Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Shadows and Light Pt 2

With some help from the Ewoks and a few humans who had decided to call Endor their home we found out that yes. She had been here, and yes we had missed her. But she left with someone who apparently she had met on planet.My stomach sunk through the ground.. We were taken to where she had stayed. A spartan cabin.

Her childlike looks had decieved them all into thinking that she had "been seperated from her papa" as she had told them and if she stayed here he would come and search for her.
" What did the person look like she left with?" I asked the translator.. A musle twitching in my jaw.. my patience with this goosechase was fast reaching it's end.
" He was tall about six feet with brown hair, dressed like you two.He had a beard "

Belda started to scream in horror and Pho collpased next to me , shaking as though in a fit of somesort.. i could hear voices, so many voices shouting at me in the force.. I couldn't tell what a one of them said there were too many.

I helped Pho to her feet and conforted Belda as best I could. " Did she give any indication as to where she was going?"

The young man shook his head

So here we were , at an impasse. Did we go back to Coruscant? Or did we search further, hopefully yielding a clue as to where she was heading now?

As I scanned the cabin for any other clues Phobia stopped, a giggle bursting from her lips. I turned to her questioningly" One ofthe twins just kicked me" she explained breathlessly. Her eyes were shining in awe and wonderment.

I was grinning from ear to ear myself, " Really?" I couldn't help it, I placed a hand on her stomach and felt the kick again.. strong kick for such a little one.. it was hard to tell, even with all the old wive's tales I had heard in the palace of how girl's kicks were stronger..

Belda ran over in her eagerness and apparently there was another kick and a thought passed between those two. A second later phobia walked over to the corner of the cabin and knelt, picking up a small red rock" Firestone" she explained holding it in the palm of her hand.
Belda nodded" There was some that used to grow on Catia's homeworld! I remember reading about it in the archives!"

I knew where Catia had been bron orignally, a fitting place for a demon such as herself. And that was where we were headed next.

We quickly bid goodbye to the Ewoks who each gave us presents, though we were trying to be nice and not bring back any gifts. There were three symbols carved into the necklaces. Belda carried" Light" Pho's was" honor" mine was" strength" Well apparently the Ewoks knew us better than we thought.

I steered the ship into orbit before making a fasttransmission to the council to update them on our progress. We were closing in on Marasha.. if we could just find out which spell she meant to use, we could set a trap for her, then spring it. Either way, this would end. Soon.
Until Later


Dark Jedi Kriss said...

I miss my ewok...

PLease tell someone is feeding him?

Skywalker said...

I had him for dinner. He was tasty.

I'm kidding.

Darth Vader said...

No, he's not.

Phobia said...

Don't listen to bucket head.. i was feeding him up until I had to leave for this screwball mission.. I left things out though I expect to find the place a mess when I get back.. Lisette will show him the ropes never fear *grins*

Godfrey Zebulon said...

He's actually been very good while you've been gone.. sure it's the same Ewok?