Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Phoenix Rising pt 1

After Phobia had briefed us on the atmposphere on Telos we stood and watched the big green planet come into view. I could feel her excitement at comming home at last. But our true home was at the temple, not here. She knew it as well as I. Lightsabers hidden from view we headed to the main house as Phobia spoke to the temporary head of the Offworld Corpration.

I kept silent, eyes wandering the room, searching carefully for any sort of clue about Xanatos or Marasha.

Her words brought me back to reality" yes.. I only found out a little while ago and have come to claim my inheratance.. I have fallen down on my luck and need the money.. We don't want our daughter to grow up starving and having to resort to stealing for food.." oh she was good.the sad smile on her face was enough to melt the coldest heart

" Well we just need to perform a small blood test ot make certain and all will be arranged"
I could see her turn pale slightly at the thought of a needle and I squeezedher hand reassuringly.. Surely it would be one of those ltitle needles that just a prick and it was all over..

The nurse entered and Phobia rolled up her sleeve. Belda buried her head in my arm, the incident of her getting her shots probably still fresh in her mind.

A few seconds later, Phobia's arm had been bandaged and the nurse had left with the vial of her blood. Her eyes wandered the room curiously, searching for feelings of her father.

A few minutes later we were leaving the Offoworld Corpration and heading into the mountains. A red headed woman was our guide up into the maulesoum. After a while we continued on our own.. Phobia walking ahead of us.. Seemingly lost in a song

" Ma di la yo pan yon gonsi o da kesta dway bi ming milan les sa v ya fe ous su nigh o don give in to a crus sa gan lo gas sa to di la pin yaro may dor gin gway la di li cho me da la le la ya fin yarro ba le ma mor ma day bre ghan"

Over and over she sang until the sun sank low in the horizion. A hollow laugh and clapping caught my attention up to the building itself.

" Bravo.. voice of a songbird.. shame I'll have to cut it out"

She whipped around , and I drew my saber,blood pounding in my ears.. Who I saw was..

Until Later


Catia Ravenstone said...

And the drums begin to play...

Master Adana said...

Sure leaves us hanging. I think I have an idea...

Master Obi-Wan said...

It better not be who I think it might be.

Phobia said...

Tell me about it.. and who in the sith let you out? * glares up at Catia*

Godfrey Zebulon said...

Catia is a pest, what else is new? And as for who was there.. it wasn't just one who we saw.. but you'll see soon enough..

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

Who Obi?

Skywalker said...

Oh boy, I think I know.


Phobia said...

You dont WANT to know.. trust me* grimaces*