on in the wake of the path of Vader's destruction. A few of the older knights were discussing the goings on the the Corellian system. They were what caught my attention.

"Vader will not stop until he has found them"

" He's ransacked two of the five already in his search"

" Those poor children.. But we can't do anything more"

" Vader will find the king's son too.. I heard he was a Jedi.. as is the queen"

" There's a martial arts master there.. Think he can stop then?"

" Didn't you hear? he's already dead! Vader put him on display at the palace gates as an exmaple"

I stumbled back unbeliving.. Grandfather dead? Then images flashed before my eyes.. The palace in flames.. People running for their lives.. Stormtroopers were firing in the plaza.. People fell like cattle to the slaughter . A man in a black suit , not unlike the storm troopers ones marched towards me , but stopped.

I recgonized him instantly. A cold chill ran through me..

It was Vader.

Those who tried to stand against him were cut down by his saber. " Where are they?" he boomed, darkside waves rolling off him.

No one knew, thank god.. their minds had been wiped of my existance.And thusly Pho's and the twins as well.

One of the troopers.. It was Cody came running up and bowed" Sir they were here not an hour ago"

There was a cold satisfaction on Vader's face..if he still had a face" Fan out.. no one leaves the system of the five brothers alive.. Burn everything"

I was blown back.. heat and the smell of burning fleash assaulted my nose.. I stood, dizzy.. I could see even the mountain dojo was in flames.. I didn't turn my eyes to the palace gates.. I wouldn't.. I couldn't.. For the first time in my life..

I wanted revenge..

I wanted the empire dead.. and I wanted Vader dead.. by my own hands..Anger and rage burned through my body.. For a moment I felt a flicker of the darkside in me, but then there was a light.. powerful and hot.. like acid.. it burned away everything and replaced it with the other memory.

It was from my early childhood.. not out of my own memory, but I guess the force had seen fit to keep it for me .It was of my father and mother out in the garden.. Mother was sitting on the bench, a soft smile on her face as she held a squirming bundle.. Well.. On a closer look, I found out it was me as a baby.. Father was sitting next to her , a porud smile on his face as my sister, who was about 7 by that point I'd guess, was playing in the flowers..

I studied my mother and sister closely.. my mother was calm, at peace with herself and hr surroundings. She was happy her family was together and safe. my sister hadn't a care in the world.. Her brown hair was flying around her face as the wind blew around us.

My mother anfd father rose and calling for my sister to join them they headed inside , the doors closing just as a downpour ripped from the heavens. The last thing I saw was the blurry image of my family as a whole before I was catapulted back to the present.

I saw Phobia shaking as though in a seizure and I grabbed her shoulders shaking her forcefully. She blinked awake as though she had relived something she cared to forget. " Phobia are you allright?" the still pallor look of her face had me worried. Maybeshe did need to go see a healer, but then again maybe she needed more rest.I heard the last snatches of a song too.. Something was up

" I don't know.. I.. Something changed.. about my past.. " She shrugged helplessly as she tried to explain it to me.

I nodded listening where needed. I was just about to reply whenever her com went off.. It was Master Mundi. When she got off , she turned to me, her face looking even worse, eyes filled with worry.

" There's a problem.. three younglings have went missing"

My heart dropped.. Could today get any worse? I went to find her a spare set of robes" I'll make you something to eat real quick.. we need to get to the bottom of this.."

I had my suspicions as to what excactly was going on, but I would reserve judgement until later on..It seemed as though the battle had only begun


Until Later


padawanbeldapinik said...

Master Godfrey? You have preminissions? I get them too... I am not always sure if I should reveal them or not. Vader, sounds mean! Why is he after all these childern? I'm a child... still... will he come after me too? Why did the Jedi want to hide their sabers and cut back on their Force signature?

Btw, I know what happened to the 3 missing padawans... Well sorta... I was there playing with them when they disapeared... They were there than all the sudden they went poofers, then nothing!

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Godfrey, would you like to compete in Last Gladiator Standing II? You are certainly invited to participate. Please email me at

Godfrey Zebulon said...

From time to time Belda.. I don't get much time to meditate much anymore.. I don't think it's Vader though.. someone else.. the reason why thye hid was to keep themselves safe.. there is something about to happen.. Something bad.. really bad..

Belda I think we need to put our heads together and find out what's going on.. It sounds familiar somehow.

Jon I will think it over and get back to you on that ASAP.. I know Pho was thinking about it.. Call it a hunch but I think at least one of us will be in on it..

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

Darn that Vader!
I soooooo goinga kick me some Sith-

Skywalker said...


I soooo sick of this Vader freak!

Ok, Ok, I'm ok.

Godfrey Zebulon said...

Anakin, who isn't sick of Vader answer me that? i know I don't fall into that catagory, neither does most anyone I know. You just proved my point.

DJK.. keep a calm head for now.. there's more than one way to skin a sith..