Thursday, May 31, 2007

Decenshion amongst freinds

The ship touches down about three hours after our inital departure.. It seemed like such a longer trip when I was younger.Phobia turns to me, hands on her hips" Will you actually tell us where we are now?" I could tell she was a trifle annoyed at me making her wait. Well she always got impatient when she was made to wait..

Before I could answer Belda was hopping up and down in her excitement" We're on Ragoon 3 master!" she's pointing out the window, eyes shining brightly.I knew Pho had always wanted to come here, but never gotten the chance..

The best shopping bazar in the sector, with some of the best music too. My eyes were darting around the crowds looking for old freinds.. I knew Lantos had to be here.. before we parted company last we had talked endlessly of how we would to to the finals of the tourtament and give everyone the best show they had ever seen..

We headed down the gangplank of the ship and slid into the crowd. Familiar sights and smells were comming back to me. The Calabaranie sauce cooking in a nearby stall.. Phobia's eyes were gleaming.. They had been a favroite treat of her childhood.. I saw Belda looking at the sweet stand at one particularly huge lollipop hanging by it's stick from the sign.

I looked over at Pho and then I turned to Belda" Come with me.. there's something you need to see.." Taking her hand I guided her over to the sweet stand and after paying the older woman who ran the kiosk Belda was grinning like the sun as I handed her her prize" Here, just for you"

She looked up at me questioningly" but.. why?"

Ah.. I see" Because, today is a very special day.. and because every young lady should have some sweets sometime in their life" She seemed tired from all the walking so I offered her a ride on my back which she readily accepted.

When we returned to Phobia she nearly started laughing but whenever I pulled out the Calabaranie out of my pocket she quieted down immeditly.. Amazing how women can be bribed with sugar, doesn't matter what age...

We continued up towards the Gekiochamariu palace, the sun beaming down on us.. Maybe the heavier robes wern't such a good choice after all.. We're halfway up the hill whenever a familiar face pops out of the muggy air.
" Lantos!" I ra ahead of Belda and Phobia and embracedmy longtime freind. He hasn't changed all that much, short black hair, green eyes and a tanned frame. He lives clear out on Tatooine, the trip from there takes close to a week.

Turning after some short banter, I intruduce him to Phobia and Belda.As to how I intruduced Belda, Pho seemed a little caught off guard but she didn't mind it

Walking ahead, one arm draped around Lantos' shoulders we begin talking about the tourtament in earnest.

"Did you see that monster Khali? He must be at least over 9 feet, pure muscle"

" No I didn't.. Did you hear when the prelims are going to start?"

"Tomorrow at dawn, it lasts all day"

" Can you believe it? we finally get our chance!"

The two of us had dreamed of this since we were children. We grew up watching people like my grandfather fight in the Onkichi. One day we both made a promise we would be in that ring..

And soon that pact was about to be fufilled.

I stopped and turned around, Phobia and Belda had fallen behind. I saw Pho motion for us to go on ahead. Lantos and I walked ahead, talking like teenagers again.

" How are the others?Man I sure do miss White Cloud and Morosk"

"Why don't you ask them yourself?" Lantos pointed ahead and there stood the group we had trained with.. All of my old freinds. We were all equally excited to be compeating.Hurried greetings were exchanged . Whenever Phobia arrived with us White Cloud eyed her up and down, slowly.

" Who's this lovely flower?" He bowed and kissed her hand" My name is White Cloud milady.. What brings you to the Onkichi Budokai?"

I wrapped an arm around her, pulling her close, Fafnir growling angrily.. " This is my wife White Cloud. " I told him shortly.

Ever the charming lady she smiled gently" My name is Phobia Deimos, I'm quite pleased to meet you White Cloud.. Godfrey has told me much about you.. We've been married almost 3 months at the end of this month." She raised her left hand which held her wedding ring.
White Cloud got the message, he backed off in a hurry.

We got inside the palace and got ourselves settled. Then Phobia asked me" When can we find your grandfather?.. This thing on my back.. it's sore.. I think it's starting to heal finally "
I finished unpacking what I needed to and laid out my uniform on the table.

Starch white with my black belt , the insigna of the DaiShujo embroidered on the back." As soon as we get something to eat.. now go to sleep.. there's a few things I need to take care of.. Belda will be here if you need anything"

As soon as she fell asleep I left for a few minutes but not before telling Belda" If White Cloud comes looking for me here, do not answer the door." Something was off with White Cloud.. I needed to speak with grandfather anyway.. I was worried White Cloud had turned to the yang side of the Daishujo.. if he had.. a crucial member would be lost.

On our way back to my room, my grandfather and I conversed in rapid Corellian about the disturbing events of the afternoon. I had a present tucked under my arm for Phobia. A long white box which inside held a brand new blue dress, sleeveless with a cascading train. When I entered I saw she was still asleep so we went to the sitting room where grnadfather began answering the many questions Belda had about the DaiShujo and the tourtament.

When I told him about the mark his brow furrowed" She might have to fight.. "
WHAT?" No that's out of the question! she is in no condition to fight! She's only ever changed once and besides she's pregnant! I won't hear of it!"

He patted my arm gently" Godfrey I do not want her to fight either but if the mark as is you say it is, then there might be no choice.. Espically if she carries the spirit of the Phoenix maiden.the best thing I can say is to make her stay here.. Though I do realize easier said than done"
This was maddening.. and completly insane" No. .I don't want her left here either. it's too dangerous. White Cloud.. I don't want her around him.. "

" but"

"NO! She will not be around White Cloud! " I lowered my voice before I continued" Listen, she was almost .. she was nearly slain beyond help before and I will NOT let it happen again!" My fist flew through the table in my anger. Black scales covered my arms, hands shifting into Fafnir's claws.. I was loosing control and fast.

Grandfather stood up" I understand.. I will personally make sure White Cloud comes no where near her. If he has turned then this will be his only tourtament.. " The edge in his voice was unmistakable.

If White Cloud turned, he was to be killed.

I went into the other room, my spirit soothed and Fafnir calmed as I watched Phobia sleep. . She had changed into lighter tunics, almost sheer. Tease.She was turned on her stomach, mouth open slightly as she slept, lost in a dream.. A good one I prayed.Grandfather saw the mark and motioned for me to come with him. Out in the sitting room he said to me" Be careful and cautious. If anyone else sees that makr , she will have to fight. She is the neutral energy"

He left saying no more but I didn't need to hear more. I understood. if one fell from the light, she must step up to take their place. If one fell into the light from the dark she must take their place.I slipped off my shoes and cradled her close, using the force to soothe her dreams and heal her wound. Tomorrow would be a hard day.. Possibly for both of us.


Until Later


Dark Jedi Kriss said...

A hard day, huh? As compared to our normal easy days? LOL!

Skywalker said...

No commnet. Mind went right to the interglatic gutter...

Darth Vader said...

Can it, Skywalker, we don't care where your mind went.

Catia Ravenstone said...

*snort* We agree for once vader. .a miracle* jots it down*

Godfrey Zebulon said...

DJ.. imagine if *coughspadme*coughs* were in Pho's place.. It's going to be worse for me.. I swear if they make her fight.. You haven't seen me really mad yet..

Anakin*rolls eyes* I'll have to watch my wording form now on lol though I can't blame you..

Phobia said...

I can handle myself thank you muchly, contrariy to popular belief.. and no one will hurt my children.. Not while I'm still alive..

Some people* rolls eyes at her husband* think I'm made of glass.. While I do appreciate the thought.. I'm much tougher than that. And I WILL BE FINE!

Master Obi-Wan said...

Yes, Anakin, I am not suprised. *smirks*

Phobia, take it easy for once.

Master Adana said...

I haven't seen too many easy days lately.
A mind is a wonderful thing, isn't it?

Phobia said...

I will.. I promise.. but no guarantees if I have to fight.But I will be careful.*grins* oh yes a mind is a wonderufl thing..

Godfrey Zebulon said...

I'll make sure she stays out of trouble.. *eyes flash* No matter who's neck I have to rattle.