Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Smoke on the Water

Belda was sleeping in the other room while Pho and I were seated at one of the smaller tables in the cockpit. When the whole realazation had set in, Belda had seemingly become viloently ill and Pho had sent her to bed to rest until we landed. We kept our voices low so we didn't wake her.

" What do you think we'll find when we get there?"

" Honestly, or do you want the best possible outcome?"

" Honestly"

" I think that the second urn will be gone too. Marasha didn't take the first without reason. Catia does nothing without reason"

Phobia's control was tenous at best. This had traumatized her greatly, as it had to everyone. Qui Gon was a great man, my father had the utmost respect for him and they had spoken on numerous occasions.

I very faintly remembered whenever he had come to Corellia whenever I was a year old.i wanted to go to her, to pull her close and tell her everything would be okay; but everything seemed to move slowly around me, while everything else moved faster. Maybe it was my own hesitation, I don't know, but the only thing I could say as a form of comfort was " We'll stop her Pho. We have to."

It was like rolling thunder pounding in my ears. I could feel her distress and anger. More so frustration than anything." but Godfrey what if we CAN'T? What if she carries through whatever plan she is concoting? I'm sick of fighting her. I'm sick of this whole thing. I just want peace. I want to be able to have my childen without having to look over my shoulder every second of every day. I don't want to have to worry that my family will be ripped apart just because of some stupid tradition or because of a two timing bastard who I now consider my brother! is that too much to ask? I just want everyone to live in peace"

I heard her knees hit the deck, sobs making my heart break all over again. There was only one day I had ever felt this miserable was in the other time paradox and she had told me what happened to her.. She tried to hide from me as I craweled down onto the floor next to her anfd lifted her back into her chair " We can get through this Pho.. You're strong, so am I. Together we can defeat anything. there's hope yet, just believe. I know that's hard for you considering all that's happened. But please.. Believe for us.. Believe for your children.. for the family we'll have soon"

She looked up at me, an arm wrapped around my neck. Her hair was a mess and her eyes red and blotchy from crying." Yes.. your right.. for Tai and Mara.." The moment seemed to stand still until an alarm went off telling us we were approaching Naboo . She rose quickly , the mask of the Jedi back in place. She went to Belda's room to wake her so we could meet with Queen Jamilla.

When we bowed to the Queen I could see she was shaken terribly, but also I could sense some other things that should not be present within the queen.. My suspicions were backed up whenever Pho slipped an arm around me, a possessive glare in her eyes, aimed directly for the Queen.. So THAT was it! I'd settle this once we got out of here, but for now, we had a job to do.

The queen explained on the way that we had been a few hours too late. that a young girl with curly blonde hair had broken in, stolen the urn and when the queen had tried to stop her she had been held hostage..

Phobia took the key from Jamilla and we made our way into the garden . The people of Naboo had tended this garden with extreme love and care. According to Jamilla it was an honor to be chosen to be a gardener here.Pho smiled as a white rose brushed her cheek. If I could I would remain in such a place with her forever.I looked over the garden looking for clues others might have missed.

The dragon reached outward and felt the black silt soil.So that was where she was going.. I turned back to Pho and Belda" " Com Master Yoda and tell him we failed to recover the second urn.We need to head to Endor next. See this dirt here?" I pointed to the bootprint near the fountain" It's red soil, native only to Endor. There's something else Marasha needs there, black silt soil. It's abundant there"

I paced lightly trying to think. What extreme would Marasha go to? Would she attempt full necromancy? Or had she lured us away from the temple for another reason? Master Yoda's anger hit me like a wave and it made me stagger.I heard Master Yoda's orders. ,do whatever nesscary to reclaim the urns. Even if it ment killing Marasha. I've never known yoda to be this.. vindictive I guess the word would be for it.

We left, giving the key back to Jamilla who shot me a hot look behind her facepaint. The queen of Naboo? please you have to be kidding me

She had outfitted our ship for the trip to Endor . "Well that was awfully nice of her"

Pho was pissed, and rightly so , but she made a very good job of hiding it." yah only because she was making goo goo eyes at you.. stupid painted hutt doll"

I could only blink.. I hadn't seen this side of Pho before.. It was intresting, for want of a better word.

I looked at her, confused seemingly and she snapped " Are you freaking blind? she probably would've tried to cop a feel if she thought I wouldn't kill her"

It's a good thing I was schooled to control my emotions, because I was near to laughing. If she would have tried.. she wouldn't have gotten too far.

She knew this would happen in such a situation and so did I. For the present I got to watch her posture while she proceeded to murder a Sidious dart board. All I'll say is this, she's my hellcat and I couldn't be any happier.

Until Later


padawanbeldapinik said...

Oh my Master Godfrey! I am hoping we catch Catia and or marasha before they do anything of great dammage to anyone or anything.

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

Yeah, I hope you do! Good luck!

Skywalker said...

"Sidious dart board."

You still have that?

Phobia said...

Got that straight Anakin.. You know how many holes that thing has? It looks like swiss cheese.

DJK, Belda, I do too.. I would like a peaceful resoulition to this but maybe I ask too much?