Monday, May 21, 2007

Phoenix rising pt 2

Atris stepped from her hiding place.Phobia sprang back, saber at the ready. I drew mine as well, The tang of ozone snapped through the air as I eyed her wairily.

" Ready to fight are you? But your opponent is not ready yet.. I have my mistress' orders.. No one fights you.. except for the one who rests within."

I could feel the phoenix's fires burning brightly, anger fuel to the fire." Oh yes, wear yourself out.. it will be so poetic.. the sognbird killed by the raven.."

Atris' taunts did not go on for much logner however whenever purifying fire burst from her palms and engulfed Atris, destroying her utterly.

Phobia had almost totally gone insane with her drive to bring Marasha down. The phoenix would appear this time.. I was certain.. But I worried if she could withstand the strain..

Meaningless words were exchanged between the two then as though she was a perfectly balanced fighting driod she went after Marasha, her focus narrowed, anger burning hotly. She didn't tap her anger like Aakin does, not usually.. This time she was fed up, she was backed into a corner.. She was mad.

I shouted for her to stop.. Her body could not stand the strain for too long.. If she changed now..

She could kill herself.

She continued heedless of her own body, heedless of the danger she placed herself in. Then darkness flooded the hill and he appeared.

Xanatos and Phobia circled each other, like two tigers in the arena. Hate and evil were like a suffocating wave over everyone present and I shielded Belda behind me. " Stay close.. she has to do this on her own.. No one else.. "

Rage,pure ,hot rage flowed like lava through her.I could see her morphing.. feathers blossoming on her arms and back, whole body changing.. Tai and Mara were shielded from the fire behind one of her tighest force shields she had ever constrcted. She went after Xanatos, ripping him apart, burning him in her rage.As he burned she changed back, sleeves singed away from her tunics, arms bare.

She turned on Marasha and Hoth" you both want me? come get me you bastards.. I'll kill you both"

Saber and whip raised the three of them battled fiercely until the tide turned.. Hoth stepped left when he should have stepped right.His head went flying off his shoulders hitting the maulesum wall.

Marasha and she locked eyes. " I have my orders.. your evil ends here"Sweat poured down her face and body,her arms shaking. I knew this look.. She didn't have much left.. I needed to step in

" Rest.. You won't be able to stand for much longer now after your first change.. She's mine"
As soon as I stepped up to take her place, the strain overwashed her and she passed out. That was it, this was going to end NOW.

" Tap your true power Marasha.. I know it's there"

I shifted into my full dragon form, power burning like fuel. I had learned to work with my spirit animal when I was still very young. Marasha didn't have that advantage.
Belda drew back in fear but I turned my head to her, shielding them both with my wings" Belda I won't hurt you.. keep your master safe"

Marasha shifted into her dragon form as well, much smaller but she was must faster than I was for the moment. I was more familiar with my form than she was her's. I brought my foot down to pin her then she filtered through my talons like smoke. At her dissapearance the power slid away and I fell into the bushes. " Belda, bring me the bag by your master" I called, staying hidden. One downside of my dragon form.. I ruin more clothes that way than I do in any ordinary fight.

Once I got changed I went to Phobia and tapped he face until she woke." Oh.. what.. what happened?" she was so confused as she leaned into me. " She's gone.. I almost had her.. Pho I'm so sorry.. " I was.. if I had been a second faster , Marasha's innards would've been splattered from here to Ragoon. She shook her head smiling tiredly " It's ok.. We just need to get home.. "

For all her bluster and voiced opinions to the contrary Phobia couldn't walk on her own,. I carried her back down to the ship without a word though she fought me tooth and nail on it. When we were almost there she fell asleep against me and I pressed afinger to my lips indicating Belda should be as quiet as possible.

Once Phobia was sleeping comfortably I pulled out the holochess board. I set the coordinates for Coruscant and puled up a chair" While your master is asleep.. How about I teach you how to play holochess?"

She nodded eagerly, and we pased our time like that until we reached Coruscant.. We would need any stomach we had.. Espically for the sight we encountered when we reached home..


Until Later


Skywalker said...

You need to ping too.

I can't watch, I just can't.

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

What? What?

Godfrey Zebulon said...

Yeah.. forgot that.. Yeah Anakin.. it's going to be messy.. Any ideas how to avoid ruining more robes than Obi Wan in a shift?

Phobia said...

It's messy, it's icky and just plain scary..

I want that psycho dead! You hear me ? DEAD!

Catia Ravenstone said...

The only one that needs to die here Phobia is you..

Phobia said...

Screw you you ***** .. I'll bring Harusame back and when I do he'll drag you out of this world.. i'll laugh myself silly as you scream in agony while he drags you into hell