Thursday, May 24, 2007

Discoveries and some pampring

Phobia was deathly sick on the way back to Coruscant.. After our holochess game I sat with Phobia, changing cold rags, tending to her.. Her fever rose to 107 degrees and it would have kept climbing if I had not used the liquid nitrogen water to cool her down. The children were allright.

They are tougher than anyone thinks.

She woke her fever gone on our fourth day in space. I was never so glad to see her awake. " By the gods you scared me to death" I whispered taking her in my arms , hugging her tightly. For three days she had hovered at death's door seemingly, and I was powerless to do a thing.

" Please please don't scare me like that again. I.. I thought I was going to loose you love"I pulled back far enough to kiss her over and over.. She was so sweet so kind.. I was hopelessly in love and I didn't care..Ever since I had seen her that first day in the archives.. She was looking for a book I think about Mayan pyrmids.. The moment I set eyes on her.. I was totally and completly lost.

But I stray from my story.

Her hands were roaming my back restlessly, gripping my shirt.. The cloth was begining to pull upwards over my skin.. I couldn't deny I wanted this, but she wasn't ready .. Not to mention that Belda was right in the next room. Which I reminded her of immeditly.

She agreed then asked me how long before we landed. there was something I hdn't told her. We had already landed. She hadn't woken she was so tired.. She still looked ill so I kept her on board until she was ready to leave.

Not an hour ago I had spoken with Yoda.. the two gilrs who had went missing Debakk and Harroka.. They had turned up in the temple hallway.. dead.. The healers had done a fine job of patching them back together. Yoda asked that as soon as Phobia was well enough she come to the white room as well.

I helped her to her feet and we made our way to Yoda. I clutched her arm tightly as the ancient master explained what had happened.When he removed the cloths from the small bodies Phobia's knees buckled. On their faces as the mark of Offworld.. it made no sense.. She had killed Xanatos on Telos.. Now this?

I left her to her grief for a few moments before I helped her to her feet and got her back to our apartment.When she explained to Belda what had happened I was as helpless as I had ever felt.. I didn't know what I could say or do to help ease their pain.

Eventually Belda cried herself to sleep in Phobia's arms. Together we put her to bed then I helped Phobia into bed as well. While she slept I poured over books on books, trying to find any other way to stop Catia at the root. Hours turned into days and words ran together.. the second day came and I gave up..

I couldn't keep this pace. I was too worried about Pho, about Belda; to be able to do anything of real use for the moment.. Besides that.. I was tired.. I needed sleep.

I ended up falling asleep in the chair next to Pho's bed. It only seemed like a few minutes before I was awake again, the reason.. She was.. She had been combing her fingers through my hair.

" How long have I slept for?"

" Three days.. Belda has been worried about you when you didn't wake up the next morning.. You had me worried too"

Early morning came to find Pho yelling at Koenma on her com device..Then she took Belda to the gym and drilled her almost all day on her saber lessons. I watched over them both . I was on the other end of the gym, training as well.

More than once Pho's eyes wandered... She and Belda are good for each other because anytime Belda caught Pho not concentrating she would make a big deal of it, which would result in her fast getting on task.

We were cleaning up after dinner that night whenever an idea came to me.Pho was finishing up the dishes when I snuck up behind her, breaking her from her worrysome train of thought.

" you're worrying again.."

" If I don't worry who will?"

She turned in my arms and wrapped both arms around me, leaning back against the sink.

" mmmh.. you're tense too.. too tense.. I'll have to do something about this"

" Let me just check to make sure Belda is asleep.. Green tea after dinner almost always puts her out like a light, and she gets a peaceful night's sleep"

I nodded " Okay.. but don't take too long, I'll be waiting " I dried my hands on the towel and went into our room closing the door.

When the door opened again and she entered, her head spun around taking in my arrangements. I had spread about every pillow I could find on the bed, and lit some candles. She looked at me curiously and I handed her a terrycloth robe" You need to be pampered .. let me.. " She dissapeared into the fresher while flipped on her favroite song" Once in a Million years" she sang this at our wedding.. I wish Anakin could've heard her, she sang beautifully.

When she returned she stretched out on the bed and I sat down next to her, pulling the robe off her upper back with one hand, reaching for the bottle of Hycantih oil over on the nightstand. She was purring like a cat while I rubbed away the tenshion . I had only gotten a little of the way before the tables had turned on me.. Needless to say it was an intresting evening..

Later when the moon was high overhead in the city we were lying in bed, no words exchanged between us. there's times we don't need to talk to know how the other feels. Right now, she's content..and very relaxed. .. She treasures these private moments like I do, knowing they come oft anfd few between. No doubt tomorrow will bring another host of problems but for now, heaven is where she is.. And she is here with me.

Until Later


Kookaburra199 said...

u two have a sweet relationship :)

Godfrey Zebulon said...

*grins* I got lucky when I found her.. and I don't intend to let her go

Master Adana said...

Yes you do have a wonderful relationship. You are not only lovers but friends as well, comrades even.

I am glad you finally found one another.

Master Obi-Wan said...

You are a lucky man, Godfrey, and you Pho are equally fortunate.

Godfrey Zebulon said...

Than you both.. I was blessed and I learned not to take such blessings for granted

Phobia said...

The only thing I can say is we were guided to each other by the force.. I'm never this lucky otherwise.. idon't know what I'd do without him.. * cuddles Godfrey*

Master Obi-Wan said...

Godfrey I am not sure what you are referring to?

*raises eyebrows*

But I have to agree with you in that aspect. Never take anyone or anything for granted.

Kookaburra199 said...

yeah my luver is a blessing as well
the force will make u get into some things to fast but it'll be okay... *wink wink*

Godfrey Zebulon said...

* grins* I was referring to you and Adana.. Not many have such an open mind towards marriage in the order.. Most see it is a taboo and that is that.. but there are others like you and Adana who see both sides of the coin.

Master Obi-Wan said...


We are good friends, Adana and I. We have known each other since our childhood and it never occured to me to see her any other way, I think.

Godfrey Zebulon said...


Wekll.. There was the matter of one former girlfreind I had.. Dad wans't happy with her chosen profession.. But I loved her anyway.. We had also been childhood freinds.. Through trying to help her, I fell in love. I learned much, about love and life through dear Ariel..

It's possible she guided me to Pho.. At one point.. I hit a bad spot.. I was nothing .. not a Jedi.. not a prince.. not a martial artist.. nothing.. not even human seemingly.. When I put myself into my work through desperation, that was when Pho first crossed my path..

So you see, the force works in strange ways.

Master Obi-Wan said...

Ahem, maybe we should discuss this in private?

Godfrey Zebulon said...

Yeah.. I don't bring her up much.. and I'd rather not upset Pho.. she knows some not much.. I'll be in the training room.

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

*whispers* Can I have Anakin?

Skywalker said...

I saw that.

I have nothing, Pho. Cant say anything.

Phobia said...

lol Ani peachywith me.. the closed fish look works for you
DJ surre.. and there's some edible silly string in the deal too * winks*