Monday, May 7, 2007

Shadows and Light pt 1

The ship was silent as a grave as we traveled to Endor. two tense days that no one said much of anything. the froce energy was drawn tight like a bowstring ready to snap at any moment. The silence unnerved me, it was like the calm before an epic battle. I had tried many things to break the silence, games, music, nothing helped.

Phobia was looking worse and worse by the day. I suspected hse blamed herself for not being able to catch up with Marasha fast enough.This wasn't true. We had every obstacle working against us imaginable. First we got a late start behind her.. Second, Catia was forewarning her apprentice when we were close. I could sense it.. All in all we were doing pretty well, but she sunk deeper and deeper into a catotonic depression.

It got to the point over the two day journey, which to me seemed like a week; that she had to be pressured to take food. If left alone she would only sip some juice or water and stare blankly out the portside window with the most sorrowful expression on her face that could break a sith lord's heart.I tried to keep Belda upbeat and calm, but she was worried about Pho, as was I.Towards the middle of the second day she asked me.

" Master Godfrey what's wrong with my master? She seems unhappy.. did something happen?"

At this point I was at my wit's end for what else I could do to help her. I turned to check on the charts while I answered her" i don't know.. if you want my opinion I believe she blames herself for the fact we have not caught up with Marasha already. You might not have realizied this yet Belda but when faced with something like this,she will push until her goal is achieved, or someone else stops her. "

" really?"

I nodded sinking into thechair nearby. Phobia was asleep, small whimpers escaping her lips.. It was the nightmares again. i rose and walked over taking her hand" sssh Pho it's allright.. I'm here.. " I cradled her head close, brushing her forehead with my fingers. She seemed to calm a little Then her screams penetrated the cabin.

" NO NO! LEAVE HER ALONE! PLEASE LEAVE MY BABY ALONE! YOU WANT SOMEONE SIDIOUS TAKE ME! SHE'S DONE NOTHING WRONG! MARA ! MARA!" She was tossing and turning at one point almost hitting her head on the durasteel wall harshly enough to bust her head open.

I grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her harshly" Phobia! Pho! please! wake up!" She continued to fight me with what remaining strength she had left in her body, considering the lack of food and exhaustion was not much.Tears spilled onto the pillow and blanket and I gathered her close, trying to protect her from whatever evil prayed on her mind.

Slowly she stopped fighting and her eyes opened. " Pho?" I asked tenatively. for a moment she didn't seem to know where she was, then she reached up hugging me tightly" Oh.. Force it was the dream again! I won't go to sleep ever.. I don't want to see it happen.. Oh god.. not my little Mara.. I would do anything.. give up my life as a Jedi.. anything.. I just want to rase them in peace.. "

She broke down crying, shoulders shaking almost to the point where I thought maybe a bone might break. the alarm beeped letting us know we were comming planetside but I wasn't about to leave Pho now to deal with the ship."Belda i need you to listen very carefully to me"

She came up just behind me so she could hear my next instructions" I need you to go into the cockpit and press in this order, the red, blue and yellow buttons then there isa lever under the pilots's seat, pull on that slowly give it a little twist.. see?" I demonstrated for her.
" Then take the yoke and guide the ship down gently.. if you think you might have some problems.. let the force guide you.. And I'll be right back here.. Your Master needs me right at the moment.. she's still really shaken"

Belda nodded and hurried off to do as I had asked.In a few minutes she had landed the ship and Pho was feeling well enough to stand.

I took a look out the window" Magnificant job Belda. I doubt Anakin could've done better"

Seeing the near to perfect landing her padawan managed to excute Phobia smiled" Yes.. and when this is over.. I am going to teach you to fly if it kills me!" We all laughed at that one before gathering our things and heading out to go and speak with the local tribe of Eowks.. The planet's voice tells me many things.. Marasha had been here.. she had done something but I didn't know what..

Until Later


padawanbeldapinik said...

I just landed a craft! Woot woot! Look out Master Skywalker I'm gonna be flying soon! woot woot!

JabaHutt said...

well done child

now next time i want you to aim for master skywalkers speeder and land the ship right on top !!

Dark Jedi Kriss said...


Skywalker said...

Oh, boy, there goes space. I kidding! Good job.

Phobia said...

You did a marvelous job Belda. you've made me very proud.. And Jaba's idea might not be all that bad after all though it'll take some more work * giggles*

Godfrey Zebulon said...

Most padawans your age wouldn't have been able to do that. Who knows.. You might even get to fly us back to Coruscant once this is over..

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

A near perfect landing?

Congrats, Belda.