Saturday, May 12, 2007

Stepping into the demon's playground pt 2

We battled back and forth , neither of us giving much ground until I had to duck out of the way when Pho soumersaulted over my head to avoid Atris.All of a sudden I heard a huge crackle and Pho 's fingers were steaming.. She had just used force lightning!

I didn't have the time to think of it just then because Hoth came barelling down on me. I flipped back over her head and reached for something I don't use often.. My double bladed saber. Two jets of blue light sprang forth and double bladed in one hand , single green in the other, Hoth and

I continued our duel.Phobia and I moved like water around each other , feding off one attacker one moment, ducking from another the next. I heard her voice in my head

Let's finish this

Double Heilix or the Armegedon twister?

Armagedon Twister.. these two had it comming

We moved back to back, sabers raised in a defense position.She stepped just behind my left leg with her right. I swept her to the ground as though in a seemingly stupid mistake but in reality..

As she went down her saber was straight up, embedding itself into Hoth's stomach. I jumped over Phobia as Atris gave chase to her. She rolled ot her feet and jammed her saber in Atris' back causing her to collapse into a pile of.. ..sand?

Belda was still locked in combat with Marasha. They were batteling at the edge of the pit. I could feel the anger and frustration pouring off of Belda. Torn between normal emotions and wanting to fufill her destiny. Phobia ran forward just as she was about to push Marasha into the lava.

" Belda stop!"she yelled. Her hair whipped back and forth over the lava pit, her strength close to nothing.She was running on sheer will alone.

" Why? she deserves to die! I want to squeeze the life out of her with my bare hands!"
We both knew that tone well. She sounded like Anakin, too much. images suddenly flased before my eyes.. I could see towo blurry shapes.. they were dueling here.. The ground shuddered underneath me.. It would be soon, very soon.. Blue on blue saber.. .. I got the sense I knew both of them but suddenly I was thrown from the scene as fast as it had flashed before me.

My head snapped up at Phobia's shout and I saw her move herself into position to try and block the blow. The red blade cut into her thigh just enough to make her fall in pain.The dragon roared and I moved quickly to protect them both. " you want to fight? you fight me!"I could feel the shifting in my shoulders and back..

The dragon wanted to merge.. The black scales crept around me, my strength increased. My eyes were haunted and yellow, so Phobia told me later.
My double bladed blue saber hummed quietly in front of me. I spared Marasha no mercy and I swung almost viloently at her. the speed and the intent behind me startled her , if not frightened her. I felt the wings starting to push themselves through.. If I didn't finish her fast.. Phobia and Belda were about to come face to face with my more draconic side..

I swept upwards and Marasha was forced to drop her saber as it roled away from her. She tried to reach for it but I stepped on her arm, enough pressure to make her pay attention" Don't, even, think , about ,it"I was in no mood for games

She vanished like air.. even her saber gone.. it was just us..Belda and I pulled Phobia to her feet and guided her to the ship. as I went to get some bacta for Pho's leg I heard her talking to Belda..

" Telos.. she intends to bring back someone I will NOT allow !"

I returned, kneeling in front of her doctoring her leg " You don't mean.. " I hated to admit it.. but I think I knew who she meant.

" Yes.. she went to her homeworld. .Now she will go to mine.. She wants to bring back father.. "
" Who?" Belda asked puzzled

She took a shallow breath before answering her, this was one of the most delicate subjects for her to discuss" Belda, my father.. he was Xanatos. Qui Gon's first apprentice"

I held her as she shook in anger and pure frustration mixed with rage. I understood where shewas comming from. She had lost all of her family. Her mother hated her, he r father had turned to the darkside because of her.. This was the last chance she had to keep her family's honor in tact.

She would not fail.. Something she could not see that I could.. the phoenix's fires burned brightly within her.. Soon.. she would have to know.. As the dragon guarded and aided me, the phoenix guards and aids her.


Until Later


padawanbeldapinik said...

well, at least I got to show off my talants in fighting... now I'll go into a corner and cry...

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

Dont cry, you did well.

Skywalker said...

Not bad, little one.

Darth Vader said...


Godfrey Zebulon said...

You couldn't have done better than any of us Belda.. We'll get Marasah, this I promise you.

Phobia said...

DJK is right, you did me proud Belda.. Marasha is a tricky one, even for me.. Together we can stop her*hugs*